Saturday, August 13, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Corporations just don't understand us bloggers. We are not out to get rich, we want to have fun and share information for free. Well, that is revolutionary, isn't it? Information should cost one dearly, that is the view of corporations. Note how swiftly Google became a Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.From Wired News:
Most of us have been there. You can just barely afford to pay the rent. But forget about buying furniture -- not if you want to eat, anyway.

Jose Avila recently found himself in just that predicament. Although he has a good job as a software developer, he's locked into two rents after moving to Arizona, and has no extra cash for an Ikea shopping spree. But instead of scouting street corners for a ratty, unwanted couch, Avila got creative and built an apartment full of surprisingly sturdy furniture -- out of FedEx shipping boxes.Fanciful as his creations may seem, FedEx is not amused. The shipping giant's lawyers have sent Avila letters demanding he take down the site he created to document his project, invoking, among other things, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (.pdf), or DMCA.
Instead of laughing at this or better yet, sending some guys with lots of money to ask him to appear in a commercial for Fed Ex, they sued the kid.

Let's visit his parody site:
FedEx Furniture is furniture put together by empty FedEx Boxes, and held together by fedex packaging supplies. All of the furniture seen here is 100% functional. The couch is standing/sleeping approved, I sleep on the bed every night, I eat at the dining table, and I work at the desk almost 20 hours a day.
f There are several amusing pictures of the guy and his wonderful furniture. All very tastefully done, quite artistic, very funny in a good, healthy way.

So far, Fed Ex is Fed Fux. They attack him with lawyers and lawyers who hang out on the web and are like this creative young man, attack back. And so far, are winning. The corporate idiots doing the fighting obviously don't have any brains so they bellow louder and louder, desperate to stop this challenge to their authority.

If I were on the Board of Directors, I would fire whoever is running the joint. Obviously, now that this story is making bigger and bigger news as the ripples flow through the net, it appearing in Slash dot and Wired News and now appearing at news gathering sites and of course, here, the black eye Fed Ex is getting in this moronic David vs Golidiot battle should concern shareholders.

This is another sign as to why we have to keep corporations on a very short leash: for their own good. Their reflexes for self defence mostly involves intimidating, harassing and running over the little guy. Just like America, in foreign lands, refuses to understand the battle is for people's hearts and minds and bombing them is not a good way of achieving this.
If any shipping corporations have problems with our site please feel free to forward requests to /dev/null. By emailing us any questions or comments you give the right to post any such message, and or replies on our site.
Sarcasm is so much what the internet is all about. We can talk back with impunity and do it to a considerable audience.Here is his blog about his fight with Fed Ex.

If I were running the mainstream media, I would send a video crew pronto to Arizona to interview this enterprising, talented, funny guy.

He deserves more than 15 minutes of fame. He deserves a better job: running Fed Ex!

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