Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fortune Cookie Time


While Bush drives Putin around in circles in between punishing criticism sessions, China quietly goes about their business, literally. