Tuesday, August 23, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Some rich people supported Kerry's Skull and Bones bid to run America for the Corporate Entities. Instead, thanks to Diebold, we got stuck with what has to be by far, the most unpopular "re-elect" in history. Within two weeks of "winning" his popularity was tanking and has tanked so far down it resembles the many tanks blown up in the Middle East.

Sad over "losing" this fake election, the rich people who want to run our party want to start a think tank that will think of things we can do and say as if we lefties who don't tank anything can't think of what to say already! From Salon via Truthout.org
Rich liberals, fed up with losing, are spending big bucks to create think tanks and training programs. Their goal isn't just to beat Bush, but to remake the American political landscape.
Washington -- "Devastated" does not do it justice. The day after the last presidential election, the millionaires and billionaires who fund progressive politics awoke to find their historic efforts had fallen flat. They had thrown small fortunes and thousands of work hours into the battle to defeat President Bush, blitzed swing states with television ads, placed millions of phone calls, and recruited enough Election Day workers to fill a small city. And yet George W. Bush won in a walk, increasing his margin of victory with gains in key demographics like black and Hispanic voters. In the House and the Senate, the GOP expanded its majority.

"We kind of pulled the covers up over our heads for a while," said Deborah Rappaport, who, with her venture capitalist husband, Andrew, funded several liberal 527 groups. Several of the largest liberal groups, like America Coming Together, closed up shop, merged or downsized. Activists polished their rÉsumÉs. The founders of MoveOn.org called themselves "heartbroken." The billionaire financier George Soros, who gave more than $25 million to the effort, admitted, "Obviously, I am distressed."

Liberal money was down for the count, but only temporarily. Now, nearly a year after their defeat at the polls, wealthy liberals are again pulling out their checkbooks.

But this time, they are looking beyond the midterm elections in 2006 or the presidential showdown in 2008. Dozens of the richest people in America have banded together to develop a new, permanent network of progressive organizations that will, they hope, fundamentally alter the political direction of the country. Their idea is to create a sort of venture capital firm for progressive philanthropy, a new organization they call the Democracy Alliance. The Alliance will do very little substantive work itself. Rather it will direct six- and seven-figure donations to those groups -- whether they are think tanks, media outlets, or training programs for young liberal leaders -- that show the most promise.
Geeze. My blog is free. They can see how thinking goes on here. Indeed, the whole net is full of thinking blogs that think about politics on the left. Of course, none of these rich people so eager to lead the left are talking to any of us. They don't see us at all. They want to talk to us but not with us.

This is why they want to ape the right which works for rich people who are corporate America and who want to make money beggaring us all.

Kerry is a rich man who is rich because workers aren't rich. He and his buddies don't want to make workers rich because every penny that goes to a worker doesn't go to him. Bush is the same. Geeze. What a surprize!

This is why they would both rather hire Chinese workers, they are cheap and easy to control but as I point out here, the controls are slipping in China as workers see the need to organize and fight the despots who are taking over their country. The Chinese rulers don't need a think tank. They use army tanks.

Come to think of it, so do our own rulers. If workers get too organized, this messes with the massive wealth transfers! The left needs leaders but they arise from the masses, not cultivated poodles groomed by rich masters. If the rich want to see us get a higher profile, they could subsidize bloggers like myself. Heh. Fat chance.

They could pour money into universities to force them to hire pro-union, pro-worker, pro-environment economics professors! Subsidize economic graduate students who write forcefully about socialist economic systems and true liberalism whereby workers get to organize and are protected by the police from the owners of businesses that try to oppress them. Ha. Yeah, like right.

The rich will never do this. They do fear the Christian right wing fundies but even more, they fear unions. The fundies might mess up the rich people's play habits but the unions might interfer with the flow of money! That is verboten.

The rich, after sitting idle while Bush cut their taxes and obligations, are worried about the budget running very deeply in the red. They dream of increasing our taxes while they use various international means to hide their own wealth overseas. Think "Soros" here. They are alarmed that Bush used our military to make things worse, they want the military to protect them and be as scarce as possible so they can gad about the planet, enjoying it, while workers toil at minimum reward to make them richer.
The effort has already attracted a group of about 80 wealthy donors who hope to eventually raise upward of $200 million for the cause. But their work has so far been kept a close secret. Eight months after forming, the Alliance has almost no public profile. It has yet to hold a press conference or issue a press release. There is nothing on its Web site, and its phone number and address, on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Va., are unlisted. The group's new office space remains unadorned, with blank walls in the conference room, and the staff roster counts less than a dozen employees, not including outside consultants like Mike McCurry, one of Bill Clinton's former press secretaries.
A secret organization...hahaha. Our Bohemian Club, our Illuminati! As the rich fight each other over who controls the minds of the masses, just remember this:

Controlling your own mind is the real battle. Being given access to any and all information that our rulers see is the real battle. Freedom of speech is the battle. We don't need money, we need to dismantle the propaganda machine that rules our airwaves and our press.

Liberating our own minds isn't easy, it is hard work. This means going out and changing minds, one at a time. No rich person is going to make your life better.

Only you and I can do this, ourselves.

Taking back the Democratic party means forgetting about getting lots of money and concentrating on getting lots of minds. To do this means everyone reaching out...next door. Boy, I live in a right wing community. They have been herded into a brick wall and now they are ready to listen to someone with a better idea of which direction we should go!

Remember, the real fight is always for the hearts and minds!

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