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Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Some of the readers of this blog have given me interesting URLs. The most interesting ones come from far away or overseas. I can understand why these articles aren't being written by Americans---they are about how we are going broke. My favorite financial topic.

From the London Times:
The US military intervened to keep Iraqi troops out of Baghdad International Airport today after a British security company grounded civilian flights to force the Iraqi Government to settle six months of unpaid bills.

The London-based Global Strategies Group has looked after security at the airport, Iraq's main link to the outside world, since June 2004, but the $4.5 million-a-month contract it agreed with the now defunct US Coalition Provision Authority has lapsed.

Global closed the airport this morning after lengthy negotiations on the contract failed to produce any payments. Its move infuriated the Government, which said it was sending in troops to take over the airport and get flights moving again.

Esmat Amer, the acting Transport Minister, told Reuters: "My forces have entered the airport. The airport is not closed. We are taking some technical measures now and will soon resume the flights, maybe in the next few hours... It is a matter of sovereignty for us."
What a nest of snakes we have here in this little story. To get the ruling elite of England on board for yet another goofy imperial looting expedition, Bush said to Blair he would give private contracts to all and sundry in England. Why we are paying for our military to patrol Iraq but have private guards at tremendous expense running the Airports, guarding embassies, etc. is sheer insanity. This is to loot us, the tax payers who are footing the bill. We aren't paying now because we are going deeply into debt so it doesn't show up in the actual amount wrest from our wallets but already the effects of this is showing up in us losing a major port city due to lack of maitenance.

The Iraqis want sovereignty and they are getting pretty pissed off that money that is supposedly going to them is actually being funneled to crummy English or American companies that are out for pure loot. This is why little has been built after the war we started. The price of oil is now very high. They can boot us out and rebuild immediately giving contracts to themselves. All they have to do is get rid of the plague of useless locusts eating away at their economy!
The US military intervened to keep Iraqi troops out of Baghdad International Airport today after a British security company grounded civilian flights to force the Iraqi Government to settle six months of unpaid bills.
So, we are going to FORCE Iraq to pay for this crummy, useless company which is doing what the Iraqis can easily do themselves except if we let them run the airport, they will have a noose around our silly goose necks! So instead, our military is being used to strongarm our FRIENDS in the Iraqi government into paying loot to England so the English can pretend they are giving services which they are not doing at all, this is pure corruption.

Both the American taxpayers and the Iraqi citizenry should put a halt to this. Of course, probably the only people to know about this news will be readers of this blog and the British people (bless them, they did try to stop the war!)

From the Guardian:
Key rebuilding projects in Iraq are grinding to a halt because American money is running out and security has diverted funds intended for electricity, water and sanitation, according to US officials.
Plans to overhaul the country's infrastructure have been downsized, postponed or abandoned because the $24bn (£13bn) budget approved by Congress has been dwarfed by the scale of the task.

"We have scaled back our projects in many areas," James Jeffrey, a senior state department adviser on Iraq, told a congressional committee in Washington, in remarks quoted by the Los Angeles Times. "We do not have the money."
We are stealing 100% of their oil profits but we can't pay our bills! Want to bet that the oil companies, laughing all the way to the bank as we struggle to pay for energy, they are fatted pigs while Iraq is going bankrupt alongside America?

Are we going to tolerate this?
Stuart Bowen, the US special inspector general for Iraqi reconstruction, said he was reluctant to ask for cash immediately after Hurricane Katrina: "It is an issue that we need to address at the right time."

He said non-US sources might be asked to plug the gap.
You bet we can't go to China and ask for more money! We already, via the news, told the Chinese we will need $200 billion from them. Japan can't give this, China can. But why should China give us $200 billion? Huh? There has to be an exchange and it won't be IOUs. To watch Congress who slapped China hard over the Unocal deal going to China with their beggar's bowl is horrifying. Note how silent they all are about the yuan. China raised the value of their currency a miniscule amount and Congress was gearing up for more yelling at them and wham.

Down for the count.
"It seems almost incomprehensible to me that we haven't been able to do better," said Don Sherwood, a Pennsylvania Republican. Another Republican, the committee chairman, Jim Kolbe, said the Bush administration's vision of stabilising Iraq by funding reconstruction was "a castle built of sand".
Our entire economy isn't just built on sand, it is quicksand. And we can't pull out of it. We decided to mortgage our future hopelessly just so we could feel better about ourselves after 9/11. "Go shopping, go on vacation" our leaders said. To fund this, they cut taxes over and over.

Now, when things go badly, we must raise taxes over and over even as we cut social services. We have to eliminate around 50% of our military expenditures which dwarf all other nations and indeed, the world put together doesn't equal our lavish spending on the military. And our military is useless to us, nearly totally bereft in their duty to protect us, just last month Rumsfeld OKed the latest round of hollowing out our troops at home! If this goes through, we will be truly a paper tiger.

The mythology of private enterprise being more efficient and cheaper than government is dying, too. It is obviously much more expensive to hire private guards in Iraq at $1000 a day and private truck drivers at $1000 a day than using soldiers. Our entire military/industrial complex has devolved so much now that it is ridiculously expensive to build anything at all. The skimming of money so executives can live in $10 million dollar mansions and have five vacation homes and private jets and $20 million in bonuses every year is killing the tax payer and has delivered us into the hands of the Chinese who are not our allies. We trade with them but we are no allies. I hope everyone can understand the huge difference here. I know our traitors running America deliberately ignore this.

