Wednesday, July 06, 2005


by Elaine Meinel Supkis

It didn't take long, did it? I lost my home to eminent domaine but that was for "public" use...for people to park their cars on what was my home so they didn't have to walk far.

The various governments didn't waste much time with the stealing of private property for non-public use! From the SF Gate:
A team of contractors hired by the city of Oakland packed the contents of his small auto shop in a moving van and evicted Revelli from the property his family has owned since 1949.

"I have the perfect location; my customers who work downtown can drop off their cars and walk back here," said Revelli, 65, pointing at the nearby high- rises. "The city is taking it all away from me to give someone else. It's not fair."

The city of Oakland, using eminent domain, seized Revelli Tire and the adjacent property, owner-operated Autohouse, on 20th Street between Telegraph and San Pablo avenues on Friday and evicted the longtime property owners, who have refused to sell to clear the way for a large housing development.
From now on, any private developer who has a lot of money to donate to politicians can steal whatever properties they want whenever they want.

This is being done by liberals, by the way. As always, when it comes to economics, the liberals are just as harsh as the conservatives when it comes to financially manipulating people. The capitalists are communists. That is, land is considered communal if it is owned by noncapitalists who are using the land like medieval peasants or guilds, to live on and run a small business that isn't production. The huge apartments being built this way are not owned by the residents of the apartments, the land is owned by the capitalist investors and the banks.

In Texas, they confiscated lands that processed seafood so they could turn it into a marina where rich people leased space from the landowners, the investors who bought all those politicians. The owners of the factory can yell bloody murder and they still are being thrown out of business, told to relocate to a less viable situation and of course, if they build yet another factory, this doesn't mean they can't be evicted yet again.

This latest ruling certainly has eliminated "private" ownership. The entity that owns the land now is whoever owns the politicians. And you can bet, it ain't the little guy.

Another side effect: if you are politically unpopular with the Powers That Be, they can conspire with a developer to eliminate your neighborhood in the name of building something "better." I know of more than one person who has disputed land or otehr issues with business owners who would delightfully "win" by eliminating the opposing neighbors. This isn't far fetched at all. Say, you want to run for mayor. So the mayor and his buddies suddenly announce they are building a shopping your neighborhood and it happens to need your house! Just having the threat of being able to do this will shut up many people who might complain.

Any neighborhood that is troublesome can be ruthlessly eliminated this way. One doesn't even have to build anything afterwards, the developers can skip out and the land lie vacant if they want. Just to change voting patterns, a mayor or a govenor can easily be tempted to eliminate people's homes. This is so open to abuse, the chances for mischief is infinite.

The oldest house in midtown Manhattan is a famous wood building, the only one left in midtown. It is 230 years old and a huge hulk towers over it and it sits in a tiny slot. The owner back when midtown was being turned into sky scrapers, refused to move or sell the house he was born in. When he died, it became a popular cause celebre and was saved as a historical relic. Today, it would be ruthlessly eliminated.
ffFrom the children's author, Virginia Burton, using the example of the hold out house in Manhattan for a story about a wayward house.
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