Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thanks To Manipulating The YEN, Toyota Dominates World Markets

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Japanese, master manipulators of currencies and closed markets, boast that they are near to total domination of world auto markets thanks to total penetration of American auto markets, thanks partly to ineptitude on part of American corporate executives, the oil crisis and super cheap yen. All economic pundits that watched the yuan closely while ignoring the yen should hang their heads in shame.

From the New York Times:
A weak yen boosted Toyota's profits by 14 percent at the end of last year, as Japan's largest automaker moved within striking distance of overtaking General Motors this year for the title of world's largest automaker.

The weakening of the yen over the last year, from 106 to the dollar to 117 during the October to December quarter, provided $1.1 billion of Toyota's operating profits of $4.1 billion for the period. Net profits jumped 34.1 percent, $3.4 billion. The profits largely benefited from a one time effect of a recalculation of Toyota's holding in former UFJ Holdings after the bank's merger to form the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.
What a surprise---to everyone but me. I am glad the NYT is finally noticing that the Japanese "lend/lease/strangle America" game is killing us. Of course, the article won't go on to the obvious next points, how the Japanese now own our foreign policy, our trade policy, everything, because we have to go to them ever few months, hat in hand, to beg for them to buy more bonds, to extend us more credit, to give us alms.

Do they want our industrial base strong?

Haha. And who bombed Hiroshima?

They don't want a reaction here which is why they prop up our dying industries and install factories here to do the final assembly of stuff they produce. They don't like us, they think we are lousy workers, fat and poorly educated, but we are customer number one so they cleverly keep us toddling along even as they lay on one chain around our necks after another. This is why their foreign policy is even more belligerent than ours!

From Xinhua net:
China on Sunday voiced strong indignation over the remark of Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso, who credited Taiwan's current high education standard to Japan's colonial rule.

"We are shocked by and express our strong indignation over the Japanese foreign minister's remark of overtly glorifying invasion history," Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said.
The elevation of the arrogant racist, Aso, was a slap in American as well as Chinese faces. This man is unrepentant about using slave labor during WWII and this includes using American soldiers as slaves. Why we tolerate him and Koizumi elevating war criminals as gods baffles me but not very much since it is very simple.

We sold our souls to the devil so we can drive around like lunatics, puffed up, imagining we rule the world when we can't even control our own trade or our own borders.

And the reason I am not published in America concerning this matter, not linked by ANY leftist economic blogs is very simple: they all think free trade=wealth while not understanding that free trade, when one party always has to ask for a loan, isn't free at all.

It comes at an increasingly steep interest rate and the principle isn't being paid off at all. We are all in the grip of a loan scheme that means perpetual slavery. Who wants to hear that? We want to think, owning Japanese cars makes us rich and powerful.
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