Sunday, May 29, 2005


Focusing is difficult if one is cross eyed or blind or is nearsighted. It is nice that some Congresscritters are trying this anyway, despite their severe vision thing disabilities.
A group of U.S. lawmakers banded together on Friday to focus congressional attention on how China's rise affects the United States in areas ranging from energy demand to trade to military spending. Randy Forbes, a Virginia Republican, said he and eight members of the House of Representatives started the bipartisan Congressional China Caucus to ensure that Americans become aware of China's emergence as an economic, political and military power.

"The public still hasn't gotten the full picture of what's going on with China because we're so overwhelmed with Iraq and Iran and North Korea," Forbes said in a telephone interview.

"I really don't see this country having developed the plans to deal with China like I know China has developed the plans to deal with us," he said.
Unfortunately, he doesn't know what the Chinese plans for us are. Nor does he understand the plans America's rulers have for us vis a vis China. Note that this Republican isn't calling for an investigation of all Bush/Cheney and other GOP clan members being in the pay or grips of Chinese entities thanks to sweetheart deals.

I remember when Bush first talked about the "Axis of Evil" in his State of the Union speech. Every Republican sprang to their feet and wildly applauded him. Oh, we were so tough after 9/11, weren't we?

So why is this so "overwhelming"? We won WWI and WWII not to mention the Cold War and three disparate countries that actively hated each other in the case of Iran and Iraq have drained our powers and rendered us helpless? This is too funny.
The caucus would meet frequently and enlist "the best minds in America" to educate lawmakers and the public on China issues, including a $162 billion U.S. trade deficit with the Asian giant, Forbes said.
So who are the brilliant minds that will be called to talk about all this? Friedman? Kristof? A Bush person? I can't wait to see which liars or fools are called forth here.

You can bet the Chinese communist leaders will be attending to this list, too. They hope the usual crew of inept or downright traitors are called up. In fact, they can bet on this. For you see, those Fortune 500 executives who just flew over to be wined and dined, as detailed on this blog, are now home to enforce their iron rule on America. And the flood of futile words and even more futile actions will continue.

For the nonce.

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