Sunday, November 20, 2005

Koizumi Screams About Chinese Military

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

No sooner have the Chinese won this latest round with Japan than Koizumi begins to scream about Chinese military strength. How charming. He still won't allow American cattle to be sold in Japan.

Tokyo is worried about China's recent arms buildup but wants to build friendly relations to prevent conflict between the Asian giants, Japan's defense chief said Sunday.

"We are greatly concerned," Defense Chief Fukushiro Nukaga told the television talk show "Sunday Project," citing China's rapid military spending in recent years.

He also said Chinese military vessels have been repeatedly spotted in recent months near disputed waters in the East China Sea.

"We have to be careful and deepen our exchanges (with China) before these things actually turn into military threats," he said, proposing joint defense exercises and defense policy dialogue between the two countries.

Nukaga also urged China to be more transparent in its defense policies.
Hey, Japan could look at it this way: more heroes to put in their military shrine! Endless chances to visit this shrine, what is left of it when WWIII is done! The Japanese negotiate with fellow Asians by being insulting and snappish. They disrespect their neighbors and openly taunt them. When this diplomatic stupidity backfires, Japan jerks the American leash and sets our dogs yapping.

Only the Chinese muzzled the dog!

Easy to do! I have done this many times in the past. Once, a man wanted to intimidate me with his Great Dane. But he was mean to his dog. So every day, when he went to work, I fed his Great Dane and trained it to respond to my voice even though it couldn't see me. The day he unleashed his ferocious, hungry dog on me, it ran up, licked my hands, I petted him and then said, "Sic em!" The dog turned on his master and attacked.

Needless to say, the cops had to come and collect the dog from me. It got a better home.

Another man used his dog to harrass school girls when I was younger. I trained it via goodies to respond to my commands. He told his dog to bite me and it bit him. I laughed so hard, I nearly pissed in my panties.

See? To retrain a dog, feed it beef! And China, instead of stonewalling Bush's requests, bequethed upon him something they were getting anyway. Nice to attach it to his visit so the poppinjay could parade about with his pigeon puffed chest out.
Tokyo and Beijing have been quarreling over issues including undersea gas deposits, ownership of some islets in the East China Sea and Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's visits to a Toyko shrine that honors war criminals.

Koizumi visited the shrine last month, sending Japan's relations with China to their worst low in decades. Some Asian nations see his visits to the Yasukuni Shrine as a symbol of Japan's ambitions to return to its militarist past.

Koizumi and other Japanese ministers did not meet with Chinese officials during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Busan, South Korea.
Heh. The Chinese don't bother with visits if they can't exchange goodies. No treaties or joint friendship deals, no chats! The Chinese are blaming the Japanese for the collapse of the Korea talks. This is quite appropriate. Japan isn't a great market for China because of all countries, the Japanese believe the least in free trade. Why America allows Japan total access to our markets baffles me. This shouldn't happen. But then, the Japanese have bribed more than one American President and official. It works!

Now they have serious competition. The financial black hole the Japanese set up to suck in all our IOUs is teetering on implosion. The Chinese know they can't keep this going forever or at this level. So the Chinese encourage Bush to run up even more debts because they will cover it, not Japan! Heh.

In all this, we are the idiots. We should be running the show not running from boyfriend to boyfriend, asking for rings or wedding bells!

And Japan! Someone has to tell those men, you court women by being nice to them, not by abusing them! Why do you think the marriage rate in Japan is collapsing? Indeed, Valentine's day, women give men chocolates! Not the other way around. Talk about stone stupid.

Get a clue.

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