Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chinese Start Jet Fabrication Plant and Europe Launches GPS Test Satellite

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

China breaks ground for their first, Chinese designed and run jet fabrication plant. Meanwhile, Europe continues to develop their own satellite system by launching a GPS system of their own design. Many of these moves irritate American power brokers but then, they are the ones who have broken the bank here at home which is why our space program is floundering and our factories are leaving these shores.

From China.org:
Chinese airplane manufacturers hope to make a big splash in the global aviation industry with a new made-in-China regional jet that went into production over the weekend.

Production of the ARJ21 started simultaneously at factories in Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu and Shenyang on Saturday.

By 2005, the Shanghai facility will assemble the finished planes out of parts produced in factories across the country, according to officials.

China Aviation Industry Corp I, a state-owned manufacturer of both civilian and military planes, set up a subsidiary - AVICI Commercial Aircraft Co Ltd - to make the regional jet, which it says will cost 10 percent less than regional jets produced by foreign rivals.
Many bloggers tracking China look only at the crummy things happening there. It being a huge country with a quarter of the world's population, it is easy to find quite a few things amiss. But to focus on them is stupid since that isn't the direction China is going.

They are going forwards. Look at who is going backwards. Even our nostalgia is backwards. Our movies are old stuff. King Kong and Narnia are WWII stuff repackaged with big special effects. Our cars we design are throwbacks. Everyone is facing backwards, it seems, without seeing what is what.

The last remains of our aerospace industry will be completely removed from America by 2012 if not sooner.

There isn't much left besides that, is there? This is why Bush was trumpetting the cynical Chinese jet deal, one which was totally misinterpeted by the American press when it happened, I called the shots correctly. Well, now we see the unveiling of the next step. Even if we compete with China, we will be forced to reduce prices drastically, killing the profit margin.

From the BBC:
With the Chinese economy expected to have grown by a further 9.3% across 2005, most economists now predict that China will rise still further in 2006 to fourth place in the global GDP list, easily passing both the UK and France in the process.

"For sure by 2006 China will become number four and by 2010 it will be more than Germany," says Chen Xingdong, an economist at BNP Paribas in Beijing.
It is much worse. Our economy is a hollow shell. Lots of money being spent not on building things that will increase our capitalist powers but indulgences. Sort of like building cathederals. It is a business but it is a net loss.

Building massive numbers of private homes that are ill suited for any extended habitation is a really wasteful enterprise!

Houses, like palaces, eat money and resources. The ideal is for people to live in tiny cells like monks did and work all day. Then it is pure profit. Sounds like the Chinese, like here: From Boston:
''Profit is what we want," said Liu ''Johnny" Jian Wei, 39, the company spokesman in Angola, sitting next to the bank of computers and like the others, dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt. ''We can make a profit because we have an advantage over other foreign companies -- we work holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, most evenings, and we cost a lot less."

Meanwhile, the financial advisor to Putin suddenly quits. Seems Putin has zero interest in Friedman's Flat Earth American style business culture! What a surprize. From the BBC:
Economic adviser Andrei Illarionov said Russia was no longer politically free but run by state corporations acting in their own interests.

"I did not sign a contract with such a state," Mr Illarionov told reporters.
Far from American-style "democracy" (sic) spreading, everyone reads the oolang tea leaves and sees clearly, letting the citizens vote themselves endless red ink is a sure fire way to end up in history's garbage can, all the despotic rulers are looking to China for guidance. And despite our yeowls, China is a shining star to them, not the evil place we like to imagine.

For you see, the road to destruction is easy to spot. It is covered with red ink and red blood and our road is under 20 feet of the stuff. We lost our space program with NASA floundering due to lack of funds and our government is cutting money going to educate our youth in college. Meanwhile, the space programs elsewhere are flourishing. Russia singlehandedly now supplies and controls the International Space Station, China has sent more people into orbit than we have, and Europe is launching their own satellite systems, the lastest being the GPS system with a different design from ours and they will undercut our sales abroad by offering better service for less! Yikes!

From the BBC:

Giove-A will be lofted into orbit by a Soyuz rocket from Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

The demonstrator, built in the UK by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, will test key components in the Galileo network, notably its atomic clocks.

It also has the job of securing the radio frequencies allocated to the project under international agreements.

This requires Giove-A to transmit a sat-nav signal of the correct structure from orbit within the next six months. The SSTL team hopes to do it within a matter of days.

The Galileo project is costing some 3.4bn euros (£2.3bn; $4bn) in public and private finance. It is the biggest space project ever undertaken in Europe, and will eventually comprise a constellation of 30 satellites.
Note that Russia is launching this, too. We dropped the ball and the other team has dribbled away with it while our team stands inert, arguing about if it is worth even throwing a ball at the basket anymore. We decided to stand at the opposite end of the court and fling the ball with all our puny might and hope it scores.

Right. And how many times has Bush mentioned the word "Mars"? How about as often as he has mentioned his buddy, the anthrax killer.
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