Tuesday, October 11, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Serious unrest hits China where they don't want to see this happen: in the peasant communities where the vast majority of people in China live and work:f
Communist party hack goonsquad attacks elected politician
From the BBC:
He remembers being dragged from a car by a group of around 30 men.

His attackers beat him until he was unconscious, and his next memory is waking up in hospital.

He is now recovering at his home village in China's Hubei province.

Tired and bruised, Mr Lu told the BBC that he had little recollection of the events following his beating on Saturday night.
"I won't take further action to protect my own rights either by means of law or in other ways because it will take too much energy and money.

But he says he remains committed to helping the villagers of Taishi in their battle for democracy and greater political freedom.

"[The villagers] are in a terrible situation now. Around 20 to 30 villagers are still being detained. Many villagers ran away and they dare not come back," he said.
All over the world, peasants who dare to fight back, to protect their homes, the land itself, the planet, even, are attacked. The entire Vietnam war was all about us trying to intimidate, control or murder, peasants.

The war in Iraq, the same. All rulers fear and hate their peasants. Peasants are dangerous. They can lay quiet and inert and unchanging as the soil itself and then suddenly erupt like a volcano or a mudslide or earthquake. Over and again, they patiently rebuild their lives as war and famine pass them over.

One of the problems the city Chinese have with the peasants is the revolutionary past which they teach in school. Since they have to pretend to love the peasants, they teach them to be proud. This is always dangerous since proud peasants can be quite stubborn.

Stalin's biggest battles were with them, not the city people who were boxed in and easily controlled. More peasants were murdered by Stalin than any group of people.

From the Guardian:
Mr Lu, one of a new breed of peasant leaders elected without the support of the party, had been in the area on the outskirts of Guangzhou city since August, encouraging residents to vote out officials accused of corruption.

With Taishi seen as a symbol of the movement for peasant rights, this was an increasingly dangerous activity. Several academics, lawyers and human rights campaigners have been arrested by police and threatened by a mob that villagers say has been hired to keep visitors away. Several journalists who have entered the area have been detained or beaten, most recently last Friday, when correspondents for Radio France and the South China Morning Post were assaulted.
Note that America assaults reporters like the one that tried to film the police beating in New Orleans, for example. The most fearsome thing for rulers is to have a curious press covering government proxies hitting people or killing people.

All this is roiling Chinese politics. As I said last month, the Chinese communists have to now prove their credentials. They have cozened up to so many capitalist running dogs that they are going bow-wow more than even Blair, the poodle of America. In their many schemes to annex American industrial bases, the Chinese communists put billions of dollars into American coffers while peasants starve. This has finally gotten up the ire of said peasants. So the sluices funnelling hundreds of billions of dollars into America is being shut down.

From Xinhua net:

China's top Communist Party officials at a plenary meeting in Beijing are expected to adopt the "11th five-year plan" for economic and social development from 2006-2020, which will center on more even wealth distribution among its citizens.

The concept of "scientific development," first put forward by President Hu Jintao, will be enshrined into the plan. Beijing is also calling for the building of a society that will improve the lives of millions of farmers and poor urban dwellers currently left out of the country's economic boom, and therefore eradicating the roots of social unrest, observers said.

Despite the Party awoken to the inequity concern, it is unclear what can be done to help the poor. Some economists have said China is witnessing a stage of economic development in which many people are going to be left behind, raising the danger of unrest.

Over the years, government coffers and state-run banks have funded many viable infrastructure projects, but also unworthy ones such as city plazas and high-tech parks that remain empty.

Corruption and lack of accountability played a big part in the wasteful spending as local officials are able to pocket kickbacks from developers and others, and face little reprimand for pushing through unnecessary projects.

Such "blind" investment has led to a waste in resources such as steel and energy, causing prices to shoot up and raising fears of a depletion of resources.

This has also led to large-scale environmental degradation, with many of China's rivers and lakes polluted and many Chinese cities blanketed with filthy air.
Ah, the air, the water! Cities don't care if they foul up these but we notice, we who run farms! I notice global warming, acid rain, all sorts of things that directly impact on the fertility and wholesomeness of my lands and I am very angry at Bush and his corrupt crew enabling the pollution that is killing my lands, just so city people can live inside their blasted bubbles!

Outside the bubbles, hell is breaking loose.

China has been America's inflation sinkhole, not matter how things devolve, they made money cheap for us, they enabled us to run huge deficits on every level and they made everything cheap. Now this is coming to an end. The Chinese rulers will punish all peasants who revolt but they can't control a billion peasants all at once. We can't control several million in Iraq! No one controlled the Vietanamese peasants.

The impact of this social revolution that is in its infancy will be felt here in America. Right now, negotiators for the third world peasants as well as China's peasants, are demanding the first world, America and the European Union stop subsidizing our corporate farmers and play fair. This is going to impact the GOP which feeds vast sums to "farmers" in the red states who are some of our biggest Welfare Queens, driving John Deere equipment.

We have stripped our own peasants, the small farmers, of nearly everything they used to sell. Defeated, they live in slums in the cities or work in casinos or hire themselves as cops. The midwest is emptying out of all young people as all our villages, those legendary villages, die.

Ditto Japan.

Well, there are way too many Chinese peasants to pour into the cities! Look at Mexico City! Full to the gills with dispossessed peasants who try desperately to come to America, too.

The unease of the peasants is troubling the rulers. They are scared.

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