Friday, August 12, 2005


Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

From the Washington Post:
America's trade gap widened sharply in June as ever-galloping oil prices pushed petroleum imports to an all-time high.

The Commerce Department reported that the trade deficit -- the gap between what America sells abroad and what it buys -- grew more than expected in June to $58.8 billion, a jump of 6.1 percent over May. So far this year, the trade gap is running at a yearly rate of $686 billion -- 11 percent higher than last year's all-time record.
Um, like, this is very bad news, you know. Aside from the fact that we are pouring money into Saudi Arabia. It gets worse.
The deficit with China, another politically sensitive issue, also set a record $17.6 billion in June. Already last year, America's deficit with China marked the highest imbalance ever recorded with any country, at $162 billion. And this year's gap is already running more than 30 percent over last year.
30% higher? Hahaha. Why, didn't we see the currency change? Oh yeah, like against the yen...not. Geeze. You know, I warned everyone, keep your eye on the yuan, the yen will pop you in the other eye.

Looks like we are doing the flat earth with a vengence. Good thing Bush gave all that money to build roads and refineries. Just what America needs at the very tip-top of the Hubbert Oil Peak: more roads and SUVs.

The clothing thing is sad. I look at the stores and the fashions are flatter than the flat earth. Really shabby, quite frankly. Not that this matters anymore. Natty dressers are not the in thing anymore anyway. Tent like shirts over baggy, flaccid, droopy long shorts is the fashion. Soooweee, go feed them hogs.

Is this what the Chinese are grinding out for us? These ugly clothes are as rigidly worn as Mao jackets during the Cultural Revolution! Only this is uglier. Maybe, this is the revenge of the Chinese. To manufacture the world's ugliest garb.
From AP:
More people are feeling that record-high gas prices soon will have their wallets running on empty.

Almost two-thirds of those surveyed for an AP-AOL poll expect fuel costs will cause them financial hardship in coming months. That's sharply higher than in April, when about half felt that way.

"I filled up last Monday and it cost me $53," said Gary Spaulding of Fulton, N.Y., referring to his Ford Explorer. "One of the cars we're going to get rid of. We can't afford both of them."
And who is going to buy the gas guzzling white elephant? Too late.
Only about a third in the poll said they think President Bush is handling the nation's energy problems effectively, while almost six in 10 disagree. When asked whom they blame most for the rise in gas prices, people were most inclined to blame the oil companies, followed closely by politicians and countries that produce oil.

"I think they're all in cahoots," said Anna Marie Richard of Granada Hills, Calif.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Give the lady a koochy doll! She hits the nail on the head. Partially.

It is a conspiracy as well as our own stupid choices. But then, the country was very divided in the last few elections allowing the GOP to cheat on the vote counting. But these numbers! If people stop worrying about kissing gays and worry more about kissing Saudi princes, they just might end up voting for something saner.

Better still would be to prepare for the side effects of the Hubbert Oil Peak. Namely, they better worry about starving people here in twenty years much less in Niger.

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