Saturday, July 30, 2005


Condi defering to her boss's boss, Mr. Tang.

He is a very busy man. A jet setter who sets the jet deals. He flies all over the planet making deals, making speeches, tirelessly, he touches base with all the people the Chinese Communist Central Committee wants to keep track of, except for me, of course. No visits yet.

From Xinhuanet:
Chinese State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan on Thursday visited former US President George Bush at his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, speaking highly of his role in forging, maintaining and promoting the Sino-US friendship.

Conveying greetings from Chinese President Hu Jintao and other Chinese leaders, Tang hoped that the former US president will continue to contribute to the development of the bilateral ties which are faced with the opportunity of further improvement and development.

Bush said the exchange of visits between the two countries' heads of state later this year will be of great significance, and he wished these visits a success.

Tang also visited the State of Washington on Thursday. He notedthat trade activities and friendly cooperation between China and the state of Washington have developed quickly over the recent years, saying that Boeing and Microsoft have become familiar household terms throughout China.
Over here to check out future aquisitions as well as past human aquisitions.

From Sinomania:
Intriguingly, W's uncle Prescott Bush flew to China immediately after the spy plane collision and remained in China until after the crew was released. Prescott Bush claims his visit with the USA ambassador in Beijing was merely social.

And only days after the spy plane crew arrived safely on Guam, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke at Fudan University in Shanghai.

The Bush family's connections to China are well known. Prescott Bush founded the USA-China Chamber of Commerce and acted as its chairman until just recently. George Bush Senior travels regularly to China and entertains the top Chinese leaders in his home. W's brother Neil Bush and family cousin Elsie Walker are known to have business deals with Chinese companies.

Just this past week, Colin Powell met in Beijing with Chinese President Hu and other officials. It was Powell's fifth trip to Beijing since 2001. Dick Cheney and National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice make regular official visits to Beijing and Shanghai.

The close interaction between the Bush administration and China is in sharp contrast to the more hands-off policy under Clinton.
The many financial and hidden ties between the Bush clan and the Chinese should be put under a microscope but it isn't. Why?

I surmise that since all our elites are thoroughly entangled with the communist Chinese now that we really should fly the Five Star Red Banner over DC rather than Beijing. Just like the previous article where I noted that an American citizen was proud that Reagan collected more money from the Japanese than from his pay as President but a million plus dollars, the idea that our rulers are actually agents for an alien country seems to be OK with an awful lot of Americans. These are often the same people who get hysterical about the French meddling in our international affairs.

Councillor Tang, Bush's master, paid a recent visit to another spoiled brat, Kim Il Sung. From Arms Control Wonk:

Chinese State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan (right, with the Il-iminator) is wrapping up a two day visit to Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-Il reportedly told Tang that “the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was the behest of President Kim Il Sung.” Kim also affirmed “a negotiated peaceful solution of the nuclear issue” and expressed hope for “positive progress” during the talks.

Tang Jiaxuan is a former Foreign Minister, who has been playing an active role in China’s Korea diplomacy. Hu Jintao recently named Tang as his personal representative on North Korean Talks.

The day after China announced Tang’s visit, North Korea agreed to return to Six Party Talks over steak, cheesecake and California wine.
Guess what? The six party talks happened right after this "visit" and the USA team has been deftly manouvered into position so that now we are preparing to sign a treaty with North Korea basically recognizing them and swearing we will never attack them, essentially ending the Korean China's favor.

From Xinhuanet again:
Tang Jiaxuan, China's State Councilor, called for appropriate handling of the Taiwan question in an address on Wednesday at the National Committee on US-China Relations and US-China Business Council.

The Taiwan question is China's core interest as it bears on the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. "An appropriate handling of the question, therefore, is the key to a stable and growing relationship between China and the United States," he said.

"We are ready to do our utmost with maximum sincerity to securethe prospect of a peaceful reunification. But we will never put up with 'Taiwan independence,' nor will we allow any one to make Taiwan secede from China by any means," Tang said.
What China wants, China gets. Propaganda means America's ruling elite will pretend they support democracy in Taiwan while twisting arms behind the scenes--pay no attention to the screams, look! A panda!--they conspire with the Chinese central committee to basically stab the Taiwanese in the back.

After this fine dinner visit with clear instructions to the co-conspiritors, our bosses, Tang takes off to nail down another employee of the Chinese communist aparatus: Condi Rice. Smiling, she bows to him and asks what he wants from her. Service with a smile! From China Daily:
China's rapid development is an opportunity rather than a threat to the world, State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan said in Washington Wednesday, seeking to stem a rising tide of anti-Beijing sentiment in the United States, Reuters reported.

Tang advised Americans not to "politicize" or "get emotional" about trade issues at a luncheon sponsored by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and the U.S.-China Business Council, according to the report.

China would enhance the protection of intellectual property rights and promised to work with the U.S. to promote world peace, Tang was cited as saying.

Anti-China sentiments have been rising, mostly in the U.S. Congress, over worries about China's expanding economic might, its growing trade surplus with the United States and a steady military buildup.

"China's development is an opportunity instead of a threat to the world. That is becoming the consensus of the international community," Tang reportedly said.

"The more China gets developed, the more it can contribute to world peace, stability and prosperity and the more opportunities it can bring to the rest of the world," he said.
Oh yes, we want peace and prosperity. Alas, going into debt isn't part of the "prospering" side of the equation.
Answering questions after his speech, Tang said the United States and China had a shared duty and responsibility to ensure the six-party talks produce "real progress" in this round and advance regional stability.

He expressed confidence that ultimately, the Korean peninsula will realize its independent and peaceful reunification.
Indeed. Taiwan will be reunified and so will Korea. If China wants, China gets.

Here is Tang in the Ukraine just a few days ago: Xinahaunet:

Ukraine is willing to work with China to promote mutually-beneficial cooperation in every field and make new achievements one after another," said Petro Poroshenko, head of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine. He made the remarks during his meeting with Chinese State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan here Friday.

Tang said China and Ukraine have witnessed good momentum for development in bilateral relations and fruitful results of win-win cooperation since the two countries established their diplomatic ties.
Busier than Santa's elves, he is.

From Vietnam news service:
- December 30, 1999: Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan visited Viet Nam where he and his Vietnamese counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Nguyen Manh Cam, signed a land boundary treaty on behalf of the two governments.
He seems to be the one who sets up all the foreign policy triumphs that Hu and Wen collect. He is obviously very good and very obscure. His obscurity is obvious: he has to be able to come and go and not be noticed. Do note, even as the Democrats yell about the Chinese, none of them say a peep about all this, far from outlining it and asking why America is being run by Mr. Tang, we instead get all kinds of stupid hooey about the yuan and buying Unocal.

Keep the eye on the ball here!

Now for even creepier stuff. From Prensa Latina of Cuba:
Russia´s President Vladimir Putin and China´s Hu Jintao signed Friday in this capital a Political Declaration on world order in the 21st century.

According to Kremlin spokespeople, the text states that the ideas of claiming a monopoly in global affairs, dividing countries into those who lead and those who are led, imposing social development models and using double standards are unacceptable.

Other issues to analyze are fighting international terrorism and security measures, and the stability in several regions worldwide, especially in Central Asia.

Putin emphasized that the Chinese leader´s visit will give a new boost to strategic links and expressed satisfaction with the increasing military cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, whose first joint maneuver is scheduled for August.

China is one of the largest weapon purchasers from Moscow and is interested in acquiring fuel for its industry.

The agenda of Jintao, whose visit will end Saturday, also includes meetings with Prime Minister Mijail Fradkov and Lower House (Duma) president Boris Grizlov, as well as a visit to the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, Kazakstan and the Scottish city of Gleneagles.

The Russian delegation is made up of Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, Trade Minister Bo Xilai, the State adviser Tang Jiaxuan and Development and Reform Commission Minister Ma Kai, among others.
Again, the father of the President of the United States who, himself, was a President, is meeting without diplomatic supervision with the number 3 man in the Communist Chinese Central Committee. What would I give to be a fly on the wall for that meeting.

But I don't need to know. I have known for many years that the Bushes are Chinese tools.

On 9/11/91, a very auspicious day for magic number maniacs like the Bushes, Bush Sr. gave his famous "New World Order" speech and note in these articles the chat about the New World Order. Ahem. Run by Tang, of course.

From Who's Who in China's Leadership:
His resume: Tang Jiaxuan, born in January 1938, native of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province.
Joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in November 1973; began to work in September 1960; graduated from Oriental Languages Department of Peking University, majoring in Japanese language.

1955-1958: Student in Foreign Languages Department of Fudan University, majoring in English language.

1958-1962: Student in Oriental Languages Department of Peking University, majoring in Japanese language.

1962-1964: Staff member of Japanese division in Overseas Service Department of the Bureau of Broadcasting Undertakings.

1964-1969: Staff member of interpreters' team of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1969-1970: Sent for manual labor in the "May 7" cadre school of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
A number of the new people running China were sent off to be "re-educated during the Cultural Revolution. Don't forget, Kissinger and Nixon became Mao buddies during those
1970-1978: Deputy division chief of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, council member of Sino-Japanese Friendship Association.

1978-1983: 2nd secretary, 1st secretary of Chinese Embassy in Japan.

1983-1985: Deputy director of the office of the directing group for Party organization rectification in foreign affairs departments of the central authorities.

1985-1988: Deputy director of Asian Affairs Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1988-1991: Minister-counselor and minister of Chinese Embassy in Japan.
Note these years. Bush made quite a big scene about going to Japan to tell them to open their country to our trade because we had this pesky trade deficit with them, note how this deficit is much worse with them now! And we say not a peep anymore. This is where Tang learned from the masters, the Japanese, the art of buying Americans politicians and using them ruthlessly to destroy America.

The Bush visits produced nothing because the entire premis was fake. This was on the heels of Japan openly purchasing Ronnie Reagan and the media here hiding it or worse, praising Reagan for selling us down the river.
1991-1993: Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, member of the Party committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1993-1994: Vice minister of foreign affairs, member of the Party committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1994-1997: Vice minister of foreign affairs, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1997-1998: Party secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, vice minister of foreign affairs.

1998-2000: Minister of foreign affairs and Party secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2000-2003: Minister of foreign affairs, member of the Party committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2003-: State councilor.

Member of the 15th, 16th CPC Central Committees.
He sets policy. He has a very powerful voice in the Central Committee. He innoculously goes about, arranging things including making visits to his assets in America.

Ah, I just found a most interesting document. One that crosses my own trail. From CPRI:
After Li Peng announced the Martial Law, the situation became severe and even a civil war became a possible consequence. A Chinese student in Kyoto University approached me and told he was sent by Mr. Yang with a possible consideration of an "exile government (branch)" in Japan (*2).

However, when Deng Xiaoping finally appeared in CCTV with his PLA generals, everyone knew the game was over. Mr. Yang avoided meeting Chinese students, and actually, he was called back to China later and was forced to retire. Instead, Tang Jiaxuan, the Minister of Chinese Embassy in Japan , showed up to handle this incident in Japan.

Basically, Tang Jiaxuan acted like a petty-Jiang Zeming or petty-Zhu Rongji. He claimed that the Chinese government will forgive us of our anti-government activities, and he has burnt all petitions and any other materials so every Chinese student can return safely. However, he also threatened: "I cannot protect you if you continue any anti-government activity from now on." He lied to the Japanese public that no Chinese student would punished because of his/her government demonstration/petition activity (*3).

To "calm down" Chinese students' democratic activity in Japan, he utilized PRC's "sovereignty" to collaborate with the Japanese government to persecute PRC citizens. The Japanese regime was more than happy to violate Chinese people's human rights. The Japanese regime first prepared a few carrots, for example, Kobe University provided an Associate Professor of Law position for that Chinese student in Kyoto University with a Master degree for the reward of his information of our movement and his activity to threaten, even to beat, Chinese students away from our movement. The Japanese media reported this as an evidence of Japanese government's action to "protect Chinese students" as stated in the 1989 France G7 Summit.
Oh, this reminds me of the same time period. When the uprising happened and all the students and workers were brutally murdered in Tiananmin Square, I was the advisor for the Chinese students demonstrating in front of the UN. I did all the negotiations with the American State Department as well as the UN. To my horror, President Bush, who went on TV to mouth off at the Chinese and pretend to be tough, was actually an agent of the Chinese communist Central Committee and he quietly told the Immigration service to deport my students. When the police came for them, they ran into the tent I had erected for them in front of the Organization of African States' property. I said, "You are trespassing. We have permission to be here." The head of the Police in Manhattan told me to leave. I said, "You will deport these students over my dead body."

CNN was right next to me, filming everything, live, on cable TV. They backed down and I called Senator D'Amato. "Tell Bush that if he tries to arrest these students, there will be a action here and NYC won't like it." Then Gov. Pataki, who saw all this on CNN, came over to us to assure us, the Feds would not arrest anyone. He and D'Amato then went off to DC and basically told Bush it would be a huge black eye to violently drag off these poor students and besides, Elaine Meinel was there. Sort of, "family".

So to speak.

Later, I learned that Bush secretly met with Tang to assure him that all public pronouncements were fake. I do believe that this recent visit to Kennebunkport was for the same purpose. The Chinese are suspicious and need to be reassured that our Manchurian Leaders know who is the real boss and who is really in control.

The fact that the Mainstream press is still covering for the Bushes has reassured the Chinese, barely. They can see Bush is in very great trouble and they read the polls and know he is going down in flames. They wonder if they can finesse things further. They are most anxious to keep the Bushes in power.

It is painfully obvious why.">To return to homepage click here

Friday, July 29, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Whew. After wading through the Black Hat story--seriously, it got creepier by the hour!--it is a relief to go back to explaining China. This is byzantinian economics that are easy to track and explain! For now, that is.

From Xinhuanet:
The Bush administration is going to impose stricter restrictions on exporting American technologies and products to China, as Washington is getting increasingly nervous about non-stop Chinese rises on the world stage.

The U.S. Commerce Department is reportedly preparing to issue rules by the end of 2005, that would impose stricter limits on exports of American civilian technology that, allegedly, also has military uses, like aircraft parts, computer chips and machine tools, said Peter Lichtenbaum, the department's acting under secretary for industry and security, the International Herald Tribune reported.

"They're heading for a clash," the Bloomberg News quoted US trade expert Edmund Rice as saying.
I wonder if the Chinese have the Holy Grail code. It wouldn't surprise me. If I can find stuff online, so can they, I am assuming. What do you do if a rival empire is rising? Restrict trade? Um. Hasn't worked in the past. Heading for a crash? Haha. Indeed. Solution?

Let's past another $20 billion in tax cuts for our energy industry which is rolling in dough right now! Then we can go to the Chinese for more loans and then tell them they can't buy our technology. Oh, and we will demand the Europeans don't sell them technology, either. This will hamstring them!

Gads. Kill Hu and Wen by making them laugh to death.
"U.S. industry is integrating with China, but the Bush administration is taking steps that are taking U.S. policy in a virtually opposite direction," said Rice, the president of the US Coalition for Employment Through Exports, which represents companies like Boeing.
Har. Our good corporate entities are doing a great job for the Chinese. Boeing builds stuff for our military and in turn, will do the same for China! Anything for a yuan!
Currently, only 1.5 percent of the $35 billion in U.S. exports to China requires a government export license, the department says. Depending on how the new rules are structured, U.S. industry lobbyists say, the proportion could grow to more than 10 percent.
The Chinese invented not only paper money but red tape. Their concept of Heaven is a place run by bureaucrats who have to be bribed! How very logical. We have a problem. We are restricting not only exports but them purchasing stuff here like Unacol. So how are we planning to bring trade back into some balance?
Boeing, which this year won orders from Chinese airlines for 60 of its new 787 Dreamliner jets, said in June that it would use about $600 million in parts from Chinese companies.

The Bush Administration is still debating the details of the new regulations, and an intense lobbying campaign is being waged to influence the outcome, Bloomberg report
The ultimate plan is to get Boeing into a large enough contract and then wait a while and then make a nifty deal: they transfer the factories wholesale to China and get the planes cheap and can keep the profits of this contract while it is finished by Chinese workers. This has to be introduced very slyly, at least, they hope.

I have chatted about this plan before. It is very obvious now. Note this article:
US$6b deal for 50 Boeing jets in sight......Airbus hopes to clock up some 200 firm orders by the end of the year for its A350 whilst it is also pushing hard its A380 super-jumbo, of which it has sold five to China Southern.

Boeing has so far registered 261 orders for its 787, while Airbus currently only has 10 firm orders for the A350, which is expected to be in service by 2010.

To cater to domestic needs, China is also keen to build its own short-haul aircraft and so wean itself off dependence on Airbus and Boeing, the world's top major commercial aeroplane builders.

China is trying to develop a market for domestically built 70-to-90-seat regional jets.
The hint is there! Whoa. They finally said it! More: the plan isn't to confine themselves to their own domestic market. No way in hell. Imagine if they have clones of our jets only they cost one third to build? Hmm? Guess what.

Our trade deficit is going to really stink.

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Monday, July 25, 2005


Reuters in China
By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Pandas have been in the news. One ambled into a Chinese city and got up in a tree and had to be traquilized and brought to a Panda Sanctuary. Another panda in an American zoo had babies successfully. Taiwan is in an uproar over the free panda offer from mainland China. The party in power thinks it is a panda's nose under the tent while the opposition parties think pandas are cute.

Meanwhile, economic events grind on.

