Saturday, November 19, 2005

Old Boeing Contract Is Pretend Victory For Bush!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Readers of this blog from day one know that I have talked about the negotiations for the Boeing plane contract for China from nearly the beginning of this blog. Today, Bubble Boy Bush got to announce "winning" this contract I knew we won six months ago. Read my earlier stories on this with updates!

First, today's propaganda story from the Telegraph:
President George W Bush was greeted in Beijing last night with the news of an aircraft deal that could be worth up to $9 billion (£5.25 billion), a welcome sweetener before his talks on human rights and America's ballooning trade deficit with China.
Bwahahaha. Damn, the Chinese are so smart it hurts! They sat on this for six months, waiting for the right moment to announce what this blog knew since before last June!

Bush went over to Asia announcing he was going to fail in all his negotiations. The Chinese knew they needed to please the enfant terribulus so they allowed him to announce what was already 100% in the bag already, on his little trip. This way, he can trot home and say, he is a great closer. An economic wonder boy! Wow.

Hahaha. Any Americans falling for this ruse deserve to be sold a clinker by a used car dealer.
China was expected to announce the purchase of up to 150 Boeing 737 jets during Mr Bush's three-day visit. It will ease some of the tensions over the trade deficit, which is projected to reach $200 billion this year.
Of course, other papers give closer to the real number: 70 jets, not 150 (gads!). And to understand the negotiations for these jets, let's go back to my earlier articles about this subject!

Boing boing Boeing by Elaine Meinel Supkis:
Har. Our good corporate entities are doing a great job for the Chinese. Boeing builds stuff for our military and in turn, will do the same for China! Anything for a yuan!

Currently, only 1.5 percent of the $35 billion in U.S. exports to China requires a government export license, the department says. Depending on how the new rules are structured, U.S. industry lobbyists say, the proportion could grow to more than 10 percent.

The Chinese invented not only paper money but red tape. Their concept of Heaven is a place run by bureaucrats who have to be bribed! How very logical. We have a problem. We are restricting not only exports but them purchasing stuff here like Unacol. So how are we planning to bring trade back into some balance?

Boeing, which this year won orders from Chinese airlines for 60 of its new 787 Dreamliner jets, said in June that it would use about $600 million in parts from Chinese companies.

The Bush Administration is still debating the details of the new regulations, and an intense lobbying campaign is being waged to influence the outcome, Bloomberg report

The ultimate plan is to get Boeing into a large enough contract and then wait a while and then make a nifty deal: they transfer the factories wholesale to China and get the planes cheap and can keep the profits of this contract while it is finished by Chinese workers. This has to be introduced very slyly, at least, they hope.
Geeze. Crystal ball time, no? My article continues relentlessly:
I have chatted about this plan before. It is very obvious now. Note this article:
US$6b deal for 50 Boeing jets in sight......Airbus hopes to clock up some 200 firm orders by the end of the year for its A350 whilst it is also pushing hard its A380 super-jumbo, of which it has sold five to China Southern.

Boeing has so far registered 261 orders for its 787, while Airbus currently only has 10 firm orders for the A350, which is expected to be in service by 2010.

To cater to domestic needs, China is also keen to build its own short-haul aircraft and so wean itself off dependence on Airbus and Boeing, the world's top major commercial aeroplane builders.

China is trying to develop a market for domestically built 70-to-90-seat regional jets.

The hint is there! Whoa. They finally said it! More: the plan isn't to confine themselves to their own domestic market. No way in hell. Imagine if they have clones of our jets only they cost one third to build? Hmm? Guess what.

Our trade deficit is going to really stink.

This deal is one honking huge trojan horse. Here is more news about the Boeing deal which is the same damn deal Bush announce today, not an old one, and my explanation as well as Chinese speculation about the real meaning of this deal:From another article by myself:
Last month, Boeing was boasting about landing more Chinese contracts. The trade deficit was declared much lower thanks to this and the news was trumpeted far and wide as if the Apocalypse Angels were blowing away. I was more dour and noted that the contracts can be easily cancelled and the problem here is the Chinese will eventually refuse to pay for Americans building what they should be building and the end game will be for them to demand Boeing build factories in China.

Well, as usual, I was right! The campaign to force Boeing to build the factories in China is now commencing!
n the CEO's office at Xiamen Airlines, one of Boeing's most loyal customers sits beside a photo of a 737 cockpit and describes the humiliation he felt trying to enter the United States last year.

Wu Rongnan runs the only domestic carrier in China that still has an all-Boeing fleet. As he takes a long draw on an English 555-brand cigarette, however, the 62-year-old Wu says the affronts he experienced on his way to Seattle in December were "a bitter pill."

To obtain a visa, he spent three hours in line at the American consulate in far-off Guangzhou and was fingerprinted, something he considers suitable only for criminals. Then, at the immigration counter in Los Angeles, he was treated rudely and escorted to a room for questioning, despite the invitation from Boeing in his hand.

"It must be that America is so rich that they don't want our money," he said. Wu's reaction is a symptom of problems that have compounded to erode Boeing's longtime dominance in China, handing the advantage to European rival Airbus in the world's most promising growth market.

Some of the problems are beyond Boeing's control. But others stem from the company's own mistakes, according to interviews with a range of Chinese airline executives, government officials, former Boeing employees and others.

After its longtime China manager left the company unhappily, a revolving door of executives were dispatched for short-term stints in China.

Translation: doing business in America is unpleasant and annoying. Homeland security means disrespecting Chinese businessmen. The lack of courtesy and calm is difficult to live with and besides, the food is terrible and there is a pea under the mattress. Boeing can't please them except one way: to build a factory in China.
Golly. Will I now laugh to death? All the pretty stories today about this great deal are poorly researched and the analysis is exactly one millimeter deep.
Everyone in Asia buys American aircraft as a sop to America so we won't interfere with them flooding us with goods. But China is utterly and totally committed to dominating and controlling the aerospace industry, the very first person they asked for when they opened up relations with America in the seventies was for my dad to come over and revive their training of students in physics and space technology! The American auto industry bellies up and sinks, shot in the hull by the successful Japanese, the Chinese move in to sink the Japanese auto industry but this doesn't interest the Central Committee nearly as much as the aerospace industry which they have had their eyes on for the last thirty years. This is the big kahuna, the whale they want to harpoon.

And to make our trade deficit look good, we have to assist them in this project. We are both Ahab and the Great White Whale. We hunted ourselves down and harpooned our own industry.
Even as our government arrests Chinese spies as well as other spies who sell aviation and rocket secrets we go over to China begging them to buy our aircraft.

The deal is to sell them all our top military jets....Secretly, of course. After all, there is a lot of money to be made that way! Drug dealers risk death and prison for the huge money they can earn selling drugs. Heck, Israel openly spies on us and is totally contemptuous about it and they are a client state, not someoone we need for business!

The Japanese run the biggest trade surplus in the world and they have played a clever game but the hopes that egging Bush into attacking Hu and Wen and enraging them failed utterly which doesn't surprize me, note the dragons in my cartoons, the expression is one of bemusement or even open mirth.

Maybe the plan is still to make them laugh to death, that has to be it, right? Hahahaha....(expiring)

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