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Condi defering to her boss's boss, Mr. Tang.

He is a very busy man. A jet setter who sets the jet deals. He flies all over the planet making deals, making speeches, tirelessly, he touches base with all the people the Chinese Communist Central Committee wants to keep track of, except for me, of course. No visits yet.

From Xinhuanet:
Chinese State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan on Thursday visited former US President George Bush at his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, speaking highly of his role in forging, maintaining and promoting the Sino-US friendship.

Conveying greetings from Chinese President Hu Jintao and other Chinese leaders, Tang hoped that the former US president will continue to contribute to the development of the bilateral ties which are faced with the opportunity of further improvement and development.

Bush said the exchange of visits between the two countries' heads of state later this year will be of great significance, and he wished these visits a success.

Tang also visited the State of Washington on Thursday. He notedthat trade activities and friendly cooperation between China and the state of Washington have developed quickly over the recent years, saying that Boeing and Microsoft have become familiar household terms throughout China.
Over here to check out future aquisitions as well as past human aquisitions.

From Sinomania:
Intriguingly, W's uncle Prescott Bush flew to China immediately after the spy plane collision and remained in China until after the crew was released. Prescott Bush claims his visit with the USA ambassador in Beijing was merely social.

And only days after the spy plane crew arrived safely on Guam, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke at Fudan University in Shanghai.

The Bush family's connections to China are well known. Prescott Bush founded the USA-China Chamber of Commerce and acted as its chairman until just recently. George Bush Senior travels regularly to China and entertains the top Chinese leaders in his home. W's brother Neil Bush and family cousin Elsie Walker are known to have business deals with Chinese companies.

Just this past week, Colin Powell met in Beijing with Chinese President Hu and other officials. It was Powell's fifth trip to Beijing since 2001. Dick Cheney and National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice make regular official visits to Beijing and Shanghai.

The close interaction between the Bush administration and China is in sharp contrast to the more hands-off policy under Clinton.
The many financial and hidden ties between the Bush clan and the Chinese should be put under a microscope but it isn't. Why?

I surmise that since all our elites are thoroughly entangled with the communist Chinese now that we really should fly the Five Star Red Banner over DC rather than Beijing. Just like the previous article where I noted that an American citizen was proud that Reagan collected more money from the Japanese than from his pay as President but a million plus dollars, the idea that our rulers are actually agents for an alien country seems to be OK with an awful lot of Americans. These are often the same people who get hysterical about the French meddling in our international affairs.

Councillor Tang, Bush's master, paid a recent visit to another spoiled brat, Kim Il Sung. From Arms Control Wonk:

Chinese State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan (right, with the Il-iminator) is wrapping up a two day visit to Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-Il reportedly told Tang that “the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was the behest of President Kim Il Sung.” Kim also affirmed “a negotiated peaceful solution of the nuclear issue” and expressed hope for “positive progress” during the talks.

Tang Jiaxuan is a former Foreign Minister, who has been playing an active role in China’s Korea diplomacy. Hu Jintao recently named Tang as his personal representative on North Korean Talks.

The day after China announced Tang’s visit, North Korea agreed to return to Six Party Talks over steak, cheesecake and California wine.
Guess what? The six party talks happened right after this "visit" and the USA team has been deftly manouvered into position so that now we are preparing to sign a treaty with North Korea basically recognizing them and swearing we will never attack them, essentially ending the Korean China's favor.

From Xinhuanet again:
Tang Jiaxuan, China's State Councilor, called for appropriate handling of the Taiwan question in an address on Wednesday at the National Committee on US-China Relations and US-China Business Council.

The Taiwan question is China's core interest as it bears on the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. "An appropriate handling of the question, therefore, is the key to a stable and growing relationship between China and the United States," he said.

"We are ready to do our utmost with maximum sincerity to securethe prospect of a peaceful reunification. But we will never put up with 'Taiwan independence,' nor will we allow any one to make Taiwan secede from China by any means," Tang said.
What China wants, China gets. Propaganda means America's ruling elite will pretend they support democracy in Taiwan while twisting arms behind the scenes--pay no attention to the screams, look! A panda!--they conspire with the Chinese central committee to basically stab the Taiwanese in the back.

After this fine dinner visit with clear instructions to the co-conspiritors, our bosses, Tang takes off to nail down another employee of the Chinese communist aparatus: Condi Rice. Smiling, she bows to him and asks what he wants from her. Service with a smile! From China Daily:
China's rapid development is an opportunity rather than a threat to the world, State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan said in Washington Wednesday, seeking to stem a rising tide of anti-Beijing sentiment in the United States, Reuters reported.