From Xinhuanews:
China's fiscal revenues grew by 14.6 percent year-on-year during the first half of this year to 1.639 trillion yuan (about 202.3 billion US dollars), the Ministry of Finance said Sunday.

Budget spending at central and local levels totaled 1.242 trillion yuan (153.3 billion US dollars) during the January-June period, up 15 percent, the ministry said.

Central fiscal spending was up 1.5 percent, but central fiscal revenues rose 10.1 percent, while fiscal spending by local governments jumped by 20.9 percent and local fiscal revenues grew by 21 percent.
Don't we wish we had these numbers! As we well know, the fragile prosperity we now enjoy is due entirely and totally to our piling debt upon debts. The NYT has another big article about how all businesses are dumping pensions as fast as possible because they proportedly can't afford them anymore.

Headlines are about AFL-CIO breaking apart. The Teamsters and others are leaving, wiping their bloody hands and dropping their knives. You know, it all started with them backing the Republicans and sitting idle while Reagan killed Rooseveltian reforms. They have backed GOP people consistently since that time. Blythly, they and many of their membership, has voted for conservativism because they had a great thing going for a while, namely, unions that were really hereditary fiefdoms whereby the people of only certain small ethnic family groups were protected while all others especially blacks, were locked out.

They became very reactionary, fighting a rearguard action for privilages and benefits held by only a few.

The large new union that organizes hotel workers is leaving, too, for different reasons. They are radicalized and want more action. They are very much on the liberal side of the scale.

Meanwhile, back in China:From Marketwatch:
Trade-related anger has been running high on Capitol Hill, but may have been eased a bit by China's decision to let the yuan appreciate slightly against the U.S. dollar.

Assurances that China was set to ease the peg between the yuan and the dollar had already prompted Sens. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to delay a vote on legislation that would impose 27.5% punitive tariffs on Chinese goods until the end of the current legislative session....
Psychologists have noted that when using Skinnerian reward training on animals, if you give a periodic, small reward, it works much better than consistent, large rewards. This is why slot machines exist. If they were more reliable and less frivolous, people wouldn't be attracted to them.

So the pittance dropped into our mouths doth satisfy the hungering beast!

Now on to Unocal: the fight rages. The mighty shareholders, those who actually bankroll the joint, are up in arms over political attempts by Chevron at cutting a cheaper deal by making it hard for China to put in their bid. Instead of bidding higher, they use lobbyists and political operatives to attack the Chinese bid and try to make it a done deal for themselves. Cheating the shareholders.

They are striking back. From Marketwatch:
A major shareholder of Unocal Corp. has urged the company's board to reconsider its endorsement of a takeover bid by Chevron Corp. over a higher offer by a Chinese state-owned oil company, saying the board may be breaking the law if it enters into a deal that forbids it from obtaining higher offers.

In a July 20 letter to Unocal's board, P. Schoenfeld Asset Management LLC, which holds more than 1 million shares of oil and gas producer Unocal, wrote that the oil company has a responsibility to its shareholders to lobby the federal government for approval of Chinese oil company CNOOC Ltd.'s bid.

"It is a violation of bedrock Delaware law for fiduciaries to enter into agreements that bar them from obtaining materially higher offers," according to a letter by the New York firm that was released Sunday. "It is your duty to maximize value for stockholders."
Heh. Classic capitalism. Note who the statists here are! Ain't the communist Chinese.

Once again, the NYT struggles to explain everything while concealing a great deal. If you read between the lines, it is rather amusing. From the NYT:
William A. Reinsch, an avowed free trader, welcomes China's rising stature in the international economy. After all, he is the president of the National Foreign Trade Council, an organization founded in 1914 to promote an "open world trading system." Indeed, when he was a senior trade official in the Clinton administration, Mr. Reinsch was chided by some security analysts who said he was being soft on China by placing matters of commerce ahead of national security.

A Chinese soldier checked an oil tank in the Qinghai province last year. China considered, but then rejected, the idea of teaming with an American company in a bid to acquire Unocal.

But even Mr. Reinsch is uneasy about China's attempt to buy Unocal, a midsize American oil company. The outcome of the takeover contest for Unocal is uncertain, and last week its board embraced an improved offer from Chevron. Yet Cnooc, a government-backed Chinese oil company, still has the higher offer - and it could up the ante. the ante.
Why must the "up the ante" when Chevron hasn't yet met their bid? Huh? Is this the new way of conducting bidding wars?
In China, there are also two camps - the security hawks and the economic modernists, according to China analysts. The modernists see China joining the United States as the second great economic power of the 21st century, and the two nations sharing the gains from increased trade ties and global growth. The hawks regard that view as naïve, and fret that American policy is to remain the world's only superpower and to curb China's rise. So China's response, the hawks say, is to try to erode United States hegemony and reduce America's power to hold China down.
This entire paragraph shows how stupid the analysis of China can be. Does anyone think a general in China gets to blab whatever he wishes and this isn't orchestrated by the Central Committee? Eh? Wot?

Does anyone, absolutely anyone in the Central Committee not to mention at much lower levels, want China to be the second great economic power? My, aren't we seriously underestimating the desires and dreams of others! "We're number one!" we scream. Then we crawl back to the Chinese with our begging bowls, pleading for money, for stuff. Yeah, right.

This childish analysis is due entirely to the need of the writer for the Times to toady up to American pretensions. Unable to ruffle feathers, the same silly soothing lullabyes are sung.
Both faces of China have been evident recently. Two weeks ago, a senior Chinese military official, Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu, said China should use nuclear weapons against the United States if the American military intervenes in any conflict over Taiwan. Then, bowing to pressure from the United States and other trading partners, China announced last Thursday that it would no longer peg its currency tightly to the dollar. It is a measured step, and it will not do much to moderate China's huge trade surplus with the United States anytime soon. But the move is a sign of flexibility and accommodation.
We are seriously doomed if we believe any of this stuff! China didn't "bow to pressure". Au contraire! They launched their new financial WMD when it was good and ready. They coupled this with many seemingly unrelated things. One of which was the Great Test: to see if America really was going to allow real capitalism for the first time, at home. Or was it all fake.

Well, it increasingly looks like our capitalism is fake. We may go about the planet, buying whatever we want, but no one else is allowed to do this. Suddenly, the game if rigged. This proof of our two faced attitude is being forcibly shown via the news across the planet. Isn't it hilarious that the communist Chinese are better capitalists than we? Hahaha.

Cnooc and its advisers misread the political environment in Washington. Fu Chengyu, the Cnooc chairman who earned a graduate degree from the University of Southern California, has said he was surprised by the intensity of political criticism. Cnooc's path would have been smoother if it had joined with an American oil company as a partner in its bid, an option that was considered briefly but rejected, according to a person close to the company.

The idea, the person said, would have been that the American company would acquire Unocal's assets in the United States, while Cnooc took the main prize in the deal - Unocal's offshore natural gas fields in Asia and its expertise in offshore exploration and production. The gas reserves and skill are considered strategic to China's goal of moving away from coal and generating 20 percent of the nation's electricity from natural gas by 2020. "It would have been better to have not made this big move a head-on attack, to have linked up with an American partner so the deal would have been less threatening and less a lightning rod for China politics in the United States," the person said.
Oh, the sneaky round eyed, big nosed Americans! This is the nub of the matter! The Chinese capitalists are cutting the American ruling class leeches out of the deal! If only they enlist some corrupt, traitorous Americans who are already stinking rich, into the deal, then it will sail past all the howling, raging ruling elitists who are pissed that the Chinese can outbid them on a level playing field!

Again, the writers misunderstand our opponents! They pretend the Chinese don't understand how the game is played, poor dears, and we will instruct them!

Word of warning: they have understood how the game is played for years and years. They studied their foe very closely. And I explained to them in detail how the ruling class works and how they will sell their own nation down the river for a 10% cut of the deal. The Chinese know the history of the Bush family and how they made oodles of money supporting the Nazi war machine after WWII began in ernest. And how the Federal government had to forcibly stop them even after Germany declared war on America!

This level of betrayal was richly rewarded. Look who runs our joint today!

The Chinese watched with fascination as Ronnie Reagan scooted off to Tokyo a mere two weeks after leaving office to collect his $2.5 million in bribes. They saw how the news media went silent or actually lied about this matter and Reagan wasn't hung by the neck or shot in the back of the head in a stadium as a warning to not betray America to foreign powers. The Chinese openly bribe the Bushes and watch as the press either ignores or minimizes or excuses or even celebrates this. They smile wickedly as they manipulate our nest of traitors.

They know exactly what they are doing. They are embarrassing the USA in front of the whole world, showing everyone that our free trade stuff is all lies. We just want to have unfair trade whereby we print up money and hand it over for goods while China soaks up all our inflation by buying our government bonds.

