Monday, January 30, 2006

America Is BANKRUPT--Shot Over Debt Ceiling Illegally

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Normally, when we approach the debt ceiling, warnings go out, the press talks about it, Congress debates "Democrats tax and spend" and everyone makes a big hoo-haw. Even under our dictator, Bush, they had this ritual. The Feds had to pull strings to limp along until the new ceiling was passed. Now, dead silence as we sail over the limit and into outerspace.

From Financial Sense University:
In a shocking development, the Treasury Department website is openly stating that as of January 24, 2006 our national debt stood at $8,185.3 billion and on January 26th at $8,190.5 billion.

Yet the US national debt ‘ceiling’, the maximum amount of debt the US government may hold at any one time, stands at $8,184 billion – a full $5.5 billion less. Although called upon by John Snow, Congress has not yet passed an expansion of the debt ceiling and so the US government is now operating in technical default.

You may recall that when last the debt ceiling was approached in the months surrounding the 2004 elections, the Treasury department furiously employed every accounting trick in the book (and then some) to avoid breaching the limit. They even went so far as to take the unprecedented step of borrowing $14 billion from the Federal Financing Bank to cover up the shortfall.
The entire facade of pretending Congress controls the public purse has collapsed. Along with advise and consent on appointments as our dictator unilaterally appoints people to top positions during Congressional snooze fests and presidential "comments" negating implimenting laws passed by a GOP Congress, as Congress prepares to pass a pro-Executive power stooge and Greenspan hands over the Fed to an idiot who is naive at best, we go over the debt limit with zero consequences aside from the Chinese rubbing their hands so hard with glee, they set their palms on fire.

Here are the stats: From the government's own site:

Current Amount

01/26/2006 $8,190,567,748,779.48


01/25/2006 $8,181,906,259,395.82
01/24/2006 $8,185,315,076,347.87
01/23/2006 $8,174,270,999,692.73
01/20/2006 $8,175,743,292,992.87
01/19/2006 $8,176,948,650,558.59
01/18/2006 $8,173,852,299,316.96
01/17/2006 $8,170,524,286,973.93
01/13/2006 $8,158,672,995,833.87
01/12/2006 $8,159,084,910,068.58
01/11/2006 $8,161,933,710,814.20
01/10/2006 $8,165,647,324,627.69
01/09/2006 $8,160,257,013,544.35
01/06/2006 $8,161,507,578,194.35
01/05/2006 $8,160,320,491,591.57
01/04/2006 $8,165,858,995,532.37
01/03/2006 $8,153,881,581,212.99
The flood of red ink has turned into a tsunami. And the tsunami is with a catagory 5 fiscal hurricane.

Many Democrats as well as Republicans were not in DC worrying their silly little pin heads over the Alito appointment. They were in Davos, scheming about world economics, playing games, playing footsie with the real rulers. The Swiss military kept French farmers and Korean workers and German machinists far away. It was terrifically cold, too, so the demonstrators were indoors. Meanwhile, our rulers and our so-called representatives spent most of their time conspiring with each other and the Saudi Royals at how to stop Hamas!

A tiny organization in a non-existent state! A very small people with no army, no navy, no airforce. Locked in a sweltering ghetto built by European and American Zionists. These people have consumed most of the time and energy of the great and powerful at Davos. Why?

Well, the game plan is for the Apocalypse to come and clean the earth of most humans. They will claim, it was accidental. No one knew that a big hurricane would swamp the poor in New Orleans! No one could guess that terrorists would attack the World Trade Center over and over again despite them not only sayng they would do it, but actually doing it more than once!

No one ever expected the Iraqis to resist our invasion. And no one expected the revolutionaries that are crawling out of the woodwork all over the Muslim world to attack oil/gas facilities! And no one expected American debts to shoot through the roof! No one expects the coming World Wide Depression and World Wide War!

This is because humans hate facing reality. Our Ice-age brains built in this mechanism that creates optimism despite the facts on the ground. Unfortunately, it has a very nasty side effect: delusions lead to insane actions that terminate lifeforms.

I will note here, I didn't want to scare people about the asteroid but have changed my mind: you better be terrified of it. Even if it misses, sometimes, they hit and they have hit in the recent past, while humans were very much homo sapiens, walking this earth. They hit continents humans didn't live on, back then. Not now! Gads.

On with the show.
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