Monday, October 17, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

From the Washington Post:
House Republican leaders have moved from balking at big cuts in Medicaid and other programs to embracing them, driven by pent-up anger from fiscal conservatives concerned about runaway spending and the leadership's own weakening hold on power.

Beginning this week, the House GOP lawmakers will take steps to cut as much as $50 billion from the fiscal 2006 budget for health care for the poor, food stamps and farm supports, as well as considering across-the-board cuts in other programs. Only last month, then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (Tex.) and other GOP leaders quashed demands within their party for budget cuts to pay for the soaring cost of hurricane relief.
This is proof I was right! Last month, the GOP and Bush and Greenspan were all trumpetting that we would all be billionaires thanks to the destruction of a major port city! "$250 billion!" they all chorused happily. I noted the Chinese were hit by 12 typhoons and were in no mood to rebuild America at a gold plated cost except if we gave tit for tat.

President Hu came to NYC and had a very private meeting with Bush and he said "Yes" to all the deals including surrendering to the North Koreans and signing a peace treaty with goodies for the NK people. But when Bush came back to DC the neocons and theh Pentagon nixed everything and this infuriated the Chinese no end.

So they are playing hardball.
But faced with a revolt among many conservatives sharply critical of him for resisting spending cuts, DeLay three weeks later told a closed meeting of the House Republican Conference, "I failed you," according to a number of House members and GOP aides. Then, in a nod to the most hard-core conservatives, DeLay volunteered, "You guys filled a void in the leadership."

The abrupt shift reflects a changed political dynamic in the House in which a faction of fiscal conservatives -- known as the Republican Study Committee, or RSC -- has gained the upper hand because of DeLay's criminal indictment in Texas, widespread criticism of the Republicans' handling of Hurricane Katrina, and uncertainty over the future of the leadership, according to lawmakers and aides.

Now, cutting the budget -- which only months ago seemed far from possible -- is at the center of the agenda in the House. "No one wants to have an argument with friends, but that argument facilitated the debate that led to the package [of cuts] that [House Speaker J. Dennis] Hastert has now put out there," said Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.), chairman of the RSC and a leading proponent of cuts to offset new government spending.
Well, instead of undoing all those fricking tax cuts for the rich, the GOP will institute the Great Die-Off, starting today. Anyone who isn't independently wealthy will be shoved off the ship of state to feed the sharks. They intend to kill as many Americans as possible. This is Compassionate Conservativism up the yin yang. They claim they will cut farm subsidies but this is a fake, they have no control over that, already, the WTO is forcing us to do this anyway.

But no one is forcing us to eliminate even more health care! We had this crummy dual system because unions and white collar workers had great medical benefits. But this is being relentlessly rippe to shreds. Already, 42+ million don't have any insurance. After this month, they will be totally at the mercy of the non-system and can't even go bankrupt if they need a life saving surgery!

Another bill Congress won't take back, either!
Conservatives were furious, Flake said, but not nearly as furious as they would become Sept. 13. The RSC was created in the early 1970s by conservative gadfly Paul Weyrich and other outside activists to watch over the House GOP leadership, but its power has waxed and waned, largely according to the dictates of the leadership it was supposed to be watching over.

Now, under Pence, the group was flexing its muscles. He had announced a news conference for Sept. 14 to unveil "Operation Offset," a menu of spending cuts that would more than pay for hurricane relief. On Sept. 13, DeLay suggested that "after 11 years of Republican majority, we've pared [the government] down pretty good." Then he issued what conservatives took as a challenge.
Hahaha. "Operation Offset" is going to turn into "Operation Upset" as the Democrats sweep into power.

If they haven't sold their souls.

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