But these bonds are very important tools! This is how they gain leverage over us. And this leverage matters even as we haughtily inform them that if we declare bankruptcy, they can't collect! Well, guess what, everyone...they can collect. And the enforcer won't be nice and go away if we slam the door in his face. He is much more akin to the Mafia debt collectors.

This is why the Central Committee permitted a general to talk openly about how they will nuke America.

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Friday, July 22, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Often I admire Mr. Krugman. I read him avidly and learn a lot from him. But sometimes he misses what is going on. I assume this is because he reads the New York Times when it comes to stuff about China. He obviously doesn't read Japanese or Chinese newspapers.

I have read both for many years. Most of my life. So I have a great "reserve" of past information. This is why I say some of the weird sounding things here: most people have paid attention to Asian currency games only recently. Since my family has bought and sold Asian currencies for sixty years, traveling in and out of the place, we have a long, family/institutional memory concerning these currencies.

Did you know, you couldn't take India's currency out of the country for many years? No? Well, trust me, whenever my parents left the country, they would visit a nearby market and go on a spending spree and donate whatever was left to a charity there.

They went to China when there really wasn't a currency at all, during the Cultural Revolution.

They went in and out of Japan and marveled how you can buy Japanese goods much cheaper out of Japan than at home. So they bought nearly nothing there.

The Japanese aggressively manipulate their currency. They are masters of this.

From the NYT:
(Krugman) Thursday's statement from the People's Bank of China, announcing that the yuan is no longer pegged to the dollar, was terse and uninformative - you might say inscrutable. There's a good chance that this is simply a piece of theater designed to buy a few months' respite from protectionist pressures in the U.S. Congress.
Wrong. It is not theater. They kept parity with the dollar until they got all their internal systems ready and signed all the treaties they needed to secure their borders and extend their trade. The last treaty signing of significance was two days ago with Spain and Vietnam.

The new system is hidden from view and controlled by some very astute people who happen to be in the top ranks of the ruling communist party. They share the same goals as the others and will work in harmony with them. This isn't some independent entity that will be deciding on a daily basis what the currency will be vis a vis all others.

It will change, in concert with the diplomatic and economic desires of the collective, this is a communist nation that has achieved a great thing: no despots but rule by consensus and committee.

Krugman follows a false history at this point in his article:
A decade ago, before the world financial crisis of 1997-1998, capital movements seemed to fit the historic pattern, as funds flowed from Japan and Western nations to "emerging markets" in Asia and Latin America. But these days things are running in reverse: capital is flowing out of emerging markets, especially China, and into the United States.

This uphill flow isn't the result of private-sector decisions; it's the result of official policy. To keep China's currency from rising, the Chinese government has been buying up huge quantities of dollars and investing the proceeds in U.S. bonds.
Japan, the master manipulators of currency bar none, after being dragged to the Bretton Woods II accords, reset their currency to around 100 yen to the dollar. They then promised to "float" it only the Daisy Mae keeping it afloat has a very serious leak and it never rises above a certain point. If the yen rises so 90 yen buys a dollar, they take action and sink it.

The American rulers figured this game out and played it from day one, namely, when Bush Sr. was President and needed war money and couldn't read his lips, no new taxes. Even with the feeble stab at balancing the budget by raising taxes did virtually no good but Bush found he could get the Japanese to buy our public debts and in exchange, they could sink the yen to a level to keep Japanese goods much cheaper in America than Japan!

Whoopee. They then began the ruthless decimation our our industry in ernest.

The Chinese watched this and learned.When they got enough money going, they began to buy our debt and keep the currencies hooked together.
Some economists think there is a deep rationale for this seemingly perverse policy. I think it's something the Chinese government stumbled into as it tried to protect itself from the 1997-1998 crisis, and it is reluctant to change because the Chinese economy has been doing well. That is, China's leaders don't want to mess with success.

But pressures against China's dollar purchases are building. By keeping the yuan down, China is feeding a trade surplus that is creating a growing political backlash in America and Europe. And China, which is still a poor country, is devoting a lot of resources to the accumulation of a basically useless pile of dollars instead of to higher living standards.
Always, American pundits underestimate and misunderstand our opponents, looking down on them. If anyone thinks the Chinese "stumbled" upon their past policies, they are nuts. The policy isn't "preverse". It is working just fine. The American government is now addicted to China buying our debts. Proof is that we went debt slap happy the minute they offered to bankroll our wild spending. They smiled and signed the loan papers and we went out and started wars.

They track the amount due and rub their hands with happy glee. This money isn't doing anything for China except buying America. If we go bankrupt, China doesn't care so long as we lose all the money owed to the Japanese at the same time. See?

Japan has twice as much invested and will lose twice as much if America goes bankrupt. This is called "killing two enemies with one stone." See? Stunning.
This story is still in its early days. On the first day of the new policy, the yuan rose only 2 percent, not enough to make any noticeable difference. But one of these days Chinese dollar purchases will trail off, and we'll find ourselves living in interesting times.
Little effect? This rate change, a trivial, tiny thing, had way outsized effects already. The Chinese have noted this with great glee. They know this means the yuan is a "pressure point" much more than the sneakier, more hidden yen effect.

This means they can move world markets up or down with impunity on their own agenda. I hope your hair is standing on end. It better.

Greenspan loved the idea that the world trembled at his tread. It does no longer, indeed, he has openly expressed amazement that rates don't change on his say so, the bond market no longer runs the minute he orders them, someone else gets this response.

That person speaks Mandarin.

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by Elaine Meinel Supkis

All sorts of funny stuff about the sudden switch of direction from the Chinese. I am suspecting the Chinese are going to encourage the Bush/Greenspan Skull and Bonesmen to believe that China jumped the dollar shark because they were terrified of all the bellowing from America. That they are a'fearful of that ol' briar patch! Yass.

Let's first go to the official news. From Xinhuanews:
Countries around the world welcomed on Thursday the Chinese government's decision to raise the value of its currency yuan by 2.1 percent and to replace its fixed peg to the US dollar with a tie to a basket of currencies.

The People's Bank of China, China's central bank, announced it would trade its currency at a rate of 8.11 to the US dollar starting 19:00 (1100 GMT) Thursday, and the yuan to US dollar pegging system is switched to a basket of foreign currencies.

Over the past few years, the Chinese yuan has been pegged to the US dollar at the rate of one dollar for 8.27 yuan.

The move was immediately applauded by countries, especially the industrialized ones, around the world.

US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Alan Greenspan welcomed China's decision to move to a more flexible currency system, calling it "a good start."
Heh. China has been carefully cultivating good will while doing what has to be done. So everyone shouts and yells and then they make a tiny move causing a cascade of praise and hoorahs. This is how one gages one's power. Nobody forced the Chinese to do anything. Neither governments nor corporate entities. If China were fearful and obedient satrapy, they would have rushed off to do this stuff instantly.

Instead, they did it in their own good time, and not really, anyway.
Hailing the decision as China's first step toward globalizing its economy, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda saidJapan respects the move by the Chinese government.

"It must be the conclusion of the Chinese government having considered various things. We pay our respects to that," the top government spokesman said.
Hahahaha. Forget the Chinese dying laughing. I think I will. OK, America. Think hard. What is going on here? Aside from the fact that we royally lost WWII against Japan, they own us, we don't own them, who manipulates their currency vis a vis the dollar so they can penetrate and destroy many of our industries? Take a wild guess.

The Chinese know. It is in this same article. They put it there as a tease, I suppose, like me, they think, "Will anyone read this and understand? Heh."
In early New York trading, the yen and euro rose sharply against US currency. The dollar was buying 110.75 yen at 8:45 a.m., down from 112.91 late Wednesday, and the euro rose to 1.2193dollars from 1.2138 late Wednesday.
Anyone been tracking the yen since we surrendered to the Japanese after 1982? Recall the build up to Bretton Woods II when we begged and pleaded with Japan to revalue their currency. They finally did this, and since they owned Ronald Reagan for the bargain price of a mere $2.5 million bribe, they got what they wanted.

Not a floating currency but a state controlled currency run dually by America and Japan. The deal was, Japan buys all our GOP generated debts and we let them decide the relative worth of our joint currency!

Never, never ever, has the yen gone below 100 to the dollar. It bounces around between that and 110 to the dollar. With a huge trade surplus vis a vis America, I will note that our government allowed them to manipulate the yen so outrageously, they dared to make it 112 to the dollar even as Toyota and Honda both claim they will not flood our car markets too much since they are happy with over 30% of it already! Whoopee.

When the dollar soared against the euro, the Chinese held tight but the Japanese did the most damage to us: they actually made the yen weaker supposedly vis a vis the dollar! This feat was hidden from view by all the co-conspiritors in America who deliberately hammered China while utterly silent about Japan. So Japan, which had the yen at 105 to the dollar during that time, brought it down even lower when no one was looking.

