Monday, February 06, 2006

If The Democrats Don't Get Some Power This Election, Much More Social Programs Will Be Destroyed

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The budget for this year was passed and it was all guns and little butter. Next year's budget is due to be thrown into the same guillotine and more chops off of social services and other necessities and more guns, lots more guns, especially many more military bases overseas in former Soviet States and in Muslim countries that hate our guts.

From the Washington Post:
President Bush today proposed a $2.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2007 that would cut billions of dollars from domestic programs ranging from Medicare and food stamps to local law enforcement and disease control, while extending most of his tax cuts beyond their 2010 expiration date.

Under the plan, a budget deficit -- expected to reach $423 billion this year -- would fall to $183 billion by 2010, more than meeting his goal to cut the deficit in half by 2009. But it would rise again to $205 billion in 2011, reflecting the cost of the extensions in the president's tax cuts.
It will fall to "only" $205 billion if we have no deep recession which we will have, or severe inflation which we will get or high interest rates which are creeping in rapidly. Well, the entire burden of "balancing the budget" will come from axing any and all programs that service the American people.

All those red state warmongers who think guns are cool better learn how to play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded handgun set on automatic fire.

As the rich get richer and the poor discover they are slated for death or, if "immigrants", KRB concentration camps, the rest of us will be kept in line by promises of fighting to steal all the oil, diamonds and gold in the world. We will all get to play Siegfried and go into Fafner's cave and kill the dragon for the Ring der Nibelungen and of course, star in the opera, "Götterdämmerung," aka, "the End of Times" or "Bevis and Butthead win the Trifecta."

This disgusting plan to plead poverty even as we thump our Pentagon kettle drum all over the planet, means many Americans will die. Yes, die. Already, they are fixing things so people using oxygen tanks will have to pay cash for the privilage of breathing. No more free ride for them! No, no.

Even as Cheney hauls an entire operating room around the world with himself, he has to kick granny out of her own wheelchair and suck up all her air cause he can't get enough for himself, poor baby.
"We have set clear priorities that meet the most pressing needs of the American people while addressing the long-term challenges that lie ahead," Bush said in his budget message. "The 2007 Budget will ensure that future generations of Americans have the opportunity to live in a Nation that is more prosperous and more secure."
Why does anyone think, being up to the eyeballs in debt for the foreseeable future will make us rich? This is ridiculous. And if balancing the budget was so important, they could do that tomorrow by returning the tax rate to the Clinton levels which was just fine, thank you.
The budget, for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, is a tall order for a Congress facing a difficult election year. Defense spending would rise 6.9 percent, from $411 billion to $439 billion. Homeland security spending would rise by 3.3 percent.

But all other operations of government would fall by $2.2 billion, or 0.5 percent.
The plan looks OK if you forget the inconvenient fact of inflation. Despite pitching inflation tables to not reflect reality, it still shows significant inflation. Since all government agencies have to budget for energy to run their vehicles, buildings, offices, etc, just that element alone is going to take out a huge bite, it already has.

So now it is time to hate Venezuela. They use their oil for themselves. They don't let the big Texas oil buddies of Bush seize all the profits and run off to Aruba to get lost.
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