Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Maoists Increase Fighting In India--Bush Visits Afghanistan Secretly

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Maoist battles beginning to rage in India don't make the news here. A poll I read said India has a positive view of the USA, at least, those who own phones which is about 15% of the population, namely, the upperclasses. 45% of them want to relocate into America, by the same poll. Meanwhile, Bush sneaks into Afghanistan like Gollum sneaking into Mordor, praises everyone and then runs for the exit, still secret, yess, Precioussss. Arrival in India greeted with riots.

From the Australian:
MAOIST rebels have set off a landmine under a truck in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, killing 55 people and wounding at least 20 who belonged to a government-backed anti-Maoist group, police say.

The attack came on the eve of a visit to the country by US President George W. Bush and was one of the worst single acts of violence by Maoists in the past three decades.

Analysts said the attack showed New Delhi could ill-afford to take the growing Maoist threat lightly, saying that the rebels posed a bigger danger than Kashmiri Islamist militants.
Time and again, throughout history, unhappy peasants=danger to rulers. One can squeeze peasants to an amazing degree, they seem so placid, until they explode.

Once peasants decide to fight back, all hell breaks loose and even killing many of them still can fail if they are determined.

This is why China is suddenly switching direction. The Chinese rulers fear the peasants who are increasingly vocal as well as unhappy. And willing to die, fighting. In stark contrast to America where the workers and peasants (landless, of course) are stupified.

From AP:
Tens of thousands of Indians waving black and white flags and chanting "Death to Bush!" rallied Wednesday in New Delhi to protest a visit by President Bush.

Surindra Singh Yadav, a senior police officer in charge of crowd control, said as many as 100,000 people, most of them Muslim, had gathered in a fairground in central New Delhi ordinarily used for political rallies.

"Whether Hindu or Muslim, the people of India have gathered here to show our anger. We have only one message — killer Bush go home," one of the speakers, Hindu politician Raj Babbar, told the crowd.
Of course, our propaganda machine won't focus on all this. Bush won't see it. His bubble insures this. American triumphalism mustn't be irritated with any sense of reality, can it? Bush can't visit much of America without first locking down everyone which is why he hasn't walked the streets of any city here in years and years.

I detailed in the past how the military and SS lock down the few small communities he visits, forbidding anyone of looking out of windows or being on roofs, nor may anyone walk the streets or drive a car if Bush is visiting. When he went to Europe, riots raged so he had to lock down whole countries.

From WP:
President Bush made an unscheduled visit to Kabul Wednesday to rally U.S. troops in Afghanistan and praise the embattled Afghan leader Hamid Karzai at a time of rising violence from the Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists.

After a brief, four-hour visit Bush was expected to land in New Delhi Wednesday night for two days of high-level talks about India's nuclear program and its booming economy.

At a joint news conference with President Karzai, Bush expressed his hope that the U.S. and India could reach an agreement for the cooperative development of nuclear power to help fill the energy gap in India and fuel its rapid economic development.
We want to sell them technology as well as Boeing Aircraft. And military equipment, our chief export item these days. Bunker buster bombs. For a country screaming about Iran building nuclear power plants, this tactic of extending India's plants after they secretly build nukes using materials from present plants, is really bizarre except Americans aren't supposed to think about this matter much. This is why the media propaganda is hyper focused on raising hysteria about Iran while ignoring India! This hypocricy concerning WMD is what is killing all forms of diplomacy. We are so crass about it!

Afghanistan is falling apart. This is why Bush had to sneak in and sneak about. The riots over the cartoons have died down but this isn't because the Afghanis have suddenly seen the light and have decided to love us. If Bush appeared in public there, he would be rent limb from limb.

Meanwhile, back in India, we are letting India suction out white collar jobs at a fabulous rate. This is great for India but not so great for us. Wages in America are dropping, job opportunities for college graduates are under the gun, this is a long term problem for us, getting worse by the hour.

The Indians working in white collar jobs aren't doing this on behalf of Indians but on behalf of American corporations who need to prevent inflation from showing up at home, this is another scheme for printing dollars and shipping them overseas.

Bush won't push to stop this, he is in India to encourage it! So far from celebrating, we might as well slit our throats espcially those of us who are in the "information age" employment systems.

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