From the NYT:
China has abandoned one of the world's clearest currency policies, a tightly managed peg of the yuan to the dollar that had endured since 1997. China has chosen instead to adopt one of the world's most opaque currency policies, with a secret mechanism to reset the yuan's value each night.

For nearly eight years, Beijing's leaders trusted in Alan Greenspan, assuming that where the dollar went, China could safely follow. Now China's rulers are putting their trust in a much less well-known central banker: Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of the People's Bank of China, who must manage the more discretionary policy put in place yesterday. Starting with the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and continuing through the rapid economic expansion since then, China has allowed the yuan to vary less than one-hundredth of a percent from its peg of 8.277 to the dollar. That impressive stability helped prompt business executives and entrepreneurs from around the world to invest $60 billion a year in new factories and other operations in China. These investors were confident that they knew what those businesses and their exports would be worth in dollars.
This article is so funny I have to control the urge to turn into the Joker and laugh permanently.

Wanna know the "secret mechanism"? Take a wild guess.

They set the currency at whatever rate they want and when they want it. No longer does it ride the back of the tiger dollar, it is now hunting the tiger and will lurk in the tall bamboo, waiting to strike for it is the dragon.

Meet the dragon itself:


Does this man look dumb? Compare this picture with Bush. Or Greenspan. Frankly, Greenspan looks like he is going senile fast as far as I can tell. Or he is already dead and is a zombie. He doesn't look all that on the ball. This man looks don't want to be stuck negotiating with him and not have all your stones lined up in a good configuration. He looks shrewd.

This man will, with close consultation with his fellow communist leaders, choose each day what the yuan will be worth the next day. They are now launching their nuclear money sub. It has MIRVs on board. Since they own about 30% of our own government and a huge hunk of the dollars we print every day is owned by China. Not one yuan they print is controlled or owned by the USA.

This is why our trade/budget is fatal. Not a problem but fatal.

Beijing's leaders never trusted Alan Skull and Bones Greenspan. They used him. He was a nifty tool. They studied him really good, they talked with the Japanese, they figured out how the Japanese manipulate their currency/trade with America and then applied this in spades to their intended victims: Japan and the USA. The Japanese alerted the USA to all this about six months ago. Heh again. They certainly waited a long time, didn't they? I will note here that China incidentally managed to create a trade surplus with Japan at this same time. Thus the urgency to go to America on the part of the Japanese. Despite all this, they still didn't stop doing what the Chinese are doing, either, they viewed this as an opportunity to give us the coup de grace.

Under the new system, the basket of currencies used to set the value of the yuan would be known to only Chinese authorities, though it is widely expected to include the euro and the Japanese yen. From the Washington Post:
China said Thursday, July 21, 2005 it will no longer peg its currency, the yuan, to the U.S. dollar but instead let it float in a tight band against a basket of foreign currencies. The yuan has been strengthened, effective immediately, to a rate of 8.11 to the U.S. dollar - compared to the 8.28 it has been set at for more than a decade - and the new trading regime will begin.

Widening the band in which the yuan trades allows China to adjust to the foreign investment inflows that have been pouring into the country. Such investment, combined with China's swelling export earnings, has pushed the country's foreign exchange reserves beyond $600 billion, sowing worries about over-investment and inflation.

"China needs a flexible exchange rate to take off speculative pressures," said Jonathan Anderson, chief economist at UBS Investment Research in Hong Kong.
The WP article isn't as demented as the NYT one. I wonder why. One very demented thing they do include is the stupid, hoary, old line: China doesn't want so much foreign investment or money flowing in, it is growing too fast.

If they were so worried about growing fast, they would import Bush and have him ruin the economy for them. And who is desperately inflating all sorts of things in a vain effort to get growth?


Duh. We are screwing around with the entire planet as we thrash about, trying to grow nothing. This week's news is all about yet more corporate layoffs. 36,000 here, 14,000 there, soon no one will work for American America.

America is sopping up 60% of the world's financing. Far from screaming, "we should not do this, it is bad," we bellow, "we are number one, it is good!" even as every American "economist" solemnly swears that China should stop doing what we are doing because it hurts China. Laugh along with me. Ha ha.
China has been loath to remove controls on the movement of money, cognizant that a surge of speculative investment into real estate followed by a hasty dash for the exits delivered Asia's last financial crisis. China avoided the devastation in large part because of its fixed currency and strict capital controls -- a policy that then drew words of gratitude from the United States.
Words of gratitude. We don't control our own fates because we don't want to pay the price of freedom.

Freedom doesn't mean you get really rich fast without working. It usually means lots of sacrifice and work but in the end you are strong, not weak. We are weak.

China watched the "hasty dash to the exits" during a currency crisis. They and they alone, have stood firm and they are seen as stalwarts. America is a manipulative country that deliberately messes with our currency, note how we deliberately drove it down in value when our European allies refused to go to war! We taught them a lesson! Which is why they have much more business with China today than back then. Why do business with someone who will shaft you over political matters?

The coming "hasty dash to the exits" will happen to the good ol' USA. I can't tell when, but you can bet, if the Chinese send war ships to stop the Japanese from drilling in disputed grounds, we will be forced to either stand down and let the Japanese shoot it out with China...and they will lose...or we side with Japan and have WWIII and of course, bankruptcy.

The Chinese are feeling our pulse. Will we side with Japan? They frown and weigh their options which are deep and considerable. All people sacrifice when their governments go to war. The Chinese people don't like the Japanese right now. They don't like us very much, either. Thanks to Bush.

So on with the Great Game of Go.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005


The Light at the end of the terrorist tunnel
by Elaine Meinel Supkis

It never ends. The thrashing around of the beast. A terrorist attack, evidently the work of ordinary British citizens, all young people who didn't look or act or grow up even slightly different from any other Brit, have successfully attacked at the heart of their own homeland.

Securing an imperial city is very difficult when this sort of anger is aroused. But if we are supposedly conducting a war on terror, both the USA and its provinces like England ought to be slightly serious about the matter.

So what gives here? This editorial of the NYT lays into our own representatives but look at the names involved! From the NYT:
This was a sad week for the war on terror. The Senate voted, disgracefully, to shift homeland security money from high-risk areas to low-risk ones - a step that is likely to mean less money to defend New York and California against terrorism and more for states like Wyoming. Before the vote, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff made a powerful appeal to the senators to distribute the money based on risk. But the Senate, led by Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, and other small-state representatives, put political pork ahead of national security. It now falls to the House to fight for a financing formula that will keep the nation safe.

The 9/11 commission, after an extensive study of the best ways to defend America, urged that antiterrorism funds be divided "strictly on an assessment of risks and vulnerabilities." Mr. Chertoff, in a strongly written letter, urged the senators to enact a formula that would distribute money "based on risk and need," not one that is "static" and "inflexible."

But Congress likes inflexible formulas because they allow members to grab homeland security dollars for their own districts and constituents, whether they need them or not. Rather than dole out homeland security money according to a system based entirely on risk, Congress builds in guaranteed state minimums - money that goes to a state regardless of the risks and threats it faces. This way, money that the Homeland Security Department may want to use to protect New York's subways or Texas' chemical plants ends up in Nebraska.

Senators had a chance to fix next year's formula, but they voted to make it worse. The original homeland security budget would have allocated 70 percent of the money according to relative risks. Senators from the highest-risk states, led by Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, introduced an amendment to raise that number to 87 percent. Ms. Collins, supported by Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut Democrat, introduced an amendment to lower to 60 percent the amount given out according to risk.
Lieberman at it again! What possesses him? Well, we all know. He is wheeling and dealing for his own country which ain't the USA. Why should he care if Americans are blown up? This makes them give more money to his homeland. This is why Sharon is asking us for another $2.2 billion so the Israeli welfare state can continue to pad the incomes of Jews immigrating between the two countries.

We do spend more than that every two weeks in Iraq, but the Iraqis see none of the money. They live in terrible misery. All that money flows right back into the wallets of rich American owners of companies like Halliburton.

The budget deficit will be, if you leave out all this war money and money to Israel, "only" $333 billion. Well, like, wow. This means we go another trillion into the hole in two and a half years instead of two? Great. Seeing this, Congress goes mad and churns out more money for themselves as we see with this latest spending bill.

Making nearly half of the money available for "protecting" totally improbable "targets" is just so much hooey because the real enemy is within, it is ourselves and our hyper spending, hyper militarism run hopelessly out of control because our future enemies are bankrolling this useless madness.

None of this money being spent is making us safer or happier. It is all a total loss. Someday we will have buyer's remorse and it will be too late.

