Wednesday, February 01, 2006

216-214, Right Wing GOP Congress Cuts Aid to Elderly, Students, Farmers, Poor

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

After giving Ted Stevens his $250 million for a fake bridge to nowhere and more tax cuts for the rich, Congress stems the tidalwave of red ink by voting $40 billion to Americans here at home who need it. Meanwhile, the war in Iraq gets $100 billion a year! All it brings them is death and it is now going to kill Americans at home, too.

The bill would cut the growth of education spending by more than $16 billion between 2006 and 2010, and make reductions in the spending on Medicaid and Medicare, the health insurance program for the elderly, as well. Republicans cast it as an important step toward restraining programs that, they said, would gobble up the entire federal budget if left unchecked.

But with the Senate taking up a tax-cutting measure at the same time, Democrats sounded what will be a prominent election year theme: that Republicans were cutting taxes for the rich at the expense of services for the poor. And at a time when Congress is consumed by a lobbying scandal, Democrats also complained bitterly that the measure was written without them, behind closed doors with the help of paid representatives from the drug and insurance industries.

"This is a product of special interest lobbying," said Representative John Dingell, a Michigan Democrat, who is the longest-serving member of the House, "and the stench of special interests hangs over the chamber as we consider it today."
Well, America? What gives? Will we let Diebold fake yet another "election"? Will the media attack nonstop, any Democrat who threatens corporate rule? Or will be they lay off, now that they have their tools in the Supreme Court ready to strike down any measures that help American citizens?

Guess what! They still want more tax cuts, more monopolies. Waiting for this seven headed beast to be satiated is a fool's errand.

Americans thought they would never have to pay for the fake war on terror. Well, the bills are now coming due and Americans will die. If one doesn't have money for "co-payments," one is up the river Styx without a paddle on a one way trip to Davy Jone's locker.

Score yet another victory for "the Devil is Death, Death is Death" (Skull and Bones chant) Bush.
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