Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kyrgyzstan Wants Lots Of Money From Neo-Soviet America

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The neo con fantasy that Ronnie Reagan defeated the Soviets because the arms race weakened them allows them to get America sucked into the exact same mess that killed the Soviet Union. They bled to death from a thousand wounds. One big one was, their factories made stuff no one wanted to buy (General Motors, anyone?). Another was their colonial wars/colonial outposts were a huge financial drain on them. Particularily in Afghanistan and all the other Stans. Ahem.

From the BBC:
Kyrgyzstan is seeking a huge increase in the rent it earns from the US for a military base inside the country.

President Kurmanbek Bakiev said the annual rent should rise from $2m to $207m, according to a Russian paper.
We have four airbases there. We have been closing air bases here in America, several in New York, for example, for several years. Atta and his gang leisurely flew over much of NY state, flying across to Albany, entering the Albany radar space and then flying down the Hudson Valley, and not a single fighter craft flew nearby to check things out. This is because virtually all our aircraft are off in Soviet territory, patrolling the Iron Curtain states!

Of course, we expect Putin to be pleased we are doing this and he would be except we make snarly noises to him and to China rather frequently so he is not very appreciative at all and in fact, wants us to stop. Why we are doing this is where the issue of insanity arises.

The sole reason we can give in public is "to defend liberty and democracy". Oops. Alas, there is none there to defend. And our attempts and making some in neighboring countries by dropping bombs on the pitiful tents harboring terrorist peasant families barely ekeing out a living herding sheep, is a failure.

One thing the former Soviet rulers of these various "stans" are good at is palming money. And twisting arms for more money. Wasting money. Graft and corruption are their tools and they know how to open a vein and bleed it ruthlessly which brings us back to why the Soviet state lost the Cold War: they went bankrupt clinging to these very same "stans".

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