Monday, November 21, 2005

GM Killing 30,000 Jobs, Workers Thrown To Sharks

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

General Motors just announced they are killing 30,000 American jobs, closing the factories and relocating them in places like guess where? I can't wait for Boeing to do the same, they will, it is inevitable now. Will workers wake up?

From the NYT:
General Motors said it would cut up to 30,000 jobs and close a dozen automobile and parts factories and distribution centers in the next three years in an effort to stem the company's billion-dollar losses.

Rebecca Cook/Reuters
Rick Wagoner, G.M.'s chairman and chief executive.
Rick Wagoner, G.M.'s embattled chief executive, announced the cuts this morning at the company's headquarters here before trading began on Wall Street. The company will offer early retirement packages to employee at the plants that will be closed.

Hahaha! This is what GM intends to ditch soon enough. As a junk-bond status company teetering on bankruptcy, think "early retirement" means anything aside from instant poverty? Hell's bells, the article doesn't note that the government insurance for these funds is in the red and unable to function anymore! Much less pay gold plated retirements for auto workers!

From the NYT:
Ford Motor Co., facing a deepening financial crisis, said on Friday it plans to eliminate 4,000 salaried jobs, or 10 percent of its North American white-collar work force, as part of a larger restructuring plan.
They decided to call the whacks a few thousand at a time. Like a leaky bucket, drip drip drip.

GM is in dire straits so they had to assure investors they will ditch all possible American workers so they can make money. Lots of people are making oodles of money using Chinese labor. This is the 21st century gold mine supreme. This is why Bush is alternately attacking and kissing ass in China! He and his buddies make money off of Chinese sweat and pollution and in return, they demand democracy and freedom in China.

I wish! Imagine the Chinese peasants and workers getting some say in all this! More than one capitalist shrieks in horror at night at this nightmare vision! Bush doesn't care, he knows he is a a liar. The Chinese people know this too which is why they ignore him.

From the NYT:
"The days when blue-collar work could be passed on down the family line, those days are over," said Gary N. Chaison, a professor of labor relations at Clark University in Worcester, Mass. "Where you did have automobile plants it was always looked at as an elite job. It was hard work, but good, steady work, with wonderful benefits and good solid pay, and you were in the upper middle class."

Now, with G.M. and other domestic automakers and suppliers fighting to survive brutal global competition, Detroit is planning to cut even more manufacturing jobs. At the same time, the industry is moving to rewrite or even tear up its labor contracts in a bid to turn itself around by drastically reducing both wages and benefits. Today, Mr. Roy and Gerald, 71, who once helped him get his job, are both preparing to make sacrifices.

Robert S. Miller, the turnaround specialist who became chairman and chief executive of Delphi in July, said in an interview in October that Delphi and the United Auto Workers would have to grapple with how much to take from the retirees pockets and how much from workers.

"This is a tradeoff," he said. "I can't satisfy what everyone would like to have."

[But Delphi is pressing for such large cuts from both constituencies that one top U.A.W. leader, Richard Shoemaker, recently called the company's proposals a "roadmap for confrontation."] Not only is the company seeking to cut two-thirds of its 34,000 hourly workers in the United States, it wants to cut wages from as much as $30 an hour to as little as $10.
Workers of the World Unite, eh? I remember when proud, pissant American flag wavers attacked any and all leftists who wanted a united front. They sided with the capitalists who said "We are on the same side," which is why communist China is taking all the jobs out of America. Why should they give a hoot? After all, we attacked the entire idea of a worker's state, didn't we, not that anyone had such a beast, of course.

But the ideology was capitalism is good for workers IN AMERICA.

World wages will level out which means the American empire's workers will be at the same level as coolies and peasants overseas. And we will not be able to afford the life styles we are used to now. So. Do we stop this flag waving and understand that free trade means trade unions have to be international? And this means working with people in other lands? A dangerous thing. For the capitalists will use the military and governments to attack anyone organizing anything that interferes with them and their buddies ripping off the workers.

This is why they hate socialistic Europe. They want to work us all to death and then kick our bodies out to sea for the sharks to eat. You will see! Already, we are doing this to the victims of the hurricanes who are being kicked to the curb in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas, everyone, burn Tiny Tim's crutch.

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