Monday, August 22, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like any dynamic society, the Chinese people struggle with their rulers, vying for power. Since they can't vote to change, they force change by group actions. Like in America, group actions are difficult because the rulers control the media and use it ruthlessly to attack anyone who emerges as a possible leader, witness here the snarling attacks on Cindy Sheehan, the latest person to emerge from the nascent masses, a focal point of public unrest.

In China, the peasants are taking matters in their own hands and rightfully so. From Yahoo news:
Protesters demanding the closure of an eastern China battery factory they say is spewing lead into the environment clashed with police, and dozens of people were injured, witnesses and hospital officials said Sunday.

After the initial melee with police, thousands of demonstrators torched police cars and broke into government offices, witnesses reported.

Such scenes of frustration are becoming more common in rural China as villagers vent their anger against corruption, environmental degradation, pollution and the seizure of land for real estate development.
Unlike here, the farmers in China realize they can't exist unless the earth is healthy. Farmers here want to industrialize themselves to the point that they can pollute nature at will. It is very short sighted. The zones of death grow as farmers destroy nature here. It is terrible to watch.

The environmental movement terrifies the rulers but at the same time they want safe enclaves for themselves and their spoiled children so they can live long, happy lives breathing good air, etc. But to make great wealth, they have to rape the planet so they are in a conflict.

This is why understanding how we exist is vital and keeping one's eye on evolution and creation is life and death. Just like the refusal to understand how evolution works on viruses leads us to misuse medicines, misunderstanding nature can lead to our extinction.
Saturday's violence began after a large crowd gathered outside the Tian Neng Battery Factory in Meishan, a town in Zhejiang province, to demonstrate against lead pollution, said a villager, who refused to give his name for fear of retribution.

"Police fired tear gas into the crowd and beat innocent bystanders," the man said in a telephone interview. "I also saw some ambulances go through the area to pick up injured people."

He could not give an estimate of how many demonstrators were involved except to say there were "many, many people."

At the emergency ward of the Changxing County Hospital, a woman said between 60 and 70 people were treated Saturday for minor injuries related to the incident. She said most had been discharged, but she refused to provide any other details or give her name.
OK. China has brutal rulers. Now read this story: From the Washington Post:
Two women protesting the war in Iraq were taken to a hospital Saturday after police broke up an unauthorized march involving about five dozen people on a busy one-way street near an Army recruiting station.

David Meieran, who helped organize the protest, accused police of "inappropriate and excessive force."

Sgt. Clint Winkler, a supervisor on duty, told The Associated Press that one woman who would not leave was subdued with a Taser. He also confirmed that a police dog bit another woman on the leg when she refused police orders to disperse.
They were on a sidewalk, were peaceful, the recruiting station was fricking closed, even. They barely caused even a slight pause in the workings of the city's machinery and dogs were set upon them, tasers which are brutal, vicious tools, were used. The victim is reduced to screaming on the ground, writhing with severe pain, tasers can and have killed people! All because the protestors are against an imperialist war! And we are fighting for freedom in Iraq? What?

The FBI tagged Earth First as the most dangerous political group in America. They burn down buildings! My oh my. Unlike the right wingers who blow up clinics and Federal buildings.

The environment matters and how we farm and manufacture is important and the government must control how things are used so we don't die. Here is an example of how a government, fearful of unrest due to environmental matters, tries to deal with it all:From the Standard Hong Kong:
`The test results that came out [on Saturday] were preliminary and the concentration of malachite green was low,'' Chow said. ``Also, many species of freshwater fish and the local species are not affected by the substance and it would not be fair if we imposed a ban across the board. But if the public are worried, they should eat less [freshwater fish],'' he said.

Malachite green is a synthetic dye also used to color silk, wool, jute, leather, cotton and paper, and was traditionally used to treat fungal infections at fish farms.

High levels of the toxin may lead to cancer and changes in DNA, according to Chinese University biochemistry professor Ho Wing-shing.
Fresh water fish can't be sold in Hong Kong from mainland China! We struggle with our own fish problems for our reckless actions are killing fish or making them dangerous to eat. For example, we can't eat fish from our great river, the Hudson, in NY because of pollution from factories long gone still plague the river. Efforts to dredge the scum out and make the river safe for fish was a huge battle which the corporations fought to prevent. They can get their fish from some pristine environment, they imagine. They are fools.

The terrible mine tragedy that was barely mentioned in the news in the USA reverberates. 123 miners were forced to work during a typhoon and flood waters filled the caves and they died. From Xinhuanet:
Preliminary investigations have shown probably it is collusion between officials and business people that has turned the Daxing Coal Mine in southern Guangdong Province into a death trap.

