Monday, February 27, 2006

Bush's Long Range Budget Sees Huge Cuts In Vet Health Care Funding!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Even as this week alone, over 20 USA soldiers are blown up, many of them killed but the survivors in very sad shape, the 15,000 severely injured and the 100,000+ suffering psychological damage, what with most of Desert Storm I soldiers sick or dying thanks to DU weapons dust, not to mention all the Vietnam war vets to WWII vets using the services, the Bush plan is to cut staff and reduce service.

From Associated Press:
At least tens of thousands of veterans with non-critical medical issues could suffer delayed or even denied care in coming years to enable President Bush to meet his promise of cutting the deficit in half — if the White House is serious about its proposed budget.

After an increase for next year, the Bush budget would turn current trends on their head. Even though the cost of providing medical care to veterans has been growing by leaps and bounds, White House budget documents assume a cutback in 2008 and further cuts thereafter.

In fact, the proposed cuts are so draconian that it seems to some that the White House is simply making them up to make its long-term deficit figures look better. More realistic numbers, however, would raise doubts as to whether Bush can keep his promise to wrestle the deficit under control by the time he leaves office.
The long range plan is for most Americans to have reduced lives. The baby boomers dare not be retired, the plan for us boomers is to die swiftly after being flushed out of the work system. It is worse for our children. They can be replaced by the army of displaced peasants across the planet so marching them into the teeth of death rapidly so they die of overwork and disease before age 55 is just fine with our rulers who intend to extend their own lives tremendously thanks to modern science.

Isn't that a fun world?

Of course, like the rulers in the Middle Ages, once disease and disorder are raging outside the castle walls, Mother Nature has an infinite number of ways of spreading the fun. More importantly, when the replacement peasants (barbarian) become restive, they can and have killed off the upper classes. This has happened over and over in history.

Why our rulers want this is laughable. Bush and his buddies have various hidey holes set up so they can hide from the rage of the masses. Bush thinks, once he has bankrupted America, he can found a thing like the "Hoover Institute" which is a hotbed of hothead idiots, well, he will get his funding from the UAE sheiks, won't he?

We spend a fortune on our military and today, Bush has been trying to plug the dike with Republican govenors who are upset about him stealing various state's National Guard units and stripping all units of equipment and men. From Associated Press:
President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld offered private assurances to the nation's governors over plans to make cuts to the National Guard, but some governors said Monday they were still worried.

Republican and Democratic governors said discussions are just beginning on Guard units, the backbone of state emergency and homeland security response.

"No, there's no sense of hugs, handshakes and cut the cake," said Republican Mike Huckabee of Arkansas. "At least now, we're talking."

Governors went into closed-door meetings with Bush, and later with Rumsfeld and top military leaders, unified in their opposition to administration budget plans that state leaders had warned would reduce the planned force levels for the Guard. The state-controlled citizen soldiers have been heavily used by the federal government in Afghanistan and Iraq.
All 50 govenors protested this hijacking of our local defenders and shipping them off to very distant, nay, hopelss missions. Now, thanks to fake promises Bush has no intention of fulfilling, they are backing off even though not one troop has been returned to their proper postions. So, we will have the United Emirates running America while our troops are running around over there? Eh? What is this?
Bush's 2007 budget submission would support a Guard of about 333,000 citizen soldiers — the current level — rather than the 350,000 authorized by Congress. It also proposes to pay for 188,000 Army Reserve troops rather than the 205,000 authorized by Congress.
Once again, Bush is budget cutting at the bottom, not the top.

Halliburton, despite being cited for cheating all of us, is getting a whopping $250 million dollars even though reporters have uncovered scams like driving empty trucks back and forth in Iraq just to run up milage as if they were taxi drivers milking foreign visitors at Kennedy Airport.
(Gov. Vilsak of Iowa) He and other governors have repeatedly asked why the administration would tinker with the Guard when the states rely on it so heavily and the nation has put such an emphasis on homeland security.

"The reality is we cannot keep this nation safe by keeping the states less safe," Vilsack said.
BINGO! Everything Bush is doing now is guarunteed to increase our danger! Duh! I wish we could tap his phone. Bet he called the bin Ladens, pleading with them, "I need another one!" The anthrax attacker who only attacked Democrats, the media and a photo editor who ran pictures of Jenna half naked, drunk, he is still available but I doubt he can pull another trick, it got too hot for him when the anthrax was traced back to a top secret military base.

Which takes us back to the military. Are they doing all this so we have an insurrection? So the miltiary is so angry, they take over the White House in a coup? To stop Bush? I can see that.

What is going on here? All I know, our system is in tatters, the hurricane season is creeping closer by the day and earthquakes will inevitably destroy a lot of places on the west coast because tectonic plate movements insure this, the Pacific Plate is very busy, very many 6+ earthquakes this year, all along every front of it except for the west coast of North America.

Well, death, doom and destruction. The Bush trifecta.

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