Monday, February 27, 2006

Free Trade=Sevitude For American Citizens

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Once again, the whole world is joining in with the traitors running America to scream at us that we need "free trade" and our shores should be open wide to whoever wants to loot or control America. Any citizen who falls for this deserves to wear the slave's iron collar being forged via IOUs and pay cuts.

From the Independent:

Lucrative opportunities taken away on a political whim; the danger of being locked up by an over-mighty government agency; the brick wall of protectionism - the business community expects to do battle with all these things in an emerging market.

Yet this suddenly seems to be a description of doing business in that most developed of all markets, the United States of America.

In the UK, in the cash-rich Gulf states and in fast-growing India, different incidents in the past week have made people ask the same question: is it worth doing business with the US?

Critics say the outcry over the £3.9bn acquisition of P&O by Dubai Ports World, which will transfer the running of five US ports to a state-controlled Middle Eastern company, has exposed the US Congress at its xenophobic worst. But it has also revealed more starkly than ever the protectionist tide that is waxing in America under the guise of national security.

The acquisition was due to close this Thursday, but DP World has had to delay completing the deal as it faces a protracted Congressional and legal fight to keep hold of the US contracts, which account for 6 per cent of the business it is buying.
My, how the British power elite screams! They were allowed to buy our ports because they were supposedly our allies in dominating the planet. Of course, they pay zero dollars in American taxes, our British colony, that is, except for some offshore amounts which are little more than small potato tribute to keep Americans from thinking these are really bad deals we are making.

The UAE is some ally. Far from being a colony, even, they roll in wealth because of oil and they are happily buying up whole segments of America. This is because we eat 24% of the world's oil so we can tool around in SUVs that we don't own but are owned by finance institutions and we live in houses we don't own, being up the river of mortgages, on a raft without a paddle.

All of America is for sale! This fire sale is due to our trade deficit which yawns every wider and the more free trade we have, the wider the red river runs and we passed three quarter trillion in red ink last year on trade and this year are heading towards a trillion. This is impossible.
Bill Reinsch, president of the National Foreign Trade Council, says it has been a profoundly depressing episode, and one that could have lasting repercussions if it derails a planned free-trade deal between the United Arab Emirates and the US. "These are not societies given to a lot of rhetoric - they are not going to hold a press conference and call off negotiations," he explains. "But what would happen is that things would slow down - forms of co-operation would not happen any more."
The National TRAITOR Trade Council is crying? Well boo, f**king hoo. This clown gets paid to work day and night at destroying our nation. He sleeps in a fancy bed in a fancy house in a fancy neighborhood and drives a fancy car and has fancy health care. Of course, he wants to hand us over to our enemies. They pay him very well for this.

The "other societies" that don't talk but withhold money are a fancy way for Mr. Fancy Pants to describe the oil sheiks and kings who are not our allies in anything. They are our OWNERS. And they own Mr. Fancy Pants and this is why Bush kisses them on the lips and holds their hands, he is their jockey slave who rides camels for them.

What is this "co-operation" the trade traitor is talking about? We are dying for them in the Middle East. They hated and feared Saddam and they hate Iran. So they push us secretly into wars while pretending to hate Christians and Jews. This fake game isn't fooling their populaces anymore, witness the near destruction of the top oil refinery in the world. It is only a matter of time that the outraged populace takes these men down. And us, with them.
When a firestorm of protest threatens to drive a Middle Eastern company out of the US, it is only business sense to look for opportunities elsewhere. The Dubai government has begun to build up a modest aerospace industry, launching a components business that might, one day, mean it is less reliant on the US for aircraft. Its new airport management business is targeting contracts in India.
See what I mean?

Even as these beasts snarl at us to shut up and let them rule us, they already, ALREADY are working hard at undermining us! Our sole, last, remaining item we sell overseas that is still made here in America is aircraft and already, TODAY, they are building factories which hire ONLY semi-slave foreign labor, owned by them, to build aircraft that will undersell ours since the laborers will come from Bangladesh.

China is doing this, too. Everyone is doing this! This works! Thanks to our insane "free traders" here at home, we have been completely crippled.
Perceived discrimination in other areas might also damage America's economic future. The head of chip maker Intel, Craig Barrett, has complained repeatedly that the US is losing out on international talent because of the tightening of immigration laws after 9/11, which led to lots of hi-tech engineers losing their work permits. Intel, Microsoft and others are channelling investment into India that might otherwise have stayed in the US.

The issue flared up again last week when a prominent Indian scientist was refused a visa for the US because of concern that his work had chemical weapons applications. The case of Goverdhan Mehta, who is president of the International Council for Science, a Paris-based group of national scientific academies, has caused a storm in India.
Good grief. So, the intelletuals of India want to take away American jobs and we are putting up some small barriers? Well. Cry me the river Ganges!

We have an army of high-tech engineers who were undercut by these characters. We are so demoralized, few Americans even bother enrolling in engineering classes in fields dominated by invaders from India brought in by traitors who wanted cheaper labor. It cost a lot to get a degree. And then when one can only get a very cheap job, it means never being out of debt! And for what?

The rage building in America as citizens discover they are on a sinking ship and the rats have eaten the hull so badly it is swiss cheese is going to lead to a big explosion of rage, particularily when the bills for all the trillions in debt, over three trillion during the Bush insanity, when this is presented to us, we will be flabbergasted.

Everyone wants the gravy train to continue. Particularily those who are forging the iron ring of slavery around our necks. They are tremendously afraid that we might call a halt to this but first we have to change, ourselves. No more oil wasting. I am for energy controls that prevent people from wasting energy. This is a national emergency.

We have to swiftly eliminate all foreign bases. Pull back our military to our home base. And then cut oil imports by 50%. Think we can't do this?

It isn't hard, if we have to. But who wants to stop the party? We are supposed to sell each other McMansions and burgers! This will make us rich and powerful. Ask Bernanke!
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