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My, having a secure job that won't be outsourced certainly is fun. One can happily poke a hot poker into the ribs of fellow Americans while utterly protected. The cold blooded antipatriotism of writers like Friedman astonishes me. Do the owners of the NYT view our country this way? One wonders and one suspects. Seems many in Congress think this way, too. Certainly, most of our business owners are like this. They hate America.

From the NYT:
Ah, those French. How silly can they be? The European Union wants to consolidate its integration and France, trying to protect its own 35-hour workweek and other welfare benefits, rejects the E.U. constitution. What a bunch of antiglobalist Gaullist Luddites! Yo, Jacques, what world do you think you're livin' in, pal? Get with the program! It's called Anglo-American capitalism, mon ami.

Lordy, it is fun poking fun at France. But wait ...wait ... what is that noise I hear coming from the U.S. Congress? Is that ... is that members of the U.S. Congress - many of them Democrats - threatening to reject Cafta, the Central American Free Trade Agreement? Is that members of the U.S. Congress afraid to endorse a free-trade agreement, signed over a year ago, with El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic? Mon Dieu! I am afraid it is. And for many of the same reasons France has resisted more integration: a protectionist fear of competition in a world without walls.
I will spare you all the horror of reading anymore of this tripe. This wealthy, pampered pet of the ruling class, sub group, pro-fascist Israel, thinks a 35 hr week and welfare benefits are silly Frenchie things, non? I would love to park this guy in a mud hut somewhere like in the middle of Gaza and let him fend for himself but this will not happen. So this lapdog doth yap at us mere chattel for wanting simple protections so we won't all end up in mud huts, too.

Also in the NYT:
Even as it proceeds with layoffs of up to 13,000 workers in Europe and the United States, I.B.M. plans to increase its payroll in India this year by more than 14,000 workers, according to an internal company document.

Those numbers are telling evidence of the continuing globalization of work and the migration of some skilled jobs to low-wage countries like India. And I.B.M., the world's largest information technology company, is something of a corporate laboratory that highlights the trend. Its actions inform the worries and policy debate that surround the rise of a global labor force in science, engineering and other fields that require advanced education.

To critics, I.B.M. is a leading example of the corporate strategy of shopping the globe for the cheapest labor in a single-minded pursuit of profits, to the detriment of wages, benefits and job security here and in other developed countries. The company announced last month that it would cut 10,000 to 13,000 jobs, about a quarter of them in the United States and the bulk of the rest in Western Europe.

"I.B.M. is really pushing this offshore outsourcing to relentlessly cut costs and to export skilled jobs abroad," said Marcus Courtney, president of the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, or WashTech, a group that seeks to unionize such workers. "The winners are the richest corporations in the world, and American workers lose."
Well, it seems an angry patriot inside IBM has finally had it! This report isn't IBM coming clean with Americans, it is IBM being a sneaky thief in the night, pretending to be patriotic, giving money to the politicians so they will OK this sort of vile anti-American activity. IBM is so ashamed of their perfidy, they keep silent about it, hoping no one will notice despite anti-American crowing from Friedman, boasting about how our corporate masters are betraying us all.

Meanwhile, the mouthpieces of our rulers continue to jerk us all around. From Xinhua news:
Senior US officials have warned that imposing punitive trade sanctions against China won't protect U.S. jobs.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and Treasury Secretary John Snow have warned that imposing punitive trade sanctions against China may slow the drive to persuade China to adopt a more flexible currency and won't protect U.S. jobs.

Greenspan said that a policy to dismantle the global trading system is in a misguided effort to protect jobs from competition and would redound to the eventual detriment of all U.S. job-seekers, as well as millions of American consumers.

Both agreed that it would be futile to try to force Beijing to do so through trade sanctions.
You know, we pay these clowns. They take our money, though I admit we pay them less than their real owners slip under the table, to serve us. You know, Americans.

Instead, they seem more interested in servicing other people. Why does China has to have "a more flexible currency"? Japan doesn't have one. Seldom does the yen budge from the magic 105-109 yen per dollar set in stone after Bretton Woods II. We have a huge trade deficit with them. So why would "freeing" the Chinese yuan do anything at all? Note how Greenspan considers any measures to protect American jobe "futile" and "misguided"? Can I have his job? I could use the money and power. It would make my life much easier and certainly do more to help my fellow Americans facing economic annihilation. Heck, my good old father-in-law, formerly a staunch Republican, he could do tons better. In fact, any patriot would do.

Why do we suffer to allow these traitors to run our nation? When all those real estate/home building jobs melt away when the present bubble bursts as it is doomed to burst, what on earth are all those millions of people going to do? Move to India?

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