Oh, and Chertoff has so much influence in the White House that he has to beg Congressional Republicans who then throw his words back in his own face and Bush sits idly by, doing nothing. A word from Bush and this would have been stopped in its tracks. The fact that he has OKed this garbage shows me that his stupid war on terror, aka, humiliate as many Muslims as possible and goad them into attacking us, is a shadow show for children.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Chinese workers in neat, clean uniforms, building Japanese cars much cheaper and neater than Americans working for Japan.
by Elaine Meinel Supkis

When doing business with us, all the Asians smile. They don't do this for naturally. They learned the hard way to do this when doing business with foreign devils. More than one person has noted that the smile often hides hostility. Certainly, it is a social marker which can be learned and applied.

Americans in particular like to imagine people smile because they are guiless and friendly and thus can be cheated if we are very clever. Sort of like handing out candies to children from army tanks.

But alas for our delusions, the world isn't a nice place.

I reported just last week the startling information that the Japanese are building car finishing plants here in America only as charity but that they despise us even as they plop these plants down in the deep south in states run by DeLay and Trent Lott and Haley Barbour, that corrupt troika of Republicans eager to sell their services to any foreign entity. Thanks to an alert poster at Atrios--From the Canadian Broadcasting Consortium:
Ontario workers are well-trained.

That simple explanation was cited as a main reason why Toyota turned its back on hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies offered from several American states in favour of building a second Ontario plant.

Industry experts say Ontarians are easier and cheaper to train - helping make it more cost-efficient to train workers when the new Woodstock plant opens in 2008, 40 kilometres away from its skilled workforce in Cambridge.
The Japanese welfare factories are totally 100% taxpayer subsidized. Namely, we allow them to erect them here as unattached entities. They contribute nothing to our pressing government bills that are killing us. Two trillion in the red during the Bush years so far! It gets worse, though,
The plant will produce the RAV-4, dubbed by some as a "mini sport-utility vehicle" that Toyota currently makes only in Japan. It plans to build 100,000 vehicles annually.

The factory will cost $800 million to build, with the federal and provincial governments kicking in $125 million of that to help cover research, training and infrastructure costs.

Several U.S. states were reportedly prepared to offer more than double that amount of subsidy. But Fedchun said much of that extra money would have been eaten away by higher training costs than are necessary for the Woodstock project.

He said Nissan and Honda have encountered difficulties getting new plants up to full production in recent years in Mississippi and Alabama due to an untrained - and often illiterate - workforce. In Alabama, trainers had to use "pictorials" to teach some illiterate workers how to use high-tech plant equipment.

"The educational level and the skill level of the people down there is so much lower than it is in Ontario," Fedchun said.
The Japanese think we are idiots. They are so annoyed with our collective stupidity that they are now willing to talk openly about it, in public. Do note that not one American news outfit carried this story. There are several shots across our prow here: one is, educational standards matter.

Second, the born again Jihad Christians and their war to dumb down America is fatal. The fact that the south gives the biggest goodies and has the lowest prices and the political muscle to lure in the Japanese is offset by the fact that the people there are inferior thanks to the GOP's efforts at stupifying Americans. After all, this dumbing downing is failing in the "Union" states, overall, but is a raging success in the Confederacy of Dunces down South.

All things are interconnected in other ways. The Japanese have decided that even the limited health services they provide is costing them dearly in America. They praise Canada for having a sane, single payer system and wonder outloud why America is too dumb to copy an obvious success story.
The provincial funds for the auto sector were drawn from a fund set up to attract investments specifically in that industry. McGuinty said no similar industry funds are being planned for other sectors, but added the province wants to attract biotechnology companies - those working on multibillion-dollar advanced medical research.

"What we have done for auto we would like to be able to do for biotech," he said. "That's where we're lending some real focus to at the present time."
The Canadians and the Japanese and the Chinese are all aiming straight at our core. This is due to us being hopelessly corrupted as well as our own pride and incompetence. Why do our rulers refuse to give us a good single payer health plan? I wonder about this. Sometimes, in darker moods, I think they seriously want us to die off in great numbers. But they can't make this a program so they do it via inaction. Hitler made the elimination of huge numbers of people the semi-official program of the Nazis. But even he hid it pretty well, more or less, until the armies of his opponents overwhelmed him and uncovered his annihilation programs.

I want to thank Toyota for speaking frankly. I hope someone here listens carefully. This is why I write on my blog!

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by Elaine Meinel Supkis

Today we examine the underbelly of the ruling class. What is important are the names and company IDs. As readers of this blog knows, I track certain items in the news. There is a reason to limit my search. One can be overwhelmed and miss important information. All the things surrounding certain names like "pipeline" and "oil reserves" leads to the hidden caves of the real rulers of our country. Understanding who they are and what they want is life and death for everyone. These are the people who decide, in collusion with the owners of the news media, if and when we go to war, who gets our jobs and if terrorists attack us and not them.

About terrorists: they are smart and they lurk on the web and exploit the information here. Bin Laden himself has revealed how he uses the internet. The names I follow include people who interact with his clan. They are the same ones we see in the top boardrooms in energy companies and in the White House itself. Tracking these people and their interests is like NOAA tracking hurricanes.

The surprising announcements coming out of DC concerning the impending Chinese take-over of Unocal has amused me because this is spy vs spy or in this case, ruling class energy czars vs ruling class lawyer czars and it causes many cross-current ripples since they are in conflict and thus, showing their hands a tad. Bland articles appear irregularily in the press that connect a dot or two but don't connect too many dots.

Thanks to the internet, I can.

Today's Ruling Elite lesson is about a lawyer's group, Atkin/Gump/STRAUSS/Howard and Feld Note Strauss' name.
The law firm founded by Robert S. Strauss and Richard A. Gump in 1945 is one of the world's largest firms. Our growth has come by understanding client problems - and solving them with a strategic combination of legal, practical and political skills. As we proceed in a new millennium marked by dramatic advances in technology and the expansion of international business into new markets, we are well-positioned to provide legal services that meet the changing needs of our clients on a 24/7 basis.

Our vision is to address the array of legal challenges you may encounter in achieving your business goals. This vision has brought us depth, diversity and experience. And, we are still a first-generation firm. Those who built the firm continue to serve the clients that have grown with us.

Among our lawyers are men and women with different talents and approaches to the law. Yet they also possess striking similarities, starting with the ability to see creative solutions others might miss. Our lawyers are not satisfied until they have met the highest standards of legal service. In every area of the law, we focus on achieving results that help your business.
From another page of this site, a biography:
Robert S. Strauss has served as Chairman of the Board of the U.S.-Russia Business Council since January 1993. He is a Founding Partner at Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP.

"In August 1991, Mr. Strauss was sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he in turn became U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation. In November 1992, he resigned from the Foreign Service to rejoin his law firm.

"Mr. Strauss served as a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after receiving his law degree from the University of Texas. In January 1946, he entered private law practice and founded the firm that became Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP, with offices in Texas, Washington, Brussels, and Moscow.

"Mr. Strauss served as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1973 to 1976. He served as Chairman of President James Earl Carter, Jr.'s election campaign in 1976, and then in President Carter's Cabinet as Special Trade Representative. Over the next two-and-a-half years, Mr. Strauss successfully concluded the Tokyo Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations and directed its passage through Congress, culminating in the Trade Act of 1979. Following the completion of the trade agreements, President Carter asked Mr. Strauss to serve as his Personal Representative to the Middle East peace negotiations.
Interesting mess, isn't it? If it weren't for LBJ, Strauss would have stayed a minor figure. Instead, he rose to the center as a devoted servant to our rulers, the people who invest money and socialize for a living--like the British Royal Family who have appended themselves to their former colony and are now serviced by this colony.

Strauss is of no political party. Note how he floats around in both, sloshing in oil. Not only does he serve no party, he serves no nation now. The oil pumping nations are his clients. And now China.

Want to know why jobs are being outsourced and our trade deficit stinks? Look no futher. I remember during the vote counting in Florida after the failed election in 2000, Strauss was called in by the Bushes to "fix" things which he did, buying the silence of the Democrats and in particular, quieting Gore by lying to him.

Both parties are in the same boat only now it is sinking under its own contridictions.

From Consortium News:
Known as a smooth-talking lawyer, Strauss had made his first major foray into politics as a principal fund-raiser for Connally’s first gubernatorial race in 1962. Connally then put Strauss on the Democratic National Committee in 1968. Two years later, Connally agreed to join the Nixon administration.
Now the history gets interesting on the side. Strauss and Connally are part of the Great Change Over when Democrats switched sides after LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act because...Kennedy was assassinated in Texas while driving in an open car with Connally who was gov. of Texas back then.

Now you can see the matrix.

The Kennedy assassination was a watershed moment in history. It is one of the times, executing the other Kennedy was an afterthought, when the tangled affairs of the Real Rulers suddenly took bloody shape and revealed themselves. I know a zillion conspiracy theories surround this affair just like...9/11. This is because they had to move out in the open, briefly. The connection between the bin Laden family, the Bushes, Robert Strauss' law firm, oil, war and death, power politics and all that is a dense thicket that is connected with the Carlyle Group and the CIA and what I call "Shadowlands"...that queer alternative to America that has slowly taken over our country.

