Monday, February 27, 2006

Bush Selling Off Huge Tracts Of National Forest Lands

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

After selling off our ports and our factories, Bush turns back to decimating our national treasures. He plans to auction off public lands to the highest bidders. This, after letting oil companies off of paying royalties in the Gulf of Mexico! Eventually, all of America will be sold to people who hate us.

From News Journal Online:
From almost any public-minded perspective, President Bush's plan to sell off up to 300,000 acres in the national forest system and 500,000 acres within the Bureau of Land Management is a mistake. From some vantage points, it looks like an outright scam.

Once this land falls into the hands of developers, it can never be reclaimed. And the Bush administration's excuse -- that it would use the money from the sale of forest land to temporarily fund a federal rural-school program -- doesn't hold water. The sale would produce enough revenue to make up a deficit from federal timber sales for six years. But the administration is phasing out the rural-school program, not saving it.
The plan is to have no public lands, no public services, everything "privatized" and sold to the highest bidder which isn't the average American, most Americans can't buy much of anything anymore except by going steeply into debt. So the buyers will be individuals with deep pockets. Like the sheiks of the UAE.

It is totally bizarre, the excuse for this rip-off, "funding rural schools". Rural schools are rapidly closing due to lack of a natural resource: students. The true reason for these sales is exposed by the fact that the Feds claim they will resell the lands to the county or state where they lie! Well, if the states or counties have the funds to buy this land, why can't they fund their own rural schools with that money instead of spending it on buying federal lands? Hmmm?

Of course, this is all a Potemkin front plan like all the others.

Since writing my earlier articles, I notice the right wing editorials and scream machines are working full blast to shame Americans who are upset about selling our ports to Arab Sheiks who have a recent history of coddling and assisting attackers of America, namely, the 9/11 attacks. None of these editorials or screamers mention 9/11. It is spooky how Bush and the GOP suddenly have forgotten 9/11 and the date has literally disappeared off their collective calendars.

Take note of the individuals doing this. These are traitors. They misused the 9/11 attacks to misdirect us into attacking Iraq and now the same people are screaming at us to not be upset about Dubai. Well, way back in the stone age, on 9/11/1, we wondered why Bush protected the bin Laden clan, the Saudis and the UAE. None of these entities were questioned or examined. Even today, it is VERBOTEN for Americans to read even one page of the 9/11 Commission Whitewash Report concerning the Saudis or the UAE.

If Bush and his traitors want us to hand over American ports to these people, then they should release not only this material but reappear in public to under go questioning, under oath this time, about 9/11 and why Bush just sat there in that classroom and how all of these clowns knew Atta was leading the attack within hours of it happening.
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