Thursday, November 10, 2005

Abramoff Sold Access to Bush to Foreign Countries


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Abramoff scandal widens like the Mississippi river during floods. The latest business is about selling Gabon access to Bush. The State Dept. was attacking Gabon for human rights violations (hahaha) and Gabon wanted it to stop. It stopped after millions exchanged hands.

From the New York Times:
The lobbyist Jack Abramoff asked for $9 million in 2003 from the president of a West African nation to arrange a meeting with President Bush and directed his fees to a Maryland company now under federal scrutiny, according to newly disclosed documents.

The African leader, President Omar Bongo of Gabon, met with President Bush in the Oval Office on May 26, 2004, 10 months after Mr. Abramoff made the offer. There has been no evidence in the public record that Mr. Abramoff had any role in organizing the meeting or that he received any money or had a signed contract with Gabon.

White House and State Department officials described Mr. Bush's meeting with President Bongo, whose government is regularly accused by the United States of human rights abuses, as routine. The officials said they knew of no involvement by Mr. Abramoff in the arrangements. Officials at Gabon's embassy in Washington did not respond to written questions.
First, the USA accusing anyone of human rights violations is totally hilarious in a hideous way. Secondly, we wonder where all that money comes from that pours into our imperium! Well, why doesn't the NYT tell the whole story? Starting with Ronnie Reagan selling his services to the Japanese? Right now, this is an ongoing enterprise.

The Chinese bought the entire Bush clan, lock, stock and beer barrel. They own the Bushes. The Bushes hit at them in public but in private, all is fabulous, he kow tows and they give him money. Here is an example of Bush pretending to "be tough" to the Chinese vis a vis currency problems: From Yahoo:
The yuan non-deliverable forward market ignored increased pressure by U.S. President George W. Bush on China to let its currency appreciate, with six-month and one-year contracts factoring in lower premiums on Wednesday.

Bush, who is due to visit China from November 19 as part of a four-nation trip to Asia, urged Beijing on Tuesday to do more to allow the yuan to strengthen and said the trade imbalance between the two countries was "bothersome."

He told Asian journalists he would discuss his hopes for more currency flexibility with Chinese President Hu Jintao.
Hahaha. Angling for more bribes, naturally! The "bothersome" trade deficit between America and China can be closed via infusions of cash into Bush bank accounts! Not to mention the horde of courtiers and hanger-ons infesting Washington, seeking money. Most American businesses have given up and are now out for some sort of personal loot for the top echalons, forget business stuff! Just pay off all our elite and they will be more than happy to hand over the keys to America to foreign powers!

The Japanese even had the gall to not only lower the value of the yen vis a vis the dollar, they did this with not so much as a peep from the traitors running America! Worse, the media is silent, too. Everyone hammers on China only because the Chinese don't care. Once the Chinese figure out how to buy the media, and they are learning very fast, I assure you, ask Murdoch who is literally in bed with the Chinese!

Bush honks on about the yuan but he doesn't want to do anything about it except appear strong but this is really dumb since the Chinese offer insulting results but this is OK since the American media trumpets obvious defeats as victories. The WTO talks have collapsed yet again thanks to the fact that the so-called leader of the free world (sic) is really a sick giant who is the biggest freeloader of the free world and worse, sets the worst possible economic example to all and sundry. We make Argentina look good.

As record corn crops rot in heaps in America's bread basket, people go hungry elsewhere, subsidies for American farmers rile farmers in the third world while Congress debates cutting this ridiculous farm help which helps few farmers except for the very biggest who need it the least. Small farms continue their collapse while the mega farms overproduce the wrong things.

Meanwhile, Bush and the GOP spend oodles of time fundraising and this fundraising involves gladhanding lobbyists who are, to a creature, in the pay of about every country on earth seeking power and influence. Who do you think buys those tickets to "eat" with Bush all the time? Bush spends very little time running things and a lot of time collecting money. He is famous for his "ability" to get money and few question how it is laundered so that people buying tickets or donating are really doing it and are not funnels for foreign cash?

And as the Abramoff affair shows, a great deal of money can disappear into unregistered accounts in Cayman Islands and no one is the wiser. And the gambling world is up to the eyeballs in money laundering, forget drugs, this is legal and open and the redder the state, the greater the gambling/money laundering machines grow! Ohio is undergoing a scandal over money laundering and gambling which is threatening to take down the GOP. The spread of amorality within our empire is quite striking and the leading edge of it has always been gambling and lobbying.

Lobbyists way outnumber government elected officials in DC. Budding rightwinger kids plan to be lobbyists and politicians can't wait to cash in on their accumulated power to become lobbyists working for bucks like Dole, for example. The need to sell oneself like a prostitute is very strong today and grows stronger despite the corruption scandals.

Indeed, these scandals seem to be lessons in how to get money. Rising politicians can read it all and plan ahead. I remember when the Democrats were corrupted, willing to sell themselves and it wasn't nearly as sophisticated and deep as today. The GOP came into power claiming they would clean up DC.

I suspect they will clean out our bank accounts, not DC.

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