Wednesday, July 13, 2005


by Elaine Meinel Supkis

Today we examine the underbelly of the ruling class. What is important are the names and company IDs. As readers of this blog knows, I track certain items in the news. There is a reason to limit my search. One can be overwhelmed and miss important information. All the things surrounding certain names like "pipeline" and "oil reserves" leads to the hidden caves of the real rulers of our country. Understanding who they are and what they want is life and death for everyone. These are the people who decide, in collusion with the owners of the news media, if and when we go to war, who gets our jobs and if terrorists attack us and not them.

About terrorists: they are smart and they lurk on the web and exploit the information here. Bin Laden himself has revealed how he uses the internet. The names I follow include people who interact with his clan. They are the same ones we see in the top boardrooms in energy companies and in the White House itself. Tracking these people and their interests is like NOAA tracking hurricanes.

The surprising announcements coming out of DC concerning the impending Chinese take-over of Unocal has amused me because this is spy vs spy or in this case, ruling class energy czars vs ruling class lawyer czars and it causes many cross-current ripples since they are in conflict and thus, showing their hands a tad. Bland articles appear irregularily in the press that connect a dot or two but don't connect too many dots.

Thanks to the internet, I can.

Today's Ruling Elite lesson is about a lawyer's group, Atkin/Gump/STRAUSS/Howard and Feld Note Strauss' name.
The law firm founded by Robert S. Strauss and Richard A. Gump in 1945 is one of the world's largest firms. Our growth has come by understanding client problems - and solving them with a strategic combination of legal, practical and political skills. As we proceed in a new millennium marked by dramatic advances in technology and the expansion of international business into new markets, we are well-positioned to provide legal services that meet the changing needs of our clients on a 24/7 basis.

Our vision is to address the array of legal challenges you may encounter in achieving your business goals. This vision has brought us depth, diversity and experience. And, we are still a first-generation firm. Those who built the firm continue to serve the clients that have grown with us.

Among our lawyers are men and women with different talents and approaches to the law. Yet they also possess striking similarities, starting with the ability to see creative solutions others might miss. Our lawyers are not satisfied until they have met the highest standards of legal service. In every area of the law, we focus on achieving results that help your business.
From another page of this site, a biography:
Robert S. Strauss has served as Chairman of the Board of the U.S.-Russia Business Council since January 1993. He is a Founding Partner at Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP.

"In August 1991, Mr. Strauss was sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he in turn became U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation. In November 1992, he resigned from the Foreign Service to rejoin his law firm.

"Mr. Strauss served as a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after receiving his law degree from the University of Texas. In January 1946, he entered private law practice and founded the firm that became Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP, with offices in Texas, Washington, Brussels, and Moscow.

"Mr. Strauss served as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1973 to 1976. He served as Chairman of President James Earl Carter, Jr.'s election campaign in 1976, and then in President Carter's Cabinet as Special Trade Representative. Over the next two-and-a-half years, Mr. Strauss successfully concluded the Tokyo Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations and directed its passage through Congress, culminating in the Trade Act of 1979. Following the completion of the trade agreements, President Carter asked Mr. Strauss to serve as his Personal Representative to the Middle East peace negotiations.
Interesting mess, isn't it? If it weren't for LBJ, Strauss would have stayed a minor figure. Instead, he rose to the center as a devoted servant to our rulers, the people who invest money and socialize for a living--like the British Royal Family who have appended themselves to their former colony and are now serviced by this colony.

Strauss is of no political party. Note how he floats around in both, sloshing in oil. Not only does he serve no party, he serves no nation now. The oil pumping nations are his clients. And now China.

Want to know why jobs are being outsourced and our trade deficit stinks? Look no futher. I remember during the vote counting in Florida after the failed election in 2000, Strauss was called in by the Bushes to "fix" things which he did, buying the silence of the Democrats and in particular, quieting Gore by lying to him.

Both parties are in the same boat only now it is sinking under its own contridictions.

From Consortium News:
Known as a smooth-talking lawyer, Strauss had made his first major foray into politics as a principal fund-raiser for Connally’s first gubernatorial race in 1962. Connally then put Strauss on the Democratic National Committee in 1968. Two years later, Connally agreed to join the Nixon administration.
Now the history gets interesting on the side. Strauss and Connally are part of the Great Change Over when Democrats switched sides after LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act because...Kennedy was assassinated in Texas while driving in an open car with Connally who was gov. of Texas back then.

