Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bush Bumbles Around Asia While Hu Takes Europe

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

In stark contrast with America, China sends Hu out on missions that have many good outcomes, the signing of trade agreements, bilateral cooperation, mutual educational organizations. This week, while Bush bungles over to China, Hu isn't even in Asia. He is inking agreements all over Europe!

From Xinhuanews:
China and Spain agreed on Tuesday to cement cooperation in economic and cultural fields as part of their efforts to push Sino-Spanish relations forward greatly.

The two countries will fully exploit the functions of the Sino-Spanish Mixed Committee of Commerce and Trade and try to enlarge two-way investment, said a joint communique released during Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Spain.
I highlight "joint" because this isn't Xinhua news parrotting something. This is real.
They expressed a willingness to tackle frictions and disputes through dialogue and consultation and beef up cooperation in other regions of the world, Latin America in particular.

The two countries said in the communique that they respected cultural differences and backed setting up a channel to enhance mutual knowledge and understanding, which is considered conducive to cultural exchange and cooperation.
Both Spain and China noted the literal blood in the water when Bush traipsied through South America and both saw his drunken return with him staggering about, sloshed. Think the Chinese ignore this stuff? Heck.

Fox of Mexico was one of Bush's few supporters willing to prop up this drunk and he came home to an intermural spat with Chavez of Venezuela. Chavez is no diplomat but he is a sly fox and he baited the Mexican President in order to show how pathetic he is, calling him basically a Bush poodle.


And he is, of course. This is why he is increasingly unpopular in Mexico. The Mexicans have noted that Fox sent aid to America but America isn't exactly raising money to fix Mexico's hurricane damages! Indeed, we barely noticed and only did so because of so many Americans trapped down there. Not that they were happy, either. This requires fixing, doesn't it? And who can't dare show his face in public in Mexico? Hell, New Mexico!


Chavez is strengthening the case for replacing Fox with someone who won't be a Bush toady. Thus the little spat. Fox could have done something about this if Bush weren't one of the most hated men on earth but then, this is the whole problem. Bush can't go anywhere except Japan because everyone hates him. The Japanese don't hate us, they simply despise us which is different. Sort of.
Spain will open cultural centers in China and vice versa, according to one of the 16 bilateral accords inked during Hu's visit.

The two countries are ready to realize the goal that China will hold the Year of Spain and Spain will host a Chinese art festival in 2007, said the communique.

Under the circumstances of economic globalization, education exchanges and cooperation have significant meanings for mutual understanding between the two peoples, especially between young generations.

They agreed to encourage contacts and exchanges between local governments, academic circles, press agencies and folk organizations as part of an effort to expand the social basis of bilateral ties.
Bush's misuse of Spain as cover for invading Iraq led directly to the al Qaeda attacks which drove out the right wing government in Spain. The left, far from being on the ropes, is morphing rapidly across the planet. The Chinese now realize American style capitalism is bad and they are looking for other models and semi-socialist Europe intrigues them.

From the BBC News:
A Chinese metals trader is rumoured to have lumbered China with a giant bill after a disastrous gamble on copper prices.
Liu Qibing, a copper dealer for the Chinese State Reserve Bureau, has disappeared, apparently after betting wrongly that prices were going to fall.

Mr Liu allegedly agreed to sell copper he did not then own, expecting he could buy it more cheaply later.

But the price of copper rose to record highs, leaving him with large losses.
The Hunts brothers in Texas tried this with silver, back in the seventies. Same results. A number of Chinese studied American finances. The problem with this is, our finances are terrible but being a formerly wealthy empire, we could stumble along even though Enron's looting of California, for example, nearly brought down our entire economy, as it is, the debts incurred by reckless spending to avoid a short recession will come back and bite us very hard just as this foolish speculation in copper will bite the Chinese in more than one way.

Live and learn! Since no one will bail out China, they have to take the hits and keep on trucking. An interesting side article I found today is this: From the China Economic Review:
The head of a rocket and space technology company linked to Russia’s space agency has been arrested on charges of spying for China, the Federal Security Service announced. Igor Reshetin, director of TsNIMASH-Export, was charged with the illegal transfer of state-controlled technology to a Chinese company. China allegedly bought the Russian technology that formed the basis of its manned space program. The Chinese company is also Russia’s biggest weapons customer.
He wasn't spying, he was simply doing what Americans do openly: selling off everything to the Chinese for personal gain. Of course, China now is building a joint relation with Russia to do space exploration so this becomes moot now but eight years ago it was a different story but then, Clinton, an ace at negotiations and international relations, was President back then and Russia our buddy. The reason why the Russians arrested this guy is because Putin is not going to tolerate traitors.

A reasonable policy.

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