Friday, January 20, 2006

Japan Finds Another Excuse To Lock Out American Beef

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like the Hime (Japanese for "princess") and the Pea, Japan keeps out foreign trade by being super picky and finding endless reasons why foreign goods can't enter their fortress. This is a direct slap in our faces because we lost WWII and now are owned by the Japanese. At least the Chinese allow some trade!

From Associated Press:
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said on Friday Japan would halt all imports of U.S. beef after a recent shipment was found to possibly contain material considered at risk for mad cow disease.

"This is a pity given that imports had just resumed," Koizumi told reporters. "I received the agriculture minister's report over the telephone with his recommendation that the imports be halted and I think it is a good idea."

When asked by a reporter if this meant that all U.S. beef imports would be stopped, Koizumi answered, "Yes."
Banzai! The Emperor lives! Die, gaijin! Time to cheer at the war shrine. Grind American faces into the dirt, laughing.

You see, Japanese farmers have great power because Japan's rulers won't redistrict according to population so the rural districts which are very conservative as well as loaded with the elderly who are conservative even more than usual rural populations and on top of this, the need to keep out as much foreign goods as possible is what the Japanese miracle is all about: round earth for them, flat earth for us.

Free trade for us and locked doors for them. And so of course, we run a massive $75+billion trade deficit with them. Since they have graciously decided to collect many of our IOUs and our magic money machine can grind away merrily so long as it is translated into debts sent to Japan, we have zero power over Japan. Zero.

Like, we are rapidly turning into their slaves. This won't be pretty since they are "nice" to us only because it is useful right now but whenever we demand anything, the chain is pulled, our rations are taken away and we are sent back into our dog kennel to rethink our bad behavior.

Bush's stupid visit to Asia which showed the clever Asians exactly how moronic we are, was a massive failure for us. Bush was reduced to saying openly that he hoped Japan would at least buy our beef which is much cheaper than their domestic beef but then sighed that it probably wouldn't happen. Enraged industrialists forced American negotiators to go back to Japan and ask for some token from the Emperor who granted this: he would allow some beef in.

Exaulting in this boon from our masters, we ran home, collected the cows and shipped them over.

As always, the Japanese found some flaws in the delivery and shut their doors. Skiis or shoes, cameras or cows, no matter what one makes, it has fatal flaws for the Japanese who can only have the very best, what a shocker. Of course, the free trade fools ignore all this harsh reality and go around, working for the Japanese, trying to get all world markets opened to Japanese sharks while we get locked out of more and more markets, struggling to sell for less than the Chinese who are busy prying open Japan which is why Japanese troops are working on invasion exercises in San Diego this week.

As I pointed out earlier, the plan is for us to fight the Chinese for the Japanese in the latest round of WWII which will be called "WWIII--the American/Japanese Co-prosperity Sphere Disaster".
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