Now you can see the matrix.

The Kennedy assassination was a watershed moment in history. It is one of the times, executing the other Kennedy was an afterthought, when the tangled affairs of the Real Rulers suddenly took bloody shape and revealed themselves. I know a zillion conspiracy theories surround this affair just like...9/11. This is because they had to move out in the open, briefly. The connection between the bin Laden family, the Bushes, Robert Strauss' law firm, oil, war and death, power politics and all that is a dense thicket that is connected with the Carlyle Group and the CIA and what I call "Shadowlands"...that queer alternative to America that has slowly taken over our country.

Here is one of a zillion examples of the web of influence Strauss has woven: The Eurasia Foundation. Want to know where your secret CIA dollars flow? Look no further!
The Eurasia Foundation relies heavily on its NIS-based staff to decide on individual grant applications and on larger strategic issues. Decisions are made in consultation with local advisory boards, which consist of foreign and local experts drawn from several professional fields. Advisory boards add significantly to the review process by bringing new perspectives and broad networks of contacts. This degree of decentralization of authority pushes decision making as close as possible to the local level in the NIS.
Such charming, bland language! Just think, screaming people being gunned down in Uzbekistan or being boiled alive in secret prisons.

Who We (the real ruler's courtiers) Are is an interesting Who's Who. Aside from Strauss, google any of the names on this list and you will find a thousand interconnections in this great web.

The slush fund: Strauss funnels a lot of loot. It doesn't rain down from the sky, either. From the Center for Public Integrity: Atkin Gump ranked number six in lobby money spent buying our government for the real rulers and foreign governments. In 1998 they spent $11, 330,000 in DC greasing palms. But in 2003 they had $25,775,000 to spend. More than double in just five years! Who gave them this bounty and why?

The GOP doesn't have to be bought with that much money, there is now no competition since the GOP runs America as holding officers for the rulers and the Democrats only want to have a cut in the deal, they obviously are not fighting for voters. So why did the money to push things double?

Who is buying the services of Strauss?

Back to the news! From the Washington Post yesterday:

President Bush's top independent intelligence adviser met last winter with investment bankers in China to help secure his law firm's role in lobbying for a state-run Chinese energy firm and its bid for the U.S. oil company Unocal Corp., according to his law firm, Akin Gump.

The involvement of James C. Langdon Jr., chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and a major Bush fundraiser, underscores the tangled Washington connections beneath CNOOC Ltd.'s bid. Both CNOOC and its rival for Unocal, Chevron Corp., have enlisted lobbyists and public relations professionals with deep ties to the Bush White House and Republican leaders in Congress. Wayne L. Berman, a principal lobbyist for Chevron, is a Bush "Ranger," having raised at least $200,000 for the president's campaign. His wife, Lea, is the White House social secretary.

Langdon's involvement, given his dual role as Bush intelligence adviser and energy lawyer at the law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, may prove politically problematic, some security experts said. Members of the intelligence board, known as PFIAB, are granted the highest security clearance and develop top-secret advisories and reports for the president, most of which are not even available to members of Congress.

"China is among the biggest intelligence challenges of the coming decades," said Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Scientists' Project on Government Secrecy. "Along with the war on terrorism, it's not far behind, and one has to wonder whether Mr. Langdon's involvement in Chinese affairs will be tolerated by intelligence agencies that have different interests than those of Mr. Langdon's firm."

A partner at Akin Gump, Langdon served as a member of PFIAB in Bush's first term. On Feb. 25, the White House announced his reappointment to the board and his designation as chairman.

Langdon met with CNOOC's investment banking partner, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., in February, marshalling a long friendship with Beijing-based Goldman executive William Wicker to help win his law firm's lobbying contract, Akin Gump officials confirmed. They say he recused himself in late March from further involvement in the matter, either for Akin Gump or the PFIAB.

"He's not working on the deal," said Mark Palmer, a spokesman for Akin Gump who questioned whether it is important that a lawyer tried "to help the firm and then recused himself" from further involvement. Langdon did not return repeated telephone calls requesting comment.
Now all these little sneaky sneaks work for...the Chinese! Yes, they switched sides! Not for the first time! Note how Strauss worked for the Japanese just as Reagan served Japan faithfully. I know men who fought the Japanese in WWII while Reagan ran around Hollywood and they fell for the media pretense of Reagan as the craigy, all American hero-boy who was brave and proud. When Reagan collected his pay openly from the Japanese, our media fell silent. Not one paper called for him to be arrested for treason. To this day, no paper will say a peep about the $2.5 million the Japanese gave Reagan two weeks after leaving office.