Tang advised Americans not to "politicize" or "get emotional" about trade issues at a luncheon sponsored by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and the U.S.-China Business Council, according to the report.

China would enhance the protection of intellectual property rights and promised to work with the U.S. to promote world peace, Tang was cited as saying.

Anti-China sentiments have been rising, mostly in the U.S. Congress, over worries about China's expanding economic might, its growing trade surplus with the United States and a steady military buildup.

"China's development is an opportunity instead of a threat to the world. That is becoming the consensus of the international community," Tang reportedly said.

"The more China gets developed, the more it can contribute to world peace, stability and prosperity and the more opportunities it can bring to the rest of the world," he said.
Oh yes, we want peace and prosperity. Alas, going into debt isn't part of the "prospering" side of the equation.
Answering questions after his speech, Tang said the United States and China had a shared duty and responsibility to ensure the six-party talks produce "real progress" in this round and advance regional stability.

He expressed confidence that ultimately, the Korean peninsula will realize its independent and peaceful reunification.
Indeed. Taiwan will be reunified and so will Korea. If China wants, China gets.

Here is Tang in the Ukraine just a few days ago: Xinahaunet:

Ukraine is willing to work with China to promote mutually-beneficial cooperation in every field and make new achievements one after another," said Petro Poroshenko, head of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine. He made the remarks during his meeting with Chinese State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan here Friday.

Tang said China and Ukraine have witnessed good momentum for development in bilateral relations and fruitful results of win-win cooperation since the two countries established their diplomatic ties.
Busier than Santa's elves, he is.

From Vietnam news service:
- December 30, 1999: Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan visited Viet Nam where he and his Vietnamese counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Nguyen Manh Cam, signed a land boundary treaty on behalf of the two governments.
He seems to be the one who sets up all the foreign policy triumphs that Hu and Wen collect. He is obviously very good and very obscure. His obscurity is obvious: he has to be able to come and go and not be noticed. Do note, even as the Democrats yell about the Chinese, none of them say a peep about all this, far from outlining it and asking why America is being run by Mr. Tang, we instead get all kinds of stupid hooey about the yuan and buying Unocal.

Keep the eye on the ball here!

Now for even creepier stuff. From Prensa Latina of Cuba:
Russia´s President Vladimir Putin and China´s Hu Jintao signed Friday in this capital a Political Declaration on world order in the 21st century.

According to Kremlin spokespeople, the text states that the ideas of claiming a monopoly in global affairs, dividing countries into those who lead and those who are led, imposing social development models and using double standards are unacceptable.

Other issues to analyze are fighting international terrorism and security measures, and the stability in several regions worldwide, especially in Central Asia.

Putin emphasized that the Chinese leader´s visit will give a new boost to strategic links and expressed satisfaction with the increasing military cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, whose first joint maneuver is scheduled for August.

China is one of the largest weapon purchasers from Moscow and is interested in acquiring fuel for its industry.

The agenda of Jintao, whose visit will end Saturday, also includes meetings with Prime Minister Mijail Fradkov and Lower House (Duma) president Boris Grizlov, as well as a visit to the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, Kazakstan and the Scottish city of Gleneagles.

The Russian delegation is made up of Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, Trade Minister Bo Xilai, the State adviser Tang Jiaxuan and Development and Reform Commission Minister Ma Kai, among others.
Again, the father of the President of the United States who, himself, was a President, is meeting without diplomatic supervision with the number 3 man in the Communist Chinese Central Committee. What would I give to be a fly on the wall for that meeting.

But I don't need to know. I have known for many years that the Bushes are Chinese tools.

On 9/11/91, a very auspicious day for magic number maniacs like the Bushes, Bush Sr. gave his famous "New World Order" speech and note in these articles the chat about the New World Order. Ahem. Run by Tang, of course.

From Who's Who in China's Leadership:
His resume: Tang Jiaxuan, born in January 1938, native of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province.
Joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in November 1973; began to work in September 1960; graduated from Oriental Languages Department of Peking University, majoring in Japanese language.

1955-1958: Student in Foreign Languages Department of Fudan University, majoring in English language.

1958-1962: Student in Oriental Languages Department of Peking University, majoring in Japanese language.

1962-1964: Staff member of Japanese division in Overseas Service Department of the Bureau of Broadcasting Undertakings.

1964-1969: Staff member of interpreters' team of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1969-1970: Sent for manual labor in the "May 7" cadre school of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
A number of the new people running China were sent off to be "re-educated during the Cultural Revolution. Don't forget, Kissinger and Nixon became Mao buddies during those
1970-1978: Deputy division chief of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, council member of Sino-Japanese Friendship Association.

