Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sec. Snow Stealing Pension Funds To Keep Government Running!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Sec. Snow has unilaterally decided he can raid Federal pension funds for an extra $68 billion so the GOP government can continue to lose money all over the planet earth. He plans to pay back these funds when Congress raises the debt ceiling to $9 TRILLION. Of course, to do this, he has to visit China and beg. The Chinese are laughing to death even as I blog this.

From Marketwatch:
The U.S. Treasury acted Thursday to avoid hitting the national debt limit and said it's "imperative" Congress raise the debt ceiling by the middle of March.

Treasury is suspending reinvestment in the so-called "G-Fund," an investment vehicle for a federal employees' retirement system. The action will free up $65.266 billion, a Treasury spokeswoman said.

"Without this action we would reach the debt limit today," spokeswoman Brookly McLaughlin said Thursday.

Congress and the Bush administration have been negotiating an increase in the current $8.18 trillion debt limit. On Wednesday Treasury said it would suspend sales of state and local government non-marketable securities.
Time to bring back Bernanke and have a big kissy-kissy session! Wait! We will see those tax cuts cut out of the budget! No! We must cut taxes to the rich or they might flee to Tokyo again!

Or Paris! Wait, old Europe is in trouble! They will live on various tropical islands that are going under water thanks to global warming.
"Once I am able to make the G-Fund whole, the effect on the G-Fund and its beneficiaries will be the same as if this temporary action had never taken place," Snow wrote to Frist.

Meanwhile, with the federal budget deficit projected to reach $423 billion in 2006, both Republicans and Democrats have so far balked at raising the debt limit.
And to make the fund "whole" he is going to punch another hole in the hold of USS Titanic. As the red ink pours in, we have to balance things by shipping more dollars out. Japan's government is up to their own eyeballs in debt trying to suction up as much of our debt as possible. This is why our stockmarket is up today, whoo hoo! Money is going to just rip-roar into America because Bernanke and his gang won't raise interest rates much because Chinese workers are cheap! Cheap, I tell you! Very cheap!!!! And they loan us money, to boot!!!! CAN'T BEAT THAT!!!!

Glub. From Charlotte:
Syria has switched the primary hard currency it uses for foreign goods and services from the U.S. dollar to the euro in a bid to make it less vulnerable to pressure from Washington.

The decree signed by Syrian Prime Minister Naji al-Otari on Monday ordered government bodies and public-sector companies to use euros to pay for foreign transactions, including payment for exports.

The head of the state-run Commercial Bank of Syria, Dureid Dergham, was quoted as saying Tuesday that the switch to euros was "important and necessary in light of the current U.S. threats against Syria, and the ensuing complications in banking procedures and transfer operations to Syria from U.S. and European banks."
Step by step, everyone is tip toeing away from our currency. Like all landslides, it starts with a few stones rolling down the hill. No landslide happens slowly, only the beginning is slow.

When they do happen, it is like a lightning bolt. From the LA Times:
In an unexpected breakthrough in negotiations with Louisiana officials, the Bush administration announced Wednesday that President Bush would ask Congress for an additional $4.2 billion to help the state repair and rebuild homes battered by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Federal support for housing reconstruction, which has been the subject of protracted negotiations between Washington and local officials, is considered a prerequisite for wider recovery because it opens the way for thousands of displaced people to return to New Orleans and surrounding areas.
Santy Claus is still alive! Whoo hoo. So, even as we smack up against the fourth debt ceiling under Bush's rule, he says, aw, what the heck, another $5 billion more or less, the Chinese will give it to me after I insult them some more!" Condi wants to spend money proselytizing Iran about democracy even though, unlike Egypt or Saudi Arabia, they actually have elections that are only barely slightly crummier than our own! Stick to buying shoes, you slut.

As for student loans: nope. Those get paid back and the kids go on to earn real money. Can't have that. And health? Die, bitches!

Meanwhile, Pelosi, head of the Democrats, is calling the budget busting bill Congress just weaseled through in the middle of the night after twisting arms, by one vote, she says it is unconstitutional and I would say, our Founding Fathers would agree, despite Scalia calling our Constitution a dead document and we must channel only Alexander Hamilton to find out if it is OK to do things as if this were Nazi Germany or worse, Italy under Mussolini. From AP:


"Republican leaders chose to ignore House rules, precedent and even the Constitution itself" in sending the politically charged measure to the White House, said Pelosi, D-Calif.

She said the legislation was defective because it had cleared the two houses in different forms, and added that Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., "knew full well this was an invalid bill."

Republicans, citing an 1894 court precedent, say the measure is valid because top House and Senate leaders put their own signatures on the bill before it was sent to the White House.

On a party-line vote, Republicans shelved the call for an investigation, and Hastert's office did not respond directly to Pelosi's charges.
Of course, they will do whatever they want. Who cares if everything wrought by the GOP is a flaming wreck? No one cares! No one ever expected the dikes to fail last year, or terrorists attack the WTC, or anything.

Clueless. I once was with this religious leader of a cult. He suddenly said, "I can drive with my eyes closed," and shut his eyes. I hit him on the side of the head and grabbed the steering wheel and we had a brief tussle which involved me nearly strangling him while stomping on his foot, trying to brake the car (I succeeded, otherwise I would be a ghost typing here using an ouija board instead of an Apple). Yes, I was only a teenager but even then, I understood psychotic lunatics when I see them and certainly, someone has to stomp on the feet of these clowns driving our collective car off the cliff.
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