From Counterpunch;
(refering to Israel) But who are these "Settlers"? Why expend such media time on 8000 people being evicted from their homes? They are in truth "Squatters," people who knowingly and willingly accept government financial support to move onto land illegally confiscated by the Sharon government under the pretext that it is "annexed" or "appropriated" land available because Israeli law has legalized its theft contrary to international law or the conventions of the United Nations. These people know that they live on Palestinian land the ownership of which can be traced back through centuries. They accept suburban town home housing provided by the Sharon government and military protection provided by the Sharon government and they, in turn, harass their Palestinian neighbors with impunity. None of this reality is presented to the American people. They are presented as citizens of America's only friend in the mid-east, Israel, having to pullback from their rightful positions in order to accommodate the political process.

By contrast with the thousands left behind as Katrina and the broken levees pulled New Orleans into the mud hole of the lake that once made possible its existence, thousands left behind because they had no means of evacuation no cars, no buses, no trains, no military transport, no helicopters the Israeli squatters were provided free transportation, new housing within the state of Israel, grants of $30,000.00 each and, additionally for seniority, NIS 4,800 for each year they lived in Gaza for each family member, in addition to reimbursement of moving expenses to the tune of NIS 14,000-21,000.00 to the Negev, Galilee and Nitzanin. In short, Sharon made sure the settlers he had encouraged to settle on his illegally obtained land were well compensated for as he demanded that they leave.

Why mention these matters in conjunction with the events that have ravaged the Gulf Coast these past two weeks? Because the American taxpayer paid for the settlers to be moved and to cover the "disengagement plan" proposed by Sharon: U.S. aid for the pullout "was slated to offset the cost of implementing the disengagement plan." (Ha'aretz 4/9/05, Yoar Stern). Israel asked for and received more than 2 billion, including the U.S. aid package (Ha'aretz, 24/8/05, Shamuel Rosner; Jerusalem Post 1.27/05, Janine Zacharia). In the CRS Report to Congress, "Israel's Proposal to Withdraw from Gaza," Clyde Mark notes "Israel will offer compensation to the settlers, but the amount and the source of the funds are uncertain. It is estimated that the 1,500 Israeli settler families in Gaza would receive between $200,000 and $750,000 each to move into Israel. The compensation would be for their homes and businesses, but also include additional funds for new housing allowances, business and household relocation, or other expenses." The total cost of the disengagement is estimated "at about 8 billion schekels ($1.74 billion)." (Truth seeker," 7/8/05). These pullout costs are "included in the new U.S. aid package" according to the Jerusalem Post (_7/05).
Anyone who talks about Israel bleeding money from us is attacked with screams of "antisemite!" Alas, this charge, recklessly tossed at us like handgrenades, is beginning to backfire.

The American media won't talk about all this. Indeed, the lavish coverage and preening of the Israelis as they played this little con game with us, the coverage aimed at making them appear sympathetic, the poor babies! Was designed to mislead us into opening our purses to people who are pickpockets supreme. Even as the spy scandal in Washington unfolds which clearly show how the Israelis, the neo cons and the Jewish community have co-conspired to steal state secrets to use for their own ends...well, they are traitors. Every American who places Israel or England or Europe or Asia or any place before America and then uses their misplaced patriotism to another government to undermine or steal from or make weaker, our own government is a traitor.


Chertoff has weakened America very significantly and this dual citizen works for Israel, not America. Why he is still glowering over us freaks me out. I suspect Bush is setting up the Jewish community for a very big fall. I know the Bushes were very sympathetic to Hitler. They are eugenists going way back. Their anti abortion stance is a recent political ploy cynically pursued.

The American far right hates Jews. Traditionally, Jews have been liberal for they, like blacks, have to fight for their own civil rights and are often menaced by others. But ever since taking over key government and civilian positions, they have been servitors to the euphonious "real rulers" who since the Roman Empire, have manipulated the Jewish community into being their fall guys.

Yes, fall guys. By favoring Jews in Israel over American citizens, these same people set them up as a deflection point. So when angry mobs of peasants storm the palace, they can shove the Jews in front and say, "Blame them! They made us do it! It is all their fault!"

Over and over again, this stupid game has been played. One would think, the victims would figure it out. After WWI, the Jews, anxious to be finally playing the political games everyone else got to play, stepped up to the plate and said they would conduct negotiations with the Allies in Paris. They then worked hard to pass the Versailles Treaty with the German people. Then Hitler rose up and used this against all Jews, blaming them for Germany's defeat and the treaty's harshness. This was quite popular. Ahem.

You can bet, the racists running the GOP can't wait to shove Israel and the Jews in America, in front of a runaway express train and with America going bankrupt and our real rulers quietly moving themselves out, setting up alternative residences and bank accounts out of the reach of outraged Americans, this looks like their obvious plans.

We have to keep our eye on the real people here. On Sept. 24th, we will be calling for the arrest of traitors, the impeachment of those responsible for America's fatal weaknesses and an end to imperialism. Forget "peace", we have to save ourselves from drowning in blood and red ink.

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