Monday, March 06, 2006

Flat World Free Trade Traitors Screaming At Americans While Selling Our Security To Enemies

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Even as the major media pushes for the destruction of America by sucking all our jobs, all of them, to hostile or potentially hostile lands, the negotiators writing treaties and trade issues openly end up working for foreign powers that plan to strip us clean of everything we own. Arrest them all. Or at least, force them to move to the countries they really represent like Dubai.

From the Washington Post:
Globalization scares people. Security threats scare people. By fusing these fears during the Dubai ports flap, demagogues have had a field day. Now, having demonstrated this formula, the demagogues are poised to strike again. Their next target will be arriving soon, in the person of President Hu Jintao of China.

For a fear monger with a club, next month's Chinese state visit is a self-teeing golf ball. China accounts for more than a quarter of America's astonishing trade deficit, and the country has become a proxy for all globalization anxieties: It's painted as a low-wage threat and simultaneously a high-science threat, a piratical menace to technology patents and simultaneously a challenge to America's scientific preeminence. Meanwhile, China constitutes a security threat, too: It's spending billions on an arms buildup, and lying about the real numbers. If demagogues can turn a tiny ally such as Dubai into a villain, you can bet they'll do the same for China.
Dubai is a rat's nest, it is our Casablanca circa WWII, corrupt, leaches, buying Americans and using them to influence us.

For example, one of the negotiators of the Dubai port business is now working for...DUBAI. From Raw Story:
A British security firm headquartered in Dubai has won lucrative contracts for U.S. security in Iraq and the United States, providing security in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and training Iraqi port security officers under the Coalition Provisional Authority, RAW STORY has found.

The firm, the Olive Group, is largely comprised of ex-British intelligence officers. While a British company, its main headquarters are in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates city that caused a stir when it was revealed that the Emirates were set to take over control of 21 U.S. ports. Olive was founded in 2001.

The revelation that a Dubai-based firm provides security consulting for myriad U.S. operations at home and abroad shows the increasing tendency of the U.S. government to privatize security efforts. It comes on the same day that the Drudge Report discovered that a foreign company handles security at an Indianapolis airport.
And more and more of our security is being farmed out by "Homeland Security" which is run by a dual citizen from the Middle East, to the Middle East itself. Evidently, the people defending us want to make money from our enemies and they are bending their massive wills to convince Americans that Dubai is our "ally" and that working for a sheik rather than America is OK.

This sort of childish talk is at the root of our increasing defeat at home and overseas.
The firm’s attorneys are Baker, Botts, LLP – a lawfirm where former Secretary of State to President George H. W. Bush is a partner. Baker Botts opened an office in Dubai last year.
Our government serves rank traitors who are in the pay or want to be in the pay of foreign powers. This is the most serious breech of America's defences since...the founding of this nation! The collective treason on so many levels by so many men is astonishing as well as destructive. Note that our nation is falling to its knees!

I just learned that one of the negotiators of the India nuke deal is now working for India! Asian Times:
Keeping with the Bush administration's penchant for secrecy, the deal was cooked by a handful of senior officials (one of whom is now a lobbyist for the Indian government) and never reviewed by the departments of State, Defense or Energy before it was announced with a champagne toast by Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Congress was never consulted. Republican committee staff say the first members heard about it was when the fax announcing the deal came into their offices. Worse, for the president, this appears to be another give away to a foreign government at the expense of US national-security interests.
Amazing, isn't it? Everyone in our empire, everyone running it, is for sale. Our enemies are sniffing around our defenses and these TRAITORS are handing over our joint security, lock, stock and gun barrel. This is truly the biggest, most idiotic absurdity ever in the history of humanity. Bush still enjoys totally undeserved support for "defending America" which is the result of cynical propaganda foisted upon the trusting public.
The Indian leaders and press are crowing about their victory over the United States. For good reason: President Bush has done what Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and his own father refused to do - break US and international law to aid India's nuclear-weapons program. In 1974, India cheated on its agreements with the United States and other nations to do what Iran is accused of doing now: using a peaceful nuclear energy program to build a nuclear bomb. India used plutonium produced in a Canadian-supplied reactor to detonate a bomb it then called a "peaceful nuclear device". In response, president Richard Nixon and Congress stiffened US laws and Nixon organized the Nuclear Suppliers Group to prevent any other nation from following India's example.

