Thursday, June 09, 2005

WHO'S AFRAID Of Virginia Wolfowitz?"

BBC article about anti world bank demonstrators

The Washington Post tries to explain the World Bank in cute terms, describing how very very smart and well educated the staff is and how they love humanity and can't understand why millions of people are screaming at them, all they do is give loans to people to stop poverty! Boo hoo!

From "The World's Loan Rangers"
Even now, after the demonstrators shouting and the finance ministers whizzing around in their limousines, after all the fussing about Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz taking over last week, who really knows what the World Bank does?

You can't cash a check there. You can't get a loan, unless your name is, maybe, Mali.
The pretense that demonstrators across the entire planet can't figure out what the World Bank hilarious. Geeze, ain't they clueless? Why are they so angry? This musing by the mouthpiece of the ruling class is amusing because of course, the WP won't tell the truth about anything at all, that isn't their job!
"People think we can give a wicked home equity line," says Keith Hansen, native Minnesotan, who directs the bank's AIDS campaign in Africa. And people think of the World Bank as a gold-plated compound of endless perks and tax breaks and luxurious surroundings, hardly in keeping with the mission of raising the wretched of the Earth out of their poverty.
These loans are a wicked home equity line! When the money does little to help a nation but ends up buying American war planes or building soda pop plants, when the bills come due, people literally lose their homes, access to water, forests and minerals as all this is siezed to pay the bankers off. Thus the screaming crowds that dog every meeting of these bankers.
Developmental economics, it's called, and hundreds of World Bankers have PhDs in it. The idea is simple and noble: The world is very rich and very poor, and this disparity is both morally wrong and, in practical terms, dangerously destabilizing. But how to lift up 1.2 billion people living on a dollar a day?

This is what World Bankers think about. In a city obsessed with political maneuvering, real estate values, traffic congestion, baseball, summer humidity, maybe all in the same hour, the World Bankers are a tribe apart.
Yes, they are a tribe apart! And their solutions for the gap between the rich and poor has some awfully fishy solutions, don't they? Ask the screaming crowds of demonstrators about that!
"There is always a sense of urgency," says Anne B. Thomas, a manager in the bank's internal conflict resolution system, "because our clients are dying literally every day."
I am speechless here. Duh! This is what those crowds besieging this bank scream about all the time. But for an urgent mission organization, they are awfully...slllloooooow.
They are intimidatingly smart. It is nearly impossible to get a job at the bank without speaking at least two languages fluently and holding at least a master's degree. Multiple advanced degrees are better yet, preferably from Harvard, Princeton, the University of Chicago, SAIS or LSE. (That would be, respectively, the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins or the London School of Economics, but if you have to ask . . . .) Professional staffers don't even bother to trade on this, the way other Washingtonians do, because they're all elite.

"You know the Type A personality?" asks Lennart Dimberg, who heads occupational health at the bank. "Well, the people here are triple-A. They drive themselves. They push deadlines. They push the people around them. They were recruited to be achievers."
Yes, they push aptly named "dead lines"---like if your bank sends you a notice to pay up or be thrown into the streets! As for their education: four schools, some of which endorse amazingly brutal forms of "capitalism" and monetary policies designed to funnel as much money and power to the ruling class who run these schools!

When President Bush nominated Wolfowitz, then deputy defense secretary, to succeed James Wolfensohn as bank president, the staff association set up a Web-based confidential comment line. It logged 1,300 e-mails in 48 hours. About 87 percent of the e-mails were adamantly opposed to the appointment.
Hahaha. I sent an e-mail. Adamantly opposed? Gads. This is a political disaster.

This monster who destroyed Iraq is going to save the world. Right-o. In a rat's ass!

The rest of the article isn't worth looking at. We just have to accept the fact that our rulers want to do these things and we will have to continue to scream and yell at them and start riots and other amusing reactions. They will remain clueless, of course. They are insulated and trained to be heartless and cruel.

You see, this is how they win.

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