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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Corporate kill zone ahead! This time, the hatchet will chop deep into unionized auto industries as I predicted here just six months ago when I began blogging. From the Detroit Free Press;
Delphi Corp. has demanded such drastic cuts in wages and benefits for workers that, according to one UAW local , its members would no longer be able to afford the cars they help build.

Delphi has threatened to declare bankruptcy unless it gets concessions from the UAW and aid from former parent General Motors Corp. The demands, according to newsletters sent to UAW locals, include:

•Reducing pay by as much as 63% to $10 to $12 an hour and total wages and benefits by as much as 77% to $16 to $18 an hour. Delphi currently pays its union workers from $25 to $27 an hour and total wages and benefits of $65 to $70 an hour, making its employees among the best-paid industrial workers in America.

•The right to close, sell or consolidate most of its U.S. plants over the next three years.

•Ending all cost-of-living pay increases.

•Eliminating pay during the Independence week shutdown in July.

•Eliminating the jobs bank, under which Delphi guarantees the pay and benefits for unnecessary workers.

•Reducing holidays to 10 to 12 days per year, down from about 16.

•Reducing vacation to a maximum of four weeks per year.

•Increasing employee contributions for health care to match the salaried plan by increasing doctor and prescription co-pays and other measures. Delphi hourly employees pay about 7% of their health care costs, compared with the 27% paid by salaried workers.

•Changing pensions to reflect the lower wage rates by cutting them to less than $1,500 a month instead of the current rate of about $3,000.

According to a flyer sent to at least two UAW locals Thursday, the company is asking for wage cuts of as much as 63%, to $10 an hour, and for workers to pay 27% of their health care costs versus 7% currently.
Years ago, unions decided to sit pretty and sneer at all other workers. They wanted the goodies for themselves and they pretty much decided to roll in the dough while ignoring all workers locked out of the unions. Then they voted heavily Republican thanks to the media. They hated Carter. They hated civil rights, women's rights, the whole liberal kaboodle. They wanted to be fat and happy and fuck you, everyone else.

They hated idealistic students who wanted to organize labor to cover everyone, they hated Hillary Clinton who wanted to give everyone the same health care they got, they hated paying taxes, they hated so many things and now they are nearly dead and I believe, all unions in America will be finished in five years.

Thank you, anti-communistic propaganda!

You see, the hysteria against socialists, the sneering at the Germans and French who have basic socialism, the chest thumping Americanism is slavery for American workers. Now they gamble like crazy on the off hours hoping the play poker and be a millionaire. Instead of thinking and organizing, the unions are splitting apart into smaller factions! Instead of a philosophy of socialism American workers go around pleading for cheap loans and nonunionized day labor for Japanese or German auto companies who use us as if we are Mexicans for that is what we are to them.

They all get socialism and we get shit.

From the Detroit Free Press:
Delphi Corp., the nation’s largest automotive parts supplier, approved a separation agreement for each of its 21 U.S. officers that bumps up their pay if they lose their jobs, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission posted Friday.

The previous separation agreement for Delphi’s top executives was identical to that of all salaried employees, a problem that Delphi Chief Executive Officer Robert S. “Steve” Miller pointed out to Delphi’s compensation committee, according to the filing.

"It wasn’t competitive," said Claudia Baucus, a Delphi spokeswoman.

This new separation agreement -- which provides for a severance payment in the event Delphi terminates the officer’s employment without cause or if the officer quits for good reason -- includes 18 months of salary and 18 months of bonuses after the officer leaves the company. Currently all salaried employees receive severance pay for 12 months after leaving the company.

Last year, Delphi’s top five executives, excluding Miller, earned between $800,000 and $1 million, Baucus said.
You know, I live on a very small income and have zero debts. I live in a very lovely home on a very large property. On $1,000,000 a year, hell. All my readers and I could live on that, right? Geeze. So, the company is going bankrupt and so they give the executives more money...something is deadly wrong with this picture!

The executives want that million a year and they told the unions the factories will close and you know where they are going! We all know. Soon, all the auto factories owned by American traitors will be in China. Ditto the plane builders. And nearly everything else, hell, even Hummers will be built in China. And then the earth will be flat and America will be what?

Are we surrender monkeys or are we French?

From Yahoo:
Shares of Delphi Corp. fell sharply Friday following the release of what are said to be the auto parts supplier's most recent demands on the United Auto Workers union, in addition to yet another hit to the company's already-battered credit rating.

In morning trading, shares of Delphi skidded 47 cents, or 21 percent, to $1.74 on the New York Stock Exchange, an all-time low.
LIke Kodak or most of our major airlines or so many other formerly bustling businesses, they are junk bond status now. Like Ford and General Motors are heading into the same basement. Notice the harmonic relationship of all this with outsourcing and free trade? Hmmm. Will we figure this little riddle out before we become cannibals?

On the other hand, eating prime executive steak just might become popular someday. This is why oppressing workers is not lightly undertaken.

&spades From the NYT:

The nation's job market contracted far less than expected in September after Hurricane Katrina slammed ashore in New Orleans and Mississippi, the government reported today, indicating that the economy could be responding to the devastation better than had been feared.

But government and private economists said the Labor Department's much-watched monthly employment report may simply be reflecting the difficulty of surveying the hundreds of thousands of evacuees and businesses that are no longer working or operating in New Orleans and other Gulf Coast cities.
Really? These numbers are fictional. We know that the pile of unemployment claims filed have snowed under the system which has never had to process so many in one month! That fact alone fries these figures.

The media is afraid of a classic panic so they are working to keep a lid on it all. This is why the startling news from Detroit isn't front page news on Flat Earth NYT. Ech.

Then, lots of stuff isn't reported anymore. Don't connect events!

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