Here is one of a zillion examples of the web of influence Strauss has woven: The Eurasia Foundation. Want to know where your secret CIA dollars flow? Look no further!
The Eurasia Foundation relies heavily on its NIS-based staff to decide on individual grant applications and on larger strategic issues. Decisions are made in consultation with local advisory boards, which consist of foreign and local experts drawn from several professional fields. Advisory boards add significantly to the review process by bringing new perspectives and broad networks of contacts. This degree of decentralization of authority pushes decision making as close as possible to the local level in the NIS.
Such charming, bland language! Just think, screaming people being gunned down in Uzbekistan or being boiled alive in secret prisons.

Who We (the real ruler's courtiers) Are is an interesting Who's Who. Aside from Strauss, google any of the names on this list and you will find a thousand interconnections in this great web.

The slush fund: Strauss funnels a lot of loot. It doesn't rain down from the sky, either. From the Center for Public Integrity: Atkin Gump ranked number six in lobby money spent buying our government for the real rulers and foreign governments. In 1998 they spent $11, 330,000 in DC greasing palms. But in 2003 they had $25,775,000 to spend. More than double in just five years! Who gave them this bounty and why?

The GOP doesn't have to be bought with that much money, there is now no competition since the GOP runs America as holding officers for the rulers and the Democrats only want to have a cut in the deal, they obviously are not fighting for voters. So why did the money to push things double?

Who is buying the services of Strauss?

Back to the news! From the Washington Post yesterday:

President Bush's top independent intelligence adviser met last winter with investment bankers in China to help secure his law firm's role in lobbying for a state-run Chinese energy firm and its bid for the U.S. oil company Unocal Corp., according to his law firm, Akin Gump.

The involvement of James C. Langdon Jr., chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and a major Bush fundraiser, underscores the tangled Washington connections beneath CNOOC Ltd.'s bid. Both CNOOC and its rival for Unocal, Chevron Corp., have enlisted lobbyists and public relations professionals with deep ties to the Bush White House and Republican leaders in Congress. Wayne L. Berman, a principal lobbyist for Chevron, is a Bush "Ranger," having raised at least $200,000 for the president's campaign. His wife, Lea, is the White House social secretary.

Langdon's involvement, given his dual role as Bush intelligence adviser and energy lawyer at the law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, may prove politically problematic, some security experts said. Members of the intelligence board, known as PFIAB, are granted the highest security clearance and develop top-secret advisories and reports for the president, most of which are not even available to members of Congress.

"China is among the biggest intelligence challenges of the coming decades," said Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Scientists' Project on Government Secrecy. "Along with the war on terrorism, it's not far behind, and one has to wonder whether Mr. Langdon's involvement in Chinese affairs will be tolerated by intelligence agencies that have different interests than those of Mr. Langdon's firm."

A partner at Akin Gump, Langdon served as a member of PFIAB in Bush's first term. On Feb. 25, the White House announced his reappointment to the board and his designation as chairman.

Langdon met with CNOOC's investment banking partner, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., in February, marshalling a long friendship with Beijing-based Goldman executive William Wicker to help win his law firm's lobbying contract, Akin Gump officials confirmed. They say he recused himself in late March from further involvement in the matter, either for Akin Gump or the PFIAB.

"He's not working on the deal," said Mark Palmer, a spokesman for Akin Gump who questioned whether it is important that a lawyer tried "to help the firm and then recused himself" from further involvement. Langdon did not return repeated telephone calls requesting comment.
Now all these little sneaky sneaks work for...the Chinese! Yes, they switched sides! Not for the first time! Note how Strauss worked for the Japanese just as Reagan served Japan faithfully. I know men who fought the Japanese in WWII while Reagan ran around Hollywood and they fell for the media pretense of Reagan as the craigy, all American hero-boy who was brave and proud. When Reagan collected his pay openly from the Japanese, our media fell silent. Not one paper called for him to be arrested for treason. To this day, no paper will say a peep about the $2.5 million the Japanese gave Reagan two weeks after leaving office.

Back in the eighties, I told the Chinese all about this stuff for I tracked it back then, even. I explained to them that they could easily purchase the loyalty and love of the top American leadership and their underlings. But they needed seed money for the price was somewhat steep and the Chinese communists back then were penny pinchers. Even the top ones often asked me for taxi money! They considered my lifestyle to be terribly oppulent which is why they lived with me, I suppose.

It took them a while to put together the funds but by 1989, they had enough money invested in Bush Sr. for him to service them when they killed all those students. This is why Bush Sr. didn't want to bring it up in the UN and why I camped with the Chinese students in front of the UN for a month, trying to force his hand.

Since then, as the Chinese communist party gets richer, the money flowing through Strauss' lawfirm shoots up and up and up. Like a rocket. There is a direct connection. While some politicians and people in the Pentagon fume about selling a major American oil company to China, a parade of interesting people appeared out of the shadows to endorse this sale. As my previous articles noted, there seems no shortage of Americans happy to sell everything to foreign entities.

Like the Saudis.

Now for some more Shadowlands/ruling class stuff from the same WP article:
Energy experts agreed that Langdon could become a lightning rod despite having recused himself from the matter. (ie, working for the Chinese communists to buy Unacol)

"I have a very high regard for Mr. Langdon, but an emotional issue like this is one thing that's very, very difficult to prepare for," said J. Robinson West, chairman of PFC Energy, a District-based energy consulting firm. "Fair or not, he may get dragged into this."

The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board was established in 1956 to provide the president independent advice on the effectiveness of U.S. intelligence agencies. Past chairmen include retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, Republican former senator Warren B. Rudman, Democratic former House speaker Thomas S. Foley, former defense secretary Les Aspin and top foreign policy adviser Clark H. Clifford.

"They have the ear of the president," said Aftergood, who called the board "disproportionately influential."

Scowcroft, Bush's first PFIAB chairman, led a highly sensitive effort to draft intelligence changes in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that remains top-secret. Under Rudman, the board was tasked to investigate alleged leaks of classified information from the nation's nuclear weapons laboratories.

Langdon's work for the CNOOC contract and his subsequent recusal point to the potential for conflicts inherent in citizen boards such as PFIAB that have access to highly classified information, Rudman said.

But, Rudman said, the PFIAB staff has established strict rules to deal with such problems.

"It's pretty hard to not have a member get into a conflict situation occasionally," he said.
Hahaha. "Conflict of interest"! Such charming, soft words to describe treason! See what a soft, feathery pillow it is? Throughout our government, we see traitors hard at work. They undermine our country on a daily basis and every once and a while like on 9/11, it suddenly, like a lightning bolt, appears in the open. The media had to churn for months to hide that slip up! All the careful work to tie it to Muslim terrorists! And bin Laden, whose family is part of the Who's Who of Shadowlands!

The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board which was founded under Eisenhower who knew my dad and who trusted him, I know well. Ahem. My father worked for several Presidents starting with Roosevelt himself who got my father started.

This is probably why the Chinese communists, who have my dossier, asked me to teach them about the rulers back in the eighties.

Anyway, this advisory board used to be there to keep foreign governments and rulers from treasonous activities but now they own all the advisors so it operates now in the opposite direction: it is the FUNNEL for foreign bribes and influence! This is their key to the White House!

These people are the ones who also stuck us with the Patriot Act which was not written by legislators in Congress but was delivered whole to them to vote on...without even reading it! To hurry it all along, the anthrax attacks closed down the Senate, making debate difficult and the hysteria made it all impossible.

The bonus with the anthrax attack was the delivery of one letter to the photo editor of the Sun who OKed the publishing of the Jenna drunk photos. I talked to the FBI during the investigation and told them who to interrogate about these letters. In the past, the FBI has listened to me. Not this time, naturally.

Well, the Chinese have oodles of money. If other entities want to stop them, they will up their spending, too, and even more money will pour into the coffers of Strauss' big fat treason machine and it will roll on relentlessly. I am betting on the Chinese winning more than one round here simply because they are one of the few entities showing a postive money flow.

The others are the Saudis.

Boy, are we in for a world of hurt.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


California man is dead after driving his car off a cliff.
by Elaine Meinel Supkis

The financial news media sometimes shows how closely they pimp for people who are not interested in information dissemination. Take CNN, for example:
Editor's Note: has a business partnership with, which serves as the exclusive provider of job listings and services to

The United States has added nearly 1 million jobs so far this year with May marking 24 consecutive months of sequential gains, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job growth has averaged 176,000 in the last two months, keeping pace with the 17-month average of 180,000.

Three-fourths of hiring managers report their organizations have added workers over the last six months to expand operations, support new product launches, improve customer service and drive more revenue. The latest government reports show that, in the first quarter, corporate profits rose 13.8 percent year over year.
Um, "" isn't providing a service, they are dominating CNN which is not really a news service anymore. The million jobs created, an awful number of them are housing related and already, the bubble there is fading fast on many fronts.

