Wednesday, May 25, 2005


The earth is flat, Friedman tells us, but he can't find America's top executives to see if they can fix the mess we are in. Are they hiding under Bushes? Yes, indeedee! Are they hiding in gated communities? Yup. Are they even in America at all? Only when they have to be here.
After six weeks of being a foreign correspondent traveling around America, the biggest question I have come home with is not "What's the matter with Kansas?" but rather, "What's the matter with big business?"
Earth to Friedman: nothing is the matter with big business. They are doing hunky dory. No more taxes, no more regulation, no one stopping them from becoming agents for China. As this blog has written about in the past, the magazine, Fortune 500 had jet loads of these MIA execs flying into China to wine and dine and cut deals. They are very much in evidence...overseas. They are busy selling off factories here and shipping them off to communist China. Duh.
America faces a huge set of challenges if it is going to retain its competitive edge. As a nation, we have a mounting education deficit, energy deficit, budget deficit, health care deficit and ambition deficit. The administration is in denial on this, and Congress is off on Mars. And yet, when I look around for the group that has both the power and interest in seeing America remain globally focused and competitive - America's business leaders - they seem to be missing in action. I am not worried about the rise of the cultural conservatives. I am worried about the disappearance of an internationalist, pro-American business elite.
Why can't Friedman find these people? I track them daily, easily. He can too, if he can't, he can read this free blog! Friedman wants to know why General Motors isn't for universal health insurance.

Taxes. This means they pay Federal taxes and they and their buddies want to kill Federal taxes. They want to kill the unions. Using the health insurance issue as a club to smash in the heads of the unions is well worth it. They have zero interest in a good health policy for all Americans. They hate this concept. They think all other industrial nations are nuts to have this, they want communism like the Chinese have. Ahem.

Poor flat earther Friedman wonders why these corporate monsters don't want a sane energy policy. Well, they won't make money on this, to build a new infrastructure will require investing in America and take away money building factories in China. So it is dead in the water. When the Chinese sell us energy systems, and they will, they are very interested in this stuff, we will buy from them. Why invest at home?

The budget deficit is because we privatized everything so everything costs a fortune since it has little supervision and the executives get huge bonuses and so on. Win/win for them, lose/lose for our kids who will have to foot this bill. Right now, the pigs are at the trough and oinking their heads off. There is no way American executives want to end this gravy train!

I believe our top executives are mostly traitors. They mouth American pieties but don't practice what they preach. Their political arm is the same: traitors. AWOL Bush and Deferment Cheney both refused to fight for America and democracy during the Vietnam War. All the GOP aside from McCain did likewise. They hid at home and bravely waved their flags in the dark. This culture of fake patriotism has now devolved into open back stabbing. They want money, they want it now. When Ronald Reagan left office, he ran off to Tokyo to collect his pay from his masters there who gave him $2.5 million for a garbled speech from the demented old man. Everyone smiled and waved to the cameras. This was most astonishing, the first President to openly solicit and recieve huge funds from an alien government that he was previously negotiating trade talks with...and no one called him to account. Indeed, he was elevated to saint status when he died.

Now it is all over. No one is going to sacrifice for America except a tiny handful who grows smaller in number every day, 55 killed this month alone! When will this end?

When the world becomes round again.

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