Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cowed American Workers Vacate Winchester Factory So It Can Be Shipped Off To Japan

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

How pathetic are we? Well, the right wing, Second Amendment, We are Number One guys at Winchester were told this month, the factory is closing and moving to Japan, sorry, stupid buddies, we don't need no stinking American workers, tough titties, die. Interesting. They just walked home, dejected. Not like the French or Italian workers. They know how to fight. Heck, ditto, Chinese peasants.

From the New York Times:
Come spring, the Winchester rifle, immortalized as the gun that won the West and rode into the sunset with John Wayne, will be made in Portugal and Japan.
But workers leaving the factory on Wednesday, resigned to losing their jobs, were bitter about the plant's closing.

"It's depressing, said David Pallanti, 58, who has worked here for 14 years, packing guns. "Who's going to hire someone 58, 60 years old?"

Dressed in blue jumpsuits, with their names emblazoned in red above the breast pocket, Jim Close, 44, and Donald Harris, 39, are metal finishers at the factory. Each man has two children. They have worked here for 6 and 10 years, respectively.

On a break during their shifts, they stood next to the entrance of the plant under a moody, wind-swept sky, near a sign that reads: "Through these gates pass the greatest craftsmen who make the world famous Winchester firearms."

The message left Mr. Harris cold. "That's just a sign now," he said, before heading back in to work where he pours acid on steel to rustproof the guns. "It used to mean something."
Baaaaaa. Mooooooo. Like dumb animals led to the slaughter, the American worker patiently bows to the bosses, as the bosses drive off in their mega limos to their mega jets to fly to Aruba and sail their mega yachts, the American worker is left holding a bag of shit.

As I keep saying, the workers in say, South Korea, go bezerk if anyone messes with them. They will travel to far ends of the earth, even America, to make a point. They will even shed blood.

The peasants of China have resorted to open battle, fighting the rulers, forcing them to change. Here is an example. From Xinhua net:
More than 7,000 officials have withdrawn their investment in mines amid a nationwide crackdown, said Chinese government here Friday.

The Ministry of Land and Resources said that 2,325 people, either government officials or company officials in state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have retracted stakes in the non-coal mines, among whom 707 faced criminal liabilities.

Earlier statistics from the Ministry of Supervision showed that nearly 5,000 officials have taken their investment out of the coal mines. Friday's figure brought the total number to more than 7,000.

Forcing officials to withdraw investment in mines is widely regarded as an important step to curb frequent mine accidents. Investigation showed that a large number of accidents occurred because unlawful and unsafe mines were given a green light to operate by local governments after officials obtained stakes in the mines.
As K Street and insider trading in top GOP legislative offices, for example, should be cleaned thusly, too. By fiat. Geeze. We know, the GOP runs America, all they have to do is what Hu and Wen are doing, namely, executing corrupt officials and forcing the others to turn their pockets inside out! Heh.

Yeah. Bring on DeLay!

Anyway, this would have never ever happened if the Chinese people acted like American workers. They actually fought, quite literally, with weapons, like, F-I-G-H-T. Ever go to a football game? Isn't this what cheerleaders scream?

2nd Amendment fiends like to yap that guns make our people powerful. Well, only after we can buy them from the Japanese and Chinese, that is. And then, we can't use them for anything, of course. Power, as Benjamin Franklin knew, grows out of the barrel of the pen, for the pen is mightier than the sword! And American workers penned themselves in by listening to and consuming right wing propaganda set out by rich people who want sheep and cows for workers, not people who can fight, like F-I-G-H-T back.

To fight back, one needs to form alliances and join in other people's battles. This means forming big unions like internationals since unions can't gain power unless they have allies across the planet because of free trade and flat earth and the New World Order which means the mega millions order us around.


Well, I believe, even cowed, helpless, pathetic American workers might wake up some fine day and grasp the truth: they are doomed unless the FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT back! Like real time fighting, not WWW fighting, not fake displays of Rambo rot, nope, the real, honest thing.

Gads. Are we men or mice?
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