Wednesday, December 14, 2005

America Totally Locked Outside of ASEAN Meeting

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Bush/Condi diplomatic disaster just keeps on going. Record trade deficits not only in total but individually with each of our major trading (sic) partners. We would have to sell 5000 Boeings each month to break even. Meanwhile, Japan plays coy with various suitors.

From the Washington Post:
Asian leaders agreed Wednesday to create a new, loosely united regional grouping, including India and Australia, to work on combating Asia's economic, security and political problems.

The 16-nation association, which will hold annual summit conferences, significantly widened the traditional circle of cooperation among Asian nations represented by the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and a sister group, ASEAN Plus Three, including China, Japan and South Korea.

Its formation, decided at the first East Asian Summit, marked an attempt to respond to a growing conviction among Asian leaders that their region requires a stronger independent voice in world affairs and a new forum without the preponderant role that has been played here by the United States since World War II.
They are slamming the door in our stupid face. Japan will be the doorkeeper. We will come and go on their say-so. Namely, the choke chain around our military's neck will be firmly in the hands of the Japanese who obviously won WWII which is why, when Koizumi visits the war criminal shrine and bonzais, Americans are respectfully silent and obedient.
Underlying the ambiguity about the new group's role and degrees of membership was concern over evolving power relationships as China becomes stronger and increasingly willing -- even eager -- to exercise regional leadership and Japan moves strategically closer to the United States.

China and Japan also have been divided by increasingly tense differences over Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's regular visits to a shrine honoring Japan's war dead and rival claims to oil deposits and several small islands in the East Asian Sea. Those differences were on vivid display here in Kuala Lumpur, where Premier Wen Jiabao refused to sit down with Koizumi for a regular China-Japan-South Korea meeting.
You know, if we are insuring the safety and working to defend these so-called allies, we should have been at this meeting, right? Right?
Seeking to soften the atmosphere, Koizumi leaned over during a signing ceremony Wednesday to ask Wen to loan him a pen. When the Chinese premier smiled and handed it over, assembled diplomats applauded.
Note the diplomatic finesse! Note how small gestures translate into policy? Note how everyone there understood the secret negotiations which were 100% about AMERICA. We will learn the results in due time. Gack.

And so, Japan shoves us outside to stand at the locked door and to wait for further orders. Japan will make whatever deals she wants with China and then inform us of what we are to do next. In these secret negotiations you can bet, Japan waves the American sword as a leverage vis a vis China. And we have no idea what the heck is said, do we?

Well, I can guess! From the NYT:
The United States' trade deficit ballooned to a new record in October, the government said Wednesday, with imports climbing much faster than exports even though prices for imported oil declined.

The trade deficit widened by $3 billion, to $68.9 billion, confounding forecasts on Wall Street that the gap would narrow and signaling that the nation's huge trade imbalance has not begun to stabilize.
Stabilize? We are sinking faster than the Titanic! The stern of our ship is pointing straight up in the air! We are going to be running nearly a trillion a year in the red!

The trade deficit with Japan has grown immensely. Aiming for over $76 billion this year. With China, $200 billion. China's larger deficit isn't as bad as Japan's because Japan is poaching on our top industries not lower level, low per unit value stuff. Soon, China will be doing what Japan is doing, already, they export more electronics than America exports and this is going to grow vastly.

What can I say? With our present leadership and our present philosophical system, economic pundits and professors and those idiots running the Fed, except for a few lorne voices, indeed, virtually none, all screaming for a flat fucking earth and free fucking trade.

Can you all read the writing on the wall??? Gads.....!!!!!

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