Back in the eighties, I told the Chinese all about this stuff for I tracked it back then, even. I explained to them that they could easily purchase the loyalty and love of the top American leadership and their underlings. But they needed seed money for the price was somewhat steep and the Chinese communists back then were penny pinchers. Even the top ones often asked me for taxi money! They considered my lifestyle to be terribly oppulent which is why they lived with me, I suppose.

It took them a while to put together the funds but by 1989, they had enough money invested in Bush Sr. for him to service them when they killed all those students. This is why Bush Sr. didn't want to bring it up in the UN and why I camped with the Chinese students in front of the UN for a month, trying to force his hand.

Since then, as the Chinese communist party gets richer, the money flowing through Strauss' lawfirm shoots up and up and up. Like a rocket. There is a direct connection. While some politicians and people in the Pentagon fume about selling a major American oil company to China, a parade of interesting people appeared out of the shadows to endorse this sale. As my previous articles noted, there seems no shortage of Americans happy to sell everything to foreign entities.

Like the Saudis.

Now for some more Shadowlands/ruling class stuff from the same WP article:
Energy experts agreed that Langdon could become a lightning rod despite having recused himself from the matter. (ie, working for the Chinese communists to buy Unacol)

"I have a very high regard for Mr. Langdon, but an emotional issue like this is one thing that's very, very difficult to prepare for," said J. Robinson West, chairman of PFC Energy, a District-based energy consulting firm. "Fair or not, he may get dragged into this."

The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board was established in 1956 to provide the president independent advice on the effectiveness of U.S. intelligence agencies. Past chairmen include retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, Republican former senator Warren B. Rudman, Democratic former House speaker Thomas S. Foley, former defense secretary Les Aspin and top foreign policy adviser Clark H. Clifford.

"They have the ear of the president," said Aftergood, who called the board "disproportionately influential."

Scowcroft, Bush's first PFIAB chairman, led a highly sensitive effort to draft intelligence changes in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that remains top-secret. Under Rudman, the board was tasked to investigate alleged leaks of classified information from the nation's nuclear weapons laboratories.

Langdon's work for the CNOOC contract and his subsequent recusal point to the potential for conflicts inherent in citizen boards such as PFIAB that have access to highly classified information, Rudman said.

But, Rudman said, the PFIAB staff has established strict rules to deal with such problems.

"It's pretty hard to not have a member get into a conflict situation occasionally," he said.
Hahaha. "Conflict of interest"! Such charming, soft words to describe treason! See what a soft, feathery pillow it is? Throughout our government, we see traitors hard at work. They undermine our country on a daily basis and every once and a while like on 9/11, it suddenly, like a lightning bolt, appears in the open. The media had to churn for months to hide that slip up! All the careful work to tie it to Muslim terrorists! And bin Laden, whose family is part of the Who's Who of Shadowlands!

The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board which was founded under Eisenhower who knew my dad and who trusted him, I know well. Ahem. My father worked for several Presidents starting with Roosevelt himself who got my father started.

This is probably why the Chinese communists, who have my dossier, asked me to teach them about the rulers back in the eighties.

Anyway, this advisory board used to be there to keep foreign governments and rulers from treasonous activities but now they own all the advisors so it operates now in the opposite direction: it is the FUNNEL for foreign bribes and influence! This is their key to the White House!

These people are the ones who also stuck us with the Patriot Act which was not written by legislators in Congress but was delivered whole to them to vote on...without even reading it! To hurry it all along, the anthrax attacks closed down the Senate, making debate difficult and the hysteria made it all impossible.

The bonus with the anthrax attack was the delivery of one letter to the photo editor of the Sun who OKed the publishing of the Jenna drunk photos. I talked to the FBI during the investigation and told them who to interrogate about these letters. In the past, the FBI has listened to me. Not this time, naturally.

Well, the Chinese have oodles of money. If other entities want to stop them, they will up their spending, too, and even more money will pour into the coffers of Strauss' big fat treason machine and it will roll on relentlessly. I am betting on the Chinese winning more than one round here simply because they are one of the few entities showing a postive money flow.

The others are the Saudis.

Boy, are we in for a world of hurt.

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