Friday, September 30, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The party is over for the USA. We thought the Chinese would cynically plow all their profits back into America and now we expect them to give us $250 billion to rebuild after hurricanes destroyed a goodly chunck of the deep South.

Well, it ain't happening!

From the Washington Post:
The ruling Communist Party vowed Friday to spread the benefits of economic growth more fairly among all levels of Chinese society, seeking particularly to close the yawning income gap between farmers and city dwellers.

The pledge, issued by the Politburo, the country's top policymaking body, was seen in part as a response to growing unrest, especially in small towns and villages, by peasants who feel they have been left out of the economic boom that has transformed China over the last two decades.

"In the next five years, China should pay more attention to social fairness and democracy and earnestly solve the problems closely related to the people's interests," said a statement relayed by the official New China News Agency. "Development of economy and society, of cities and the countryside, and of different regions, should be more balanced and harmonious in the 2006-2010 period."
Hello, Beijing! I am the lady who, according to one author, you guys hate more than any meddlesome American. I know the revolutionary undertow that lurks in the deep, red hinterlands of China. This is because I was a revolutionary, myself. I know how this kit and kaboodle works. Here, on this blog, I have detailed stories that have leaked out of China concerning this matter, did a cartoon about the Chinese Dragon which are the Peasants. We, we Americans, have ridden on their back for quite a while. They move into slums to work in harsh conditions so they can clothe us and make us comfortable and all the money they generate ends back in our greedy wallets so we can buy more stuff these people sweat out for us.

And now they have let everyone know, they are done subsidizing us and now demand, yes, demand they get their fair share of the prosperity pie. And they will get it or China will burn down.


Here, we think Santa Claus will keep coming and his elves won't revolt and we can goof around, destroying our own country because we get "free" money to rebuild, hahahaha! Lah dee dah! Whoopee doo.

Well, all those billions of dollars ain't gonna come.

Just this week, Bush, thanks to pushing from the neocons, dissed the Chinese and refused to sign an important document ending the Korean War formally. Instead, we sat on our hands. This was the last straw for the leadership who thought their huge purchases meant something.

I keep saying, the Chinese COMMUNIST leaders will slit the throats of the multi-millionaires if this means keeping the peasants happy and they will, they will. Period. And of course, we are the ones with the throats that will be slit, of course, because we frecklessly handed our heads to the COMMUNIST Chinese and told them it was OK, do whatever.

So don't blame me. But this will end us as a super power because the great industrial/money/oil flow will stop and we, not China, will be "holding the bag" or shall I say, "bagged." Namely, they will have the factories and the facilities and we will have a dying military/industrial base that is already being eaten out by our traitorous leaders who work for other countries.

Did you know, not only is our protector in chief, Chertoff, a double agent, his wife is slated to take over Immigration and she, too, is a dual citizen/double agent. Great, isn't it? Just great. Out of all the masses of Americans who are not dual citizens, the only people we can tap are these two?

Well, China's peasants aren't writing letters or marching peacefully.

They took up arms, they rioted. They burned down stuff. They fought back, they died! They put their very lives, everything, on the line and stood firm.

I think we see something important in all this, don't we?

America isn't ready for this. We still hope we can slip history's noose. As economic events close in on us, just remember: To the Barricades! Freedom and Democracy!

Our founding forefathers would be proud.

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