Bush has now unilaterally shattered those guidelines, and his action would violate the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) proscription against aiding another nation's nuclear-weapons program. It would require the repeal or revision of several major US laws, including the US Nonproliferation Act. Nor has he won any significant concessions from India. India refuses to agree to end its production of nuclear-weapons material, something the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China have already done.
As I noted when the media was crowing about Bush selling the Indians everything including the kitchen sink for a handful of headlines, I noted this was a tremendous failure, his "deals" makes America significantly weaker and he has increased their ability to hollow out the white collar workplace here in America, this alone is reason to arrest Bush and charge him with treason.

Selling our jobs to other nations is treason! Destroying millions of American's lives and futures is treason. Making our country dependent upon foreigners who aren't even allies is treason. Sending our sensitive work to aliens is treason. We will discover the down side of all this when the world unites to kick us out of the commodities markets which they will do, this is the PLAN.

Bush violated numerous treaties when he signed diplomatic understandings with India not to mention Pakistan, actually, JAPAN, too as well as clever China who has us by the throat!

Guess what? The bond market is going crazy. Right after our government claimed future interest rates will be LOWER than present ones, this fiction collapsed today sending the Stock Market pin wheeling into space. Bernanke will print more money, gods know how much, it is now officially hidden from us, no more M3 stats! Rats! Anyway, he is a traitor, they are all traitors. They think their jobs will never be shipped overseas. Fools. Their jobs can dissappear in a wink. Anyone's can! Ask Hitler!

Negroponte, on the the architects of this treasonous disaster is having a good old time, just like his bosses, goofing off while selling us into slavery. From the Public cq.:
On many a workday lunchtime, the nominal boss of U.S. intelligence, John D. Negroponte, can be found at a private club in downtown Washington, getting a massage, taking a swim, and having lunch, followed by a good cigar and a perusal of the daily papers in the club’s library.

“He spends three hours there [every] Monday through Friday,” gripes a senior counterterrorism official, noting that the former ambassador has a security detail sitting outside all that time in chase cars. Others say they’ve seen the Director of National Intelligence at the University Club, a 100-year-old mansion-like redoubt of dark oak panels and high ceilings a few blocks from the White House, only “several” times a week.

Surely Negroponte needs a comfort zone, forced as he is to spends hours in the witness chair in front of congressional committees, fielding hot potatoes on subjects over which he has no control — the NSA’s warrantless surveillance, domestic spying by secret military intelligence units, paying newspapers in Iraq to run pro-U.S. stories.
He doesn't care. Wolfowitz got to escape America and relocate into Europe. They all plan to jump ship when the time is ripe.

World markets are shaking as if the San Andreas is about to blow, which it is. They smell blood in the water, they know the Chinese, tremendously angry about our wimpy response to the Taiwan challenge when they pretty much ditched even the fiction of reunification. Taiwan is the knife pointed at China's belly and they won't let us get away with pretending we have no control over this situation.

The Chinese planned from day one to use the financial tools against us. The fact that the only way we can gain "influence and allies" is to bribe people and sell off more American realestate, jobs, businesses, security, everything, is a sign our ship is sinking fast.

The fake loans going for less than the rate of inflation thanks to the Chinese and Japanese bankrolling it is falling apart. The dollar has risen against the yen and the yuan thanks to the need to go to China and Japan and pay increasingly ruinious interest rates for more loans.

This takes me back to the free traders: if they can't see our ship is sinking I would like to drop them off, the rats they are, in India and China and let them do business there. I know, they won't last more than 24 hrs.

Better still, arrest them all.

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