Friday, November 18, 2005

Bush Propaganda That Asia Loves Him Collapses As Peasants Riot

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The American media put out stories about how Asia loves Bush more than South America. But peasant riots in South Korea shows this is all wishful thinking. Specifically, the peasants were screaming at Bush more than anyone.China cements inner coalition against the two victors in WWII, Japan and the USA (Japan didn't lose that war at all, it seems).

From the Washington Post:
Thousands of farm activists and union workers clashed with police not far from a meeting of Pacific Rim leaders on Friday, hurling bottles and swinging bamboo sticks at police who responded with water cannon.

The clash broke out about two km (1.25 miles) from the convention centre where leaders from 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation economies were meeting.

About 2,000 farmers and farm activists and 3,000 union workers took to the streets of Pusan to denounce APEC, the World Trade Organisation and U.S. President George W. Bush, who was among those attending the leaders' meeting.
Popular, isn't he? Certainly is the uniter we on the left always wanted. Has drawn people across the planet together in loathing and rage!

Bush and his entourage who can't tour anything tore into patriotic Americans at home even as they kissed Japanese ass, practically cringing on the floor, begging for bones from our ruling superiors. The Japanese are still pretty steamed we let their rivals, China, to have a bigger trade deficit than Japan currently runs. They aim to fix this except the imbalance already has destabilized Japan increasingly.

From Yahoo news:
Under government pressure not to choke off an economic recovery, the Bank of Japan policy board voted 7-2 Friday to leave its ultraloose monetary policy unchanged because consumer prices are still declining.

The board left the target range for liquidity, measured through commercial banks' account balances at the central bank, in the 30 trillion yen to 35 trillion yen range ($252.31 billion to $294.37 billion).

The board also left unchanged its monthly purchase of government bonds at 1.2 billion yen ($10.1 million).

Since March 2001, the central bank has maintained a quantitative easing that targets short-term interest rates near zero and floods the financial system with ever-larger amounts of cash.
Think about it. Why does Japan have too few yen chasing after products? Eh? Why?

Well, the dollar/yen/IOU black hole is running at warp speed now and no matter how many yen are engineered by the government, all of it is soaked up and stashed away instantly electronically so the trade surplus with America can continue. As American buying power falls, the Japanese have to reduce the value of the yen accordingly to keep the trade imbalance intact. This is the opposite of Weimar Germany and hyper inflation. This is worse because the ill effects won't show up until the entire spooky system collapses with a sudden roar.

Zero interest rates when energy inflation is raging is insanity. The only way to get around energy price hikes is to export the inflation into cheaper labor zones which happens to be....Ta-da, CHINA. This is why China's economy is roaring along right now. Unlike ours which has pretty much given up the ghost, producing virtually nothing, now the housing bonanza is folding, really nothing, China is doing just fine because of this labor sink effect.

There are obvious side effects to all this, easily tracked and foreseen: From Newsday:
It's bigger, faster and ready to throw its weight around.

When China joined the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum 14 years ago, it was the lone communist behemoth among a field of nimble market economies. Today, it's a leading actor in the annual forum that represents about 60 percent of the global economy and nearly half of world trade.
China is the largest export market for the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations, six of whom are APEC members. While Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and other regional economies once focused on the United States for trade opportunities, they now look closer to home.
Yup. These smaller countries are being pulled into China's orbit. And this blog has noted over and over again, the tender loving care of the Hu/Wen duo wooing and flattering these nations. This is why American dimplomacy is so bad now: Bush can't help but come in, chin up, sneer plastered on his face, gooning around like a two year old with too much sugar in him, throwing temper tantrums, mocking people. He can't help it.

And we will pay the price. His stupid, Japanese egged-on frontal attacks on China sets the stage for China to humiliate him. Will they be as crude and simple as Bush?

Hahaha. Who invented "Chinese torture"? Especially the drop-drop-drop of water on one spot until the victim collapses?
The United States has welcomed China's increasing willingness to use its political clout to press neighbor North Korea on nuclear disarmament talks. But Washington has major concerns about Beijing's trade practices, such as its hesitation to revalue its currency against the U.S. dollar or limit the flood of cheap textile exports that the U.S. says threatens American manufacturing jobs.
Unlike Japan, changing the yuan by China won't change trade at all. The labor is still ridiculously cheaper than American labor! What American companies want is to import into China stuff made in our factories in places like Mexico. Not one American manufacturing job will appear because of currency changes.

This is NOT TRUE OF JAPAN. Japan's workers get paid at American/European levels! They need a cheap yen to make it appear cheaper than American labor! This is why the huge fiscal black hole opened up. Japanese need to buy American dollars to keep them scarce no matter how many we print and we can force them to eat all our red ink for the same reason!

This isn't going to end with all Americans winning the lottery. Hell, we just lost WWII.

And the Korean war. Which we asked China to fix for us and then today, kicked them in the teeth....Gads. This stinks.

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