Thursday, November 17, 2005

Democrats Defeat Bush Budget Cuts For Us Citizens

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Amid calls from the Democrats to pull out of Iraq before we go bankrupt, the Bush bill cutting already meager funds to Americans was defeated by both Democrats and Republicans from liberal states. If we are spending money, we should spend it on good things for good citizens, not burn it up in futile wars!

From the Washington Post:
Legislation to fund many of the nation's health, education and social programs went down to a startling defeat in the House Thursday, led by Democrats who said cuts in the bill hurt some of America's neediest people.

The 224-209 vote against the $142.5 billion spending bill disrupted plans by Republican leaders to finish up work on this year's spending bills and cast doubt on whether they would have the votes to pass a major budget-cutting bill also on the day's agenda.

Democrats, unanimous in opposing the legislation, said it included the first cut in education funding in a decade and slashed spending for several health care programs. "It betrays our nation's values and its future," said House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland. "It is neither compassionate, conservative nor wise."
I do hope the mass media owners get scared. Already, all of them across the board are firing people and freaking out because they are losing their customer base. When all of them tried to appeal to only wingbatty right wingers, they went off the cliff and can't fly. Like a lead weight, they fall. So now, instead of reflexively attacking the Democrats, they report the news in a neutral way.

Well! Kind of late!

The Pentagon gobbles up a stupendous $450 billion a year. To patrol 75% of the planet and to keep in check 24%, namely, China. Of course, to pay for this, we have to go to China for money. Geeze. Anyway, $145.2 billion is less than half the Pentagon budget. The super secret security budget of bizarre things is another $44 billion! This is to protect us from Atta wherever he is! Like, the $25 billion we spent before he and his gang attacked us was doing any good, was it? Doubling it won't do squat, either.

None of this fixes anything, by the way. The Bush Budget Bills cut the deficit by pennies while increasing the money being burned in Iraq and by Homeland Security (sic). $400 billion in the red is nothing to crow about. Indeed, we will be eating crow if this keeps up. Already, just five GOP/Bush budgets have eaten up around half a trillion in Social Security money which we owe to ourselves which means, to pay for it, we have to tax ourselves, no?

You might say, this is a double debt since it is supposed to be paid out very swiftly once we boomers retire, hahaha. As if!

This boomer retirement dream will be a nightmare. We will all be in the St. Rita Nursing Home as the fiscal red ink rises. So easy to foresee, no? I will suggest the only reason funds to Americans are being cut is because no oversea bonds buyers benefit from money flowing to American citizens! Get it? Money for the Pentagon is spread all over kingdom come, our entire empire sucks it up. Money for security, ditto! Ask Israel who gets all sorts of contracts for HS via their fellow citizen, Chertoff.

Yes, spending on war and security pleases our masters. Spending on keeping granny from dying in the St. Rita Nursing Home pisses them off. They want her on an iceflow or drowning like a rat which is typical IMF behavior. Ask Argentinians!

And if anyone wonders why they set everything on fire when Bush came! Heh.

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