1978-1983: 2nd secretary, 1st secretary of Chinese Embassy in Japan.

1983-1985: Deputy director of the office of the directing group for Party organization rectification in foreign affairs departments of the central authorities.

1985-1988: Deputy director of Asian Affairs Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1988-1991: Minister-counselor and minister of Chinese Embassy in Japan.
Note these years. Bush made quite a big scene about going to Japan to tell them to open their country to our trade because we had this pesky trade deficit with them, note how this deficit is much worse with them now! And we say not a peep anymore. This is where Tang learned from the masters, the Japanese, the art of buying Americans politicians and using them ruthlessly to destroy America.

The Bush visits produced nothing because the entire premis was fake. This was on the heels of Japan openly purchasing Ronnie Reagan and the media here hiding it or worse, praising Reagan for selling us down the river.
1991-1993: Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, member of the Party committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1993-1994: Vice minister of foreign affairs, member of the Party committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1994-1997: Vice minister of foreign affairs, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1997-1998: Party secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, vice minister of foreign affairs.

1998-2000: Minister of foreign affairs and Party secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2000-2003: Minister of foreign affairs, member of the Party committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2003-: State councilor.

Member of the 15th, 16th CPC Central Committees.
He sets policy. He has a very powerful voice in the Central Committee. He innoculously goes about, arranging things including making visits to his assets in America.

Ah, I just found a most interesting document. One that crosses my own trail. From CPRI:
After Li Peng announced the Martial Law, the situation became severe and even a civil war became a possible consequence. A Chinese student in Kyoto University approached me and told he was sent by Mr. Yang with a possible consideration of an "exile government (branch)" in Japan (*2).

However, when Deng Xiaoping finally appeared in CCTV with his PLA generals, everyone knew the game was over. Mr. Yang avoided meeting Chinese students, and actually, he was called back to China later and was forced to retire. Instead, Tang Jiaxuan, the Minister of Chinese Embassy in Japan , showed up to handle this incident in Japan.

Basically, Tang Jiaxuan acted like a petty-Jiang Zeming or petty-Zhu Rongji. He claimed that the Chinese government will forgive us of our anti-government activities, and he has burnt all petitions and any other materials so every Chinese student can return safely. However, he also threatened: "I cannot protect you if you continue any anti-government activity from now on." He lied to the Japanese public that no Chinese student would punished because of his/her government demonstration/petition activity (*3).

To "calm down" Chinese students' democratic activity in Japan, he utilized PRC's "sovereignty" to collaborate with the Japanese government to persecute PRC citizens. The Japanese regime was more than happy to violate Chinese people's human rights. The Japanese regime first prepared a few carrots, for example, Kobe University provided an Associate Professor of Law position for that Chinese student in Kyoto University with a Master degree for the reward of his information of our movement and his activity to threaten, even to beat, Chinese students away from our movement. The Japanese media reported this as an evidence of Japanese government's action to "protect Chinese students" as stated in the 1989 France G7 Summit.
Oh, this reminds me of the same time period. When the uprising happened and all the students and workers were brutally murdered in Tiananmin Square, I was the advisor for the Chinese students demonstrating in front of the UN. I did all the negotiations with the American State Department as well as the UN. To my horror, President Bush, who went on TV to mouth off at the Chinese and pretend to be tough, was actually an agent of the Chinese communist Central Committee and he quietly told the Immigration service to deport my students. When the police came for them, they ran into the tent I had erected for them in front of the Organization of African States' property. I said, "You are trespassing. We have permission to be here." The head of the Police in Manhattan told me to leave. I said, "You will deport these students over my dead body."

CNN was right next to me, filming everything, live, on cable TV. They backed down and I called Senator D'Amato. "Tell Bush that if he tries to arrest these students, there will be a action here and NYC won't like it." Then Gov. Pataki, who saw all this on CNN, came over to us to assure us, the Feds would not arrest anyone. He and D'Amato then went off to DC and basically told Bush it would be a huge black eye to violently drag off these poor students and besides, Elaine Meinel was there. Sort of, "family".

So to speak.

Later, I learned that Bush secretly met with Tang to assure him that all public pronouncements were fake. I do believe that this recent visit to Kennebunkport was for the same purpose. The Chinese are suspicious and need to be reassured that our Manchurian Leaders know who is the real boss and who is really in control.

The fact that the Mainstream press is still covering for the Bushes has reassured the Chinese, barely. They can see Bush is in very great trouble and they read the polls and know he is going down in flames. They wonder if they can finesse things further. They are most anxious to keep the Bushes in power.

It is painfully obvious why.">To return to homepage click here

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