Friday, March 10, 2006

Bill For Stupid War Rises: $91 Billion! Insane.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Even as they discuss draconian cuts to social services and education, Congress and Bush continue to lavish hundreds of billions on their illegal war in Iraq. Meanwhile, consumer confidence is dropping, oil is going up in price, trade deficit yawns ever greater, Congress still hasn't voted for an even higher debt ceiling, they plan to raise it to $9 trillion bucks.

From Army Times:
The House Appropriations Committee approved a $91 billion emergency spending bill late Wednesday that covers wartime and natural disaster costs and includes extra money for the Army and Marine Corps, who have complained about being shortchanged by the White House. It also includes trouble for President Bush.
I like the "and natural disasters" part because it is so stupid. I blogged here about hurricane Katrina and how everyone in DC was salivating over another $250 billion in red ink that they could spend here in America, fixing stuff that will be utterly destroyed this coming summer. Then reality in the form of some rather angry Chinese lenders threw cold water on that scheme. So now we are back to using unbudgeted "emergency funds" to pay for that stupid war in Iraq while we kick out children living in hotels who are refugees from hurricane Katrina.

Just think about this for a minute.

At the top of the Army Times website is this ad:
The INDEPENDENCE® iBOT® 4000 Mobility System is unlike any mobility device. Its combination of unique, innovative functions allows you to go places and do things not possible with any other single mobility device.

Power across sand, gravel, grass and other uneven terrain, climb stairs with or without assistance, go up or down curbs as high as 5”, or easily rise to an “eye-level” position.
Isn't this pathetic? Should be a warning to anyone dreaming of joining the military. This chair is for profoundly disabled people who can't scoot around using their arms because they probably have no arms or are so banged up they can't have the strength to use their arms, even!

This is what our money is paying for: transforming healthy, young, vibrant people into quadrapedics. And then squeezing them because we can't pay for a bunch of people who lost life's lottery, this is the GOP attitude.
Lawmakers also found a way to provide extra money to the Department of Veterans Affairs for health care costs related to the war. They agreed to a bipartisan amendment — pushed by Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Tex. — that allows $275 million set aside to replace the New Orleans VA hospital destroyed by Hurricane Katrina to be used for health care expenses if it isn’t spent on hospital construction or design.
Note how they have to raid Peter's funds to pay Paul's mutilated body! Also note it was a Democrat pushing for this. Republicans would love to spend money building a hospital that will be destroyed by a hurricane in due time! They and their buddies in Kellogg, Root and Brown specialize in suctioning up public funds this way! It is also a very strange thing to do, building this hospital, since there are very few vets hanging around New Orleans right now who are sick or disabled since much of the population has been scattered to the four winds.

The really disgusting thing is, much of this money will be spent overseas. Even as our rulers scramble to cover the bills as Congress refuses to debate the terrible budget deficits that can be cured ONLY by raising taxes on the rich, this parody of a government thinks no one will notice the easy solution to this fiscal riddle (hint: taxing the rich the way they were taxed under Clinton, you bozos!).
Pentagon comptroller Tina Jonas told the Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday that the Defense Department needed the supplemental funding for Iraq and Afghanistan operations — $67.5 billion of the House committee bill — by no later than April 30 to avoid disrupting peacetime programs to pay for war-related costs. Meeting that deadline already was going to be difficult because the Senate Appropriations Committee doesn’t plan to start writing its version of the bill until the last week of March, leaving one month for full Senate passage and for a compromise.
Of that $67.5 billion for the quagmires, not one penny is for the fancy wheelchairs our soldiers need after being blasted to smithereens in this stupid quest for the Grail with Holes.

Meanwhile, back in the hinterlands, a place called "the USA", consumer confidence is dropping like Bush's popularity polls:From AP:
Consumer confidence dropped in early March as people fretted about the economy's performance and their own financial fate in the months ahead.

The RBC CASH Index, based on results from the international polling firm Ipsos, showed confidence at 86.2 in early March.

That was down considerably from February's reading of 96.1 — a 16-month high. But it was in the ballpark with consumers' feelings about economic conditions in March of last year, when the index stood at 84.2.
As interest rates rise and as inflation rages, people are getting scared. And the weather is getting pretty scary, too. Spring is here, She is already mowing down homes and killing people. Mother Nature's temper is heating up along with the rest of the ecosystem. The angrier She gets, the worse for us. No one can be as murderous as She when She loses it. Ask the creatures who died when the habitat became nearly unbearable back during the Permian extinction!

That other barometer of stormy weather, the Dubai Port Deal, continues to blow at hurricane force winds. The latest scheme for this shows how our traitors in the White House operate. From the BBC:
Dubai Ports World (DPW) is to transfer its US ports business to a "US entity" to end a row over its takeover of P&O.

While DPW has not explicitly said it will sell the subsidiaries responsible for the ports, the White House is suggesting this will be the end result.
Shall we have a contest to name this entity? The guys who will be the front company? That will sort of own the company but be totally beholden to the sheiks who funded bin Laden. Well, I nominate Halliburton and Carlyle. Both are also intimately entwined with the bin Ladens and the Sheiks and Bush is a great kisser and lord only knows what services he provides in private! He certainly loves to talk about how men look "fabulous" while carrying his doggie like a purse and rubbing bald heads in public and the kissing and hand holding of the real rulers? Ack. The least this clown could do is give gays civil rights for crying out loud.

Then I could praise him for something, anything.
"All of the other terminals on both coasts are run by foreign-owned companies, so it is not clear who is going to take over," said Sidney Levine, a maritime economist.

And trade experts said the outcome will set a damaging precedent for other Middle Eastern companies planning to invest in the US.

"This will send a chilling signal," said Daniel Griswold, director of the Cato Institute's Centre for Trade Policy Studies.
This is all so ridiculous. The media and the political traitors don't want to talk about how even our very ports are now out of our control. How damaging this is. How we are reaping zero benefits from this out of control "free trade". How this is destroying our infrastructure, our economy, our very lives.

Consumers are terrified at the rising interest rates. They want to live like kings while going bankrupt like kings. All kings go bankrupt because no one can say no to them which is why England, for example, had many a literal battle to rein in the king such as the famous one that led to the Magna Carta, just for example! Not to mention the American Revolution which was over trade and tax matters! If our ancestors were willing to fight and die so they could control their ports, control their industries, geeze in jumping crickets, why are we throwing all this away?

Well, we are burning the Constitution. So maybe it doesn't matter any more. Serfs are up!

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