Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rumsfeld Lectures Chinese About Military Spending


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Once again, arrogant Americans go off to China to tell them how to run things...Our way. This week, Treasury Secretary Snow and the head of the Pentagon, Rumsfeld, both visited and both first lectured the Chinese about money. This is in anticipation of further meetings by President Hu of China and President Bush of America. The main topics of discussion will be money and trade. We want more money and less trade. The Chinese want Taiwan.

From the NYT:
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld landed in the Chinese capital Tuesday with words inviting China to play an increasing role in global economic and security affairs, while also urging the communist leadership here to fully explain the growth in military spending that has powered a significant arms build-up.
This is part of the grand strategy called "Make the Chinese communists laugh to death." Obviously, our government underestimates the Chinese ability to keep a straight face while laughing gleefully deep inside. Anyone observing President Hu can see what a poker face looks like. Unlike our ruler who is a vast sea of ticks and blinks, wiggles and mangled English. He is woefully easy to read. The Chinese prize the ability to keep a controlled face and for their diplomats to appear diplomatic.

The communist Chinese after the take over of China banished all that history of carefully groomed diplomats but this has been rediscovered and now the Chinese have a university which has only one mandate: to groom and train diplomats. Already, the fruits of this project are showing up in many successful diplomatic missions undertaken by a phalanx of Chinese, none of whom come back to Beijing empty handed except when they visit America.

In this case, most of the agreements have been verbal and then when the political heat rises, repudiated by Bush and his crew. This has seriously eroded trust with the Chinese.
But Mr. Rumsfeld warned that China must deal with what he said are evident tensions between its desires for sustained economic growth and restrictions imposed by the communist government that limit openness and the free-flow of information.

"Those of us in the United States and in other countries around the world, free countries, hope that the choices they make are choices toward a more open society, a more transparent society," Mr. Rumsfeld said.
This really infuriates me. Using the excuse of homeland security, the Bush adminstration has cut down our access to important information. They have greatly increased the funding of secret spook organizations and won't even let Congress see the details, they have used tax money to fund false news stories or buy the alligience of reporters, they lie nonstop about conditions in Iraq, they hide climate information and censor anyone who uses too much of this information, they attack free speech on nearly every front, such as recently arresting a web site owner for "obscenity" when he allowed troops to post pictures of mangled Iraqi corpses. On nearly every level, our country is rapidly imitating the worst of the Chinese system. American corporations are the censors in China just as they attempt to censor or silence the left here in America, attacking us nonstop and trying desperately to egg Congress into passing laws which control blog content so they can silence this last bastion of semi-free speech!
Mr. Rumsfeld's staff had requested that the defense secretary be allowed to visit the Western Hills military complex outside of Beijing, described as China's real Pentagon, but the request was denied by the Chinese government. "It tells something about them," Mr. Rumsfeld said of the decision.
Hahaha. OK, when did the Chinese get to visit our super duper deep cave nuclear headquarters? Aside as spies, that is? Since our Pentagon has been thoroughly penetrated by foreign spies thanks to our need to hire mercenaries from overseas and the AIPAC need to control the American military so it can be used as Israel's cat's paw, it shouldn't make much difference allowing the Chinese to see all our WWIII prep work. After all, according to Rumsfeld, the Chinese need to understand the need to not spend money building huge military underground complexes like we do.

Never forget that Bush and Cheney spent over $600 million just this last three years building huge bomb shelters in DC for themselves.
The Pentagon's annual study of Chinese military power, required by Congress, reported over the summer that China faces no direct military threat, yet has the third-largest military budget in the world.

The report, released in July, criticized Chinese national security spending as opaque, arguing that large military expenses are hidden in accounts outside the Defense Ministry and the armed services, and so Chinese military spending is larger than reported officially by the Chinese government. The Pentagon's report said China is modernizing its military and emphasizing preparations "to fight and win short-duration, high-intensity conflicts" over Taiwan. It acknowledged that China's conventional military force remains unable to threaten the territory of the United States, although China is modernizing and expanding its arsenal of nuclear missiles capable of reaching American soil.
The fake Pentagon budget is nearly half a trillion dollars, an amount that dwarfs the spending of all other nations. For China, the world's biggest nation on nearly any scale, to spend the third greatest amount on the military makes perfect sense. After all, per capita, we spend 10 times as much as they! And this is the official budget. Since the secret spy budgets and homeland security are all part of the hyper military machine we are building, the true numbers are astonishing, we spend probably nearly a trillion a year on security stuff. This is, of course, bankrupting us since the budget shortfall is running at over $400 billion a year, often more than half a trillion dollars in the red.

&spades From Japan Today:
Ignoring strong protests by Japan's Asian neighbors China and South Korea, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited Tokyo's war-related Yasukuni Shrine on Monday, throwing Tokyo's already strained ties with the two countries further down the gutter.

The visit could not have come at a worse time as Japan has a number of items lined up for its diplomatic schedule including Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura's planned visit to China next week and South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun's visit to Japan likely in December to hold talks with Koizumi.

The shrine visit has left Japan's Foreign Ministry to step up its efforts in mending relations with China and South Korea, with Machimura seeking to downplay the visit's impact on future Japan-China relations.

Asked about the visit's effect on upcoming diplomatic meetings, including his visit to China, Machimura cited Koizumi's remark that it is wrong for a single issue to sway overall bilateral relations.
It is horrible, watching Japan play North Korea's role vis a vis opposing powers. Namely, just as the Chinese use North Korea as a way of destabilizing American power in the Pacific, so we use Japan to destabilize Chinese power. Only difference is, Japan's businessmen need to do trade stuff with Asia and any hypermilitarism freaks out the customers who then remember the not too distant past.

This is causing real problems for Japan but Koizumi doesn't seem to give a fig. Like Tony Blair, he has higher priorities and it is probably called "Carlyle". Tony Blair recently admitted he is planning to join this octopus organization. Given the corrupt past of the Japanese primierships, it shouldn't surprize anyone to see Koizumi do the same. The Japanese, like the Americans, imagine that China, who has a history of locking doors, will stay open to us even as we slap at them repeatedly. This is a stupid belief. If our intention is to shut the Chinese down, get them so angry, they withdraw from the world and go into a shell.

Well, I see one failed diplomatic mission after another here and none of them are Chinese. They are Japanese and American.

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