Thursday, February 02, 2006

Robert Stein, A Neo Con Con-man, Indited For Stealing Millions In Iraq, Has a Long Arrest Record Just Like Bush

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

We let the Supreme Court and the GOP and the media conspire to foist upon America a man with an arrest record longer than his arm, much of which has been scrubbed or in the case of insider trade, white washed. So it is no surprise to me so see all his choices for underlings, filled with obvious criminals aside from the Iran/Contra criminals his father pardoned. Arrest them all, they are all thieves.

From the New York Times:
It's sad just how predictable it was that the reconstruction of Iraq would be marred by fraud, dishonesty and profiteering. Last week Robert Stein Jr. was charged in federal court with a slew of crimes allegedly committed while he was a financial officer for the American occupation authority in Iraq. The affidavit in the case says that Mr. Stein accepted over $200,000 a month to steer contracts to an American businessman whose companies often did poor work and sometimes did no work at all.

The case is a painful reminder of the absolute dearth of planning for rebuilding Iraq after the war. According to reporting by James Glanz in The Times, Mr. Stein was convicted of a fraud-related felony in 1996 and also fired from a job in 2002 for falsifying payroll records and invoices. The American government then sent him to help oversee construction projects in Hilla and the Shiite holy city of Karbala, with $82 million in taxpayer funds.
Like Ken Lay or Abramoff, Bush surrounds himself with criminals. If not already criminals, they turn into such thanks to the rank imperial corruption which slithers like a snake around DC.

These traitors just merely steal, they produce absolutely nothing and many Americans and other humans DIE thanks to them and their 'incompetence' is to themselves, "Great job, Brownie" sort of lunacy is dangerous to the USA and this is beyond "one bad apple" sort of garbage, this is rotten to the core apples.

Every single enterprise Bush and his gang of fellow criminals attempts ends up looting the public purse which is why, when they cut necessary services to American citizens, they have the gall to demand more money for an obviously corrupt war and for tax cuts for rich people.

Just like the criminal who had his daughter fested at her Bat Mitzah by spending several million dollars, money gained suspiciously, selling "bullet proof vests" to our military that were inadequet, these traitors are interested only in seeing how much money they can charge to the American taxpayer in the form of IOUs which will be charged to us all at some onimous, future date.

Can we survive three more years of this level of incompetence and criminality? I don't think so.

Arrest them all. And kick the media to the curb for enabling this.
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