Several bodies have been recovered, but most of the 123 miners caught in the flooded shaft are still nowhere to be found following the disaster on August 7.

While millions across the country are questioning why the owner of the Daxing Mine dared to operate without necessary licences and even defied the Guangdong provincial government's order of July 14 to suspend production in the wake of a disaster that left 14 miners dead, they only have to look as far as Zeng Yungao.

Zeng, the 39-year-old chairman of the Dajingli Coal Company that owns the Daxing Mine, is a smooth operator in the bureaucratic local government system. Since he bought the Daxing Mine, which was privatized in 1999, Zeng has quickly become known not only for his wealth but his extensive government connections.

Zeng knows politics and business extremely well. In the last few years he has managed to become deputy to two local legislative bodies the Meizhou People's Congress and the Xingning People's Congress. Xingning, a county-level city, is part of Meizhou.

He has also won awards from the local government, being named in "The Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs of Xingning City" and "Person Making Great Contribution to Xingning's Economy."

Locals looked on in awe last Spring Festival when 130 cars jammed the village where Zeng was holding a feast for his business connections, or guanxi, including some local government officials.

Through Zeng's connections, the deadly Daxing Mine was named an "Advanced Enterprise" by the local government. The mine also received a "safety production" certificate just two months before the disaster, although the mine did not have mining and business licences.
Like in America, well placed bribes and manipulations by the ruling elite with the capitalist led directly to the deaths of innocent workers! I am glad the Chinese news is covering this aspect. I wish our news media took this tack. They do, to a point. I remember Ken Lay who should be in prison and the Texas government officials who colluded with him starting with a certain W. Bush, put in prison, too. But no. We are supposed to sit, slack jawed, thanks to our media.

From Wimpling Wings:
This is a synoptic entry at best, as I have a family "thing" today.

The United States government and its corporate patrons have a very complex relationship with China. The government borrows very heavily from the Chinese via United States Treasury security auctions, yet disdains China's population control programs, such that it withdrew long-standing annual funding of a United Nations family planning program, because of its supposed complicity in China's forced sterilizations and abortions. Other countries which benefit from the fund's activities are being punished, too.

Corporate America is abandoning our shores, or at least, outsourcing much manufacturing to China. Many entities have, as well, incorporated off shore in the Carribean to, frankly, avoid paying taxes in the United States where they still sell most of what they produce, either to the Chinese-funded government or to us. Many, as well, support the war in Iraq, but they don't want to pay for it via taxation (or anything else).

Recently a Chinese official essentially threatened the United States with a nuclear response if the government intervened militarily in China's reunification with Taiwan. China considers Taiwan a renegade province; the United States government heretofore considered Taiwan an ally. Today, given its debtor status vis a vis the Chinese government, our officials are quite tongue-tied about non-Communist Taiwan. What to do? Quit taking dirty Communist money?
The merger of our ruling elite continues. From Xinhuanet again:
More Chinese officials are expected to receive training in the United States, as both sides consider extending a joint programme at Harvard University, education officials said yesterday.

"We are looking at the possibility of continuing the China's Leaders in Development Programme beyond the initial projected five-year period," said David Ellwood, dean of Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government (KSG).

Sixty-one local and central government officials, the fourth batch since 2002, arrived in the US on Saturday to take courses on public administration and international development issues, school sources said.

The programme, launched by the State Council Development Research Centre at Tsinghua University and Harvard University to train around 60 Chinese officials each year, expires in 2006.
Our foolish universities, happy that they have utterly destroyed America, are teaching the Chinese how we did it. The Chinese have a growing sense of patriotism which is in stark contrast to America where it is the working class that has the last few pitiful shreds of patriotism and this force will cause them to use the information they get differently from how we use it. We created a system whereby we can seemingly rule the earth using the American worker's honest patriotism for nasty means, sending soldiers to be blown up in places our rulers want to control for their own wealth and power, bleeding their host nation dry, putting it deeply into debt and cutting social services that help the workers, reducing their wages ruthlessly and brutally suppressing union activity, corrupt and detached, they don't even bother with the fiction of being citizens, much less patriots!

The Chinese are fascinated by this and troubled for their own rulers are becoming equally detached, note my story about $10 billion stolen and taken to the USA by Chinese officials.

Of course, the solution is to grant greater powers to the people! For there is wisdom in that. Note the de facto organizational efforts of the peasants and workers struggling to form unions in China! The Chinese rulers see how the workers are kept in chains in America and want to reproduce that system.

Well, we have to free ourselves before we can free the Chinese. And thanks to the Patriot Act, we are even more a Soviet style police state than before!

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