From CNN same day front page:
Job cuts jumped 35 percent in June, with the number of layoff announcements pushing the monthly total to its highest level since January of last year, an employment firm said Wednesday.

Employers announced 110,996 job cuts in June, compared to 82,283 in May, according to a monthly report issued by Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

June job cuts rose 73 percent from the year-ago period. So far this year, 538,274 job cuts have been announced this year, 14 percent more than the six-month total of 472,735 last year.

Despite reports that show economic growth and job gains, major layoff announcements in the auto and retail sectors contributed to the surprise June number.

"The fact that job cuts are rising in the summer is not even the most surprising trend. The surprise is that we are seeing a growing number of mass job cuts," said John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

"The cuts are not necessarily an indication of economic weakness, but rather the by-product of numerous trends, including changing consumer demand, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, automation and consolidation. We are also starting to see job cuts resulting from higher health care costs as well as higher oil and natural gas prices."
In plain English, the jobs being shed are the important ones that have the most value added since they are being shipped out or robotized. You don't put expensive robots to work to replace hamburger flippers. Plain English for "changing consumer demand" is sales are down! Oh oh.

General Motors was at the head of the pack for boosting numbers while slitting wrists: From the NYT:
It is a good time to buy an American car - or so Detroit's Big Three automakers want consumers to think.

On Tuesday, General Motors announced that it would extend to Aug. 1 its highly successful sales promotion, which offers vehicles for the same price that G.M. employees pay. Several hours later, Ford Motor said it, too, would begin selling most of its vehicles at the reduced employee rate. And Chrysler, the American division of DaimlerChrysler, is expected to announce details of an employee discount program of its own on Wednesday, when its sale begins.

A Cadillac dealer in Los Angeles offered an employee discount that could lower the price of an Escalade S.U.V. by several thousand dollars. The promotion caused G.M. sales to soar by 41 percent in June. The announcements by all three add up to an aggressive summer pricing war among the domestic automakers. Last month, General Motors rattled the industry when it began the sale, which can drop the average sticker price on a vehicle by several thousand dollars.
The reason "inflation" isn't raging is simply because, like during all other times the price of oil shoots up, the price of energy sucking stuff collapses. Anything that uses a huge amount of energy cuts prices in desperation, hoping to sell in a suddenly difficult market. The fact that now all the American auto dealers are destroying their profit margins in an attempt at unloading stock is to be expected.

Just three years ago, despite rising competition from a variety of models, gas guzzlers were the profit kings of the highway. $2000+ per vehicle vs a tiny $500 on small gas misers. So of course, Detroit pushed the SUV stuff very hard indeed.

Now they are white elephants and this happy sale is bad news all around. Sales are up but this is no good.

From Worker's World news:
As tens of thousands of General Motors employees clocked out at the end of their shifts on July 1--to begin an annual two-week nationwide shutdown for inventory and maintenance--questions about their job security, health-care costs and pensions remained unanswered.

At a June 7 stockholders' meeting in New York, GM Chair and Chief Executive Officer Rick Wagoner had announced that the giant corporation would cut 25,000 hourly jobs by 2008. Hit with falling stock prices and car sales, the auto boss blamed health-care costs, especially for the company's almost 500,000 retirees, as the source of GM's financial woes.

Claiming that $1,550 of each vehicle's cost goes to pay for medical benefits, Wagoner threatened to unilaterally abandon sections of the union contract. He told the United Auto Workers that it had until June 30 to figure out ways to pare down health-care expenses.

Within days the union convened an emergency meeting of local presidents and shop committee chairs in Detroit. UAW President Ron Gettelfinger rejected any notion of reopening the contract to alter health-care benefits. But he said the union would continue to talk with GM management, looking for a "win-win" solution.
Interesting the health numbers are slightly below the profit margin numbers. To regain their profits the management must cut something and this does it in one fell swoop, doesn't it?

At the Doraville, Ga., GM plant, some 3,100 workers produce the mini-vans known as "crossover vehicles." Here, the announcement that 25,000 jobs would be cut by the year 2008 caused a wide range of emotions--from anxiety to anger, from resignation to resolve.
This is the beginning of the great cuts, not the end. In the end, our plants will not be manufacturing anything much, we will simply do some detail finish work on stuff mostly created in China and Japan and Germany. And this, only so a "made in the USA" tag can be slapped on it somewhere.

From Marketwatch
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) - U.S. stocks were lower in early afternoon trade Wednesday, as news of heavy layoffs last month and yet another rise in the price of crude oil deflated the market.

Storm concerns lift crude prices near a record atop $60

In recent trades the Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU: news, chart, profile) was down 51.6 points at 10,318, the S&P 500 ($SPX: news, chart, profile) down 3 points at 1,202. The Nasdaq composite ($COMPQ: news, chart, profile) was down 3.46 points at 2,075..
The market keeps bumping up against 10500 and can't go higher. And each news cycle brings stuff along that eats away at it. Like at any peak, it hovers and shakes and pushes and then begins the long fall.
The major averages got a short-lived boost from the Institute for Supply Management's non-manufacturing index for June, which showed continued growth for the services sector..
The services sector. This is not economic strength, this is the after glow. When our capitalists decided to fillet the computer workforce, they saved a lot of money and cut costs hugely and utterly destroyed the purchasing power of a huge consumer base and now we are settling into a rather unpleasant long Night. There are no big wage earners on the horizon. Everyone will be cutting costs, cutting pay, cutting benefits, reducing vacation time, all set on a negative spiral downwards as everyone jockeys for spending less and snatching more out of the system at the top.

This is classic and it is very explosive. Government's job is to stop this cycle usually via federal spending by that is being destroyed by irresponsible tax cuts.

Fun, fun times ahead.

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by Elaine Meinel Supkis

It didn't take long, did it? I lost my home to eminent domaine but that was for "public" use...for people to park their cars on what was my home so they didn't have to walk far.

The various governments didn't waste much time with the stealing of private property for non-public use! From the SF Gate:
A team of contractors hired by the city of Oakland packed the contents of his small auto shop in a moving van and evicted Revelli from the property his family has owned since 1949.

"I have the perfect location; my customers who work downtown can drop off their cars and walk back here," said Revelli, 65, pointing at the nearby high- rises. "The city is taking it all away from me to give someone else. It's not fair."

The city of Oakland, using eminent domain, seized Revelli Tire and the adjacent property, owner-operated Autohouse, on 20th Street between Telegraph and San Pablo avenues on Friday and evicted the longtime property owners, who have refused to sell to clear the way for a large housing development.
From now on, any private developer who has a lot of money to donate to politicians can steal whatever properties they want whenever they want.

This is being done by liberals, by the way. As always, when it comes to economics, the liberals are just as harsh as the conservatives when it comes to financially manipulating people. The capitalists are communists. That is, land is considered communal if it is owned by noncapitalists who are using the land like medieval peasants or guilds, to live on and run a small business that isn't production. The huge apartments being built this way are not owned by the residents of the apartments, the land is owned by the capitalist investors and the banks.

In Texas, they confiscated lands that processed seafood so they could turn it into a marina where rich people leased space from the landowners, the investors who bought all those politicians. The owners of the factory can yell bloody murder and they still are being thrown out of business, told to relocate to a less viable situation and of course, if they build yet another factory, this doesn't mean they can't be evicted yet again.

This latest ruling certainly has eliminated "private" ownership. The entity that owns the land now is whoever owns the politicians. And you can bet, it ain't the little guy.

Another side effect: if you are politically unpopular with the Powers That Be, they can conspire with a developer to eliminate your neighborhood in the name of building something "better." I know of more than one person who has disputed land or otehr issues with business owners who would delightfully "win" by eliminating the opposing neighbors. This isn't far fetched at all. Say, you want to run for mayor. So the mayor and his buddies suddenly announce they are building a shopping your neighborhood and it happens to need your house! Just having the threat of being able to do this will shut up many people who might complain.

Any neighborhood that is troublesome can be ruthlessly eliminated this way. One doesn't even have to build anything afterwards, the developers can skip out and the land lie vacant if they want. Just to change voting patterns, a mayor or a govenor can easily be tempted to eliminate people's homes. This is so open to abuse, the chances for mischief is infinite.

The oldest house in midtown Manhattan is a famous wood building, the only one left in midtown. It is 230 years old and a huge hulk towers over it and it sits in a tiny slot. The owner back when midtown was being turned into sky scrapers, refused to move or sell the house he was born in. When he died, it became a popular cause celebre and was saved as a historical relic. Today, it would be ruthlessly eliminated.
ffFrom the children's author, Virginia Burton, using the example of the hold out house in Manhattan for a story about a wayward house.
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