Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Poster by Fritz Schoen, Germany, 1910, selling bikes (heavily modified by the autor)

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As I have detailed here, the Chinese workers and peasants are engaged in a whole hearted struggle for power vis a vis their rulers and their proxie rulers in America. The Chinese communist rulers can't crush the workers ruthlessly for fear of revolution, unlike the American rulers. But they are trying to figure it all out so they can imitate our oppressors.

As the American workers falls lower and lower and loses more and more comforts and civil rights, they can wave hello to the Chinese workers who are surging forwards, getting stronger and more organized and ready to kill, if necessary, for what they believe is what they deserve: a better life.

We are taught to laugh at the French and their long vacations and full school/medical care and all those other ugly socialistic stuff. We have the "right to work" laws that make unionizing impossible.

This is 100% the fault of the American workers who were propagandized into voting over stupid garbage that barely touched their own homes. They were told, all you need is cheap credit and no taxes and it won't matter if you never get another pay raise or a vacation. I often said, it is better to pay high taxes and high interest rates but get good wages that go up faster than inflation but no one listens to me!

The last of the great unions is being crushed. From the NYT:
Every morning, afternoon and evening for the last few days, groups of airline mechanics, accompanied by security guards, stride out of the Hyatt Regency hotel here. They board a pair of yellow school buses, the windows taped over with white paper to hide who is inside.
Why not make them wear white sheets? KKK employment agency, always on call!
Seconds later, the buses chug off for their destination: Northwest Airlines' operations at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, 10 miles away.

These men and a handful of women are at the center of the airline industry's most significant labor dispute in more than a decade. And they may be taking part in another historic moment of a different kind: busting unions, 21st century style.

They are among the 1,900 replacement workers deployed by Northwest to assume the duties of 4,430 mechanics, cleaners and other members of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association. The union struck the airline on Saturday over the airline's demand for $176 million in pay and benefit cuts.
Ford just opened yet another factory in Mexico this week. They are laying off Americans. Soon, that industry will be all nonunion like the Japanese factories put up as charity in the deep South to keep American politicians silent.

Let's go back in time. Why were successful unions like the Longshoremen so successful?

It was actually pretty simple.

The Mafia would kill the families of anyone caught scabbing. The long fight of the coal miner's union was the same way. Murder, arson, riots. Ditto the automaker's union. Indeed, all union organizing shed plenty of blood. Shoot outs and bombs and assassinations. Sort of like...IRAQ!

Well, fighting for freedom is a bloody hell. And we think that at home, all we have to do is goof off and get hysterical about fetuses and gays kissing and we won't end up flayed and fried by the real owners of our country. These capitalist cannibals don't care if all of us end up in rags, begging to be worked to death.

This is their dream paradise!

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