Wednesday, May 11, 2005

USA Military Buys Chinese Computers


This is news you won't see in any American newspaper unless Dell and HP raise a loud racket which I expect them to do when they read this blog (hint hint):

Chinese computer maker Lenovo has received a government purchase order from the United States. The order comes hot on the heels of the completion of Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's PC business on May 1.

The contract from the US Air Force is for the purchase of 2,400 ThinkPad notebooks, worth about 3 million US dollars. With the help of its partner iGov, Lenovo also received contracts for technical support and services.

These are going to be made in the USA so the government will proudly point out this won't make the trade deficit even worse but it is still very funny. So, this is how we will pressure the Chinese! Force them to buy our factories, run them and profit from them and we can buy their stuff and even work for them as underlings! What a great idea.

Analysts say the contract indicates Lenovo will eventually break through the "security" barrier and share in US government purchase orders.

Well, last week at this blog we discussed Undersecretary Feith's sudden surrender to the Chinese wherein we will always have Chinese observers on our ships when we do war games in the China Seas. Since they have all our spy technology secrets when our plane crew flew their spy plane to the top secret military, put the pieces together. Who rules America?

EU reaffirms one-China policy is the leading story in China today. Always keep the eye on the ball, folks. It is painfully obvious that all attention is now focused on this goal. When Soong, representing one of the opposition parties in Taiwan, while visiting China, blurted out "Republic of China" this caused an instant rage in the communist hosts. He kow towed and apologized.

Visiting Chairman of People First Party James CY Soong reiterated his persistent stance here Wednesday that his party is resolutely opposed to forces for "Taiwan independence," which is a dead alley for peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits.

Soong made the remark when addressing the faculty of Beijing-based Qinghua University televised live.

And finally, China again tells us to take a hike:

China is technically ready for currency reform but wants to be allowed to choose for itself when to loosen the peg between the yuan and the US dollar.

That's according to deputy central bank governor Wu Xiaoling in comments made during an interview with a Japanese newspaper.

The newspaper suggested Wu's comments could mean the Chinese central bank has already considered possible ways in which it could expand the yuan's narrow exchange rate band against the dollar.

Wu criticized the United States for pressuring China on the currency issue, in particular by trying to pass a bill that would impose tariffs on Chinese imports unless the currency reforms were carried out.

I know the Chinese read this blog. If you google this blog some of the entries are in Chinese. Contrary to many American neo con's delusions, the Chinese are not primative nor lousy diplomats. Lord help us, the neo cons and their boss, Bush, are a veritable barrel of monkeys when it comes to both policy and diplomacy. As this blog has made clear, the Americans have little heft vis a vis China or even Japan and this is due to our refusal to pay any taxes forcing our own government to go begging to these two competitors. Saving money won't save America. Paying taxes will. This truth is what we don't want to hear so we belly ache in public rising the ire of our bankers, the ones floating our government. Not a good tactic, we would venture to say.

Wu said any increased pressure from Washington would only make the reforms more difficult.

If that isn't a sharp stick in our eye....! Time for Bush to go on a mindless bike ride.

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