Friday, January 27, 2006

Thanks to Media Propaganda, Polls Say Americans Believe Both Parties Are Corrupt

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

For the last three weeks, the media whores, K Street enablers, all, have succeeded in muddying the waters so much, most Americans now believe both parties are equally corrupt and equally benefit from this corruption. The graph above clearly shows this is a false belief deliberately created by the GOP and media owners.

From Americablog:
Talk about out of control! The GOP has tripled the number of projects and almost doubled the spending since they took control of the House. I guess when you make so many promises to wealthy donors there's going to be a price and the bill is left with the American taxpayer. I always hear about the fiscal conservatives in the GOP but they sure as hell don't seem to be around.
The bloggers on the left have noticed the bellowing of the beasts working for media owners. As always, when the media wants something, they get it.

The media benefits from all this corruption in several ways. They get to form monopolies, for example, we see this right now as WB and UPN merge, it is becoming a vast, heaving beast, fewer and fewer independently owned anythings left at this point.

This massive beast eats most campaign contributions. So they have a double vested interest in keeping corrupt politicians afloat. This is why they are so lax about the Abramoff story, indeed, openly and cheerfully lying about the facts of the matter. The huge firestorm over the Washington Post's open lying about Democrats getting even one dime from Abramoff forced them to back down on their contention that the Democrats got bribed, too, but they hid this as much as possible from view so all the bloggers know this and our audience knows this but 90% of America hasn't heard a peep about it. The original story was unchanged, they didn't edit it nor mention it on the front page.

The only story that made the news out of this spat was the usual, "Bloggers are rude, they are nasty, they hurt us, we need blogger ethics." Oh, how very clever of the media whores.

Keeping people confused, confounded and corrupt is the sole reason the major media exists. IF and when they tire of Bush, they will suddenly turn on him, all of them, just like Nixon. Right now, they are happy as bugs in one's bed in Manhattan. Slurping up the red juice, smacking their lips and sucking harder. This is why the tidal wave of red ink is now a historic tsunami and everyone stands around, wondering if this is OK, oh, look, the sea is retreating and we can pick up fish instead of using nets! Run out onto the beach, everyone!

From the NYT:
The poll also signaled concern for Republicans as they prepare to defend their control of the House and the Senate in midterm elections this November. Investigations into Congressional corruption are taking a toll as the elections approach: 61 percent of Americans now hold an unfavorable view of Congress, the highest in 10 years.

This finding holds particular peril for Republicans as the party that has been in charge. More than half of the respondents said they believed that most members of Congress would exchange votes for money or favors.

Republicans were seen as more likely to be unduly influenced by lobbyists. And the Republican Party is now viewed unfavorably by 51 percent of the nation, its worst rating since Mr. Bush took office. By contrast, 53 percent said they held a favorable view of Democrats.

The telephone poll was conducted with 1,229 adults, starting Friday and ending Wednesday. Its margin of sampling error was plus or minus three percentage points.
The usual still holds: everyone hates Congress but loves their Congress critters because they bring home pork and pork has been ladled out with a vengence under GOP domination. The downside of this pork is totally invisible. Interest rates are still way behind the rate of inflation so one can happily pile on endless debts because it makes more sense than saving. The Chinese and Japanese aren't calling in their chips....To our minds, they really are, but it is carefully hidden from view, as readers of this blog are aware.

The pork continues, the latest rip off is a lunatic scheme to "save money for healthcare." From the NYT:
When it comes to medical benefits, millions of Americans already have a health insurer. Soon, many will also have a debit card and a bank tied to their medical plan.

Banks, credit unions and money management firms are now quietly positioning themselves to become central players in the business of health care, offering 401(k)-type accounts to cover future medical expenses.
This is a scheme to eliminate all health care insurance. Instead, we "save money" for our medical care. Say, you have a heart attack and your account has only $25,000 in it. The operation costs $150,000. So while lying on your stretcher, you sign an IOU for the remainder.

Oh, la,la,la! I just can't wait! If we come to this, well, this is called "the Great Die-off." This is when bankrupt America tells us all to go to hell in a handbasket, only the very rich will get medical care and the rest of us can die young, isn't that sweeeet?

Why do Americans even contemplate such a bizarre, stupid system? We are saving nothing as it is, we are negative savings! And we are going to park $25,000 in health savings accounts? And what if we tap them and then little Mary gets luekemia? Debt time? Sell the house? Sell the car? Kill the kid?

If we fall for this scam, we deserve what happens next. The NYT poll shows 60% support for a full health care system, ie, we all have good health insurance. Support for the single payer plan was impossible when we had 40% unionized labor but now it looks like GM is going under with a $10 billion red ink year, they are demanding no more health insurance for their workers and huge pay cuts so even these people who have been content to watch fellow Americans suffer from lack of insurance are now feeling the cold wind blowing off the glaciers and are beginning to think, maybe national coverage would be a wonderful thing, no?

This would be expensive but still cheaper than the Iraq war. But then, we are supposed to be afraid of all those Iraqi terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. Another Bush/media whore production that has gone totally out of control.
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