Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mary Cheney Gets Job with AOL Teaching Business


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Instead of breaking new ground by forcing the military to accept an openly gay woman who is the VP daughter, Mary Cheney settles for making easy money teaching people something she knows nothing about: how to make money honestly.

From the Washington Post:
America Online Inc. hired Mary Cheney, the 36-year-old daughter of Vice President Cheney, to offer advice on building up Web site businesses, a company spokesman said yesterday.

Cheney starts the job later this year and will work primarily with longtime AOL executive Ted Leonsis, who as president of AOL's Audience Business focuses on increasing viewership of its Web sites, said Nicholas Graham, a spokesman for the Dulles-based company. He declined to disclose additional details about her position.

"Her knowledge and experience in the public policy and business world will be helpful," Graham said. "This is a very busy time for us."
Busy in DC, of course. Even if Cheney is going down, he still has goodies to dispense so AOL is eager to get something for very little. Heck, they could hire all the POTUS and VP drunken female kids and still have some spare change!
AOL, a unit of Time Warner Inc., is in the midst of trying to shift from its original business selling monthly Internet-access subscriptions to one that generates advertising revenue by offering free news and entertainment content on its Web sites, such as and
I hear lapdancing makes a lot of money. So does online gambling. And of course, those ridiculous 'cheap mortgages' ads! I'm sure that Mary, a person who is the snidest of the snide, a woman who is being paid a million bucks to tell us all about how she can be a gay while working hard to prevent gays from having any civil rights, I can't wait.

Right. And Simon and Schuster are shysters. Geeze. All these legacy/silver spoon memories! I hope her rich daddy can remember what he did in the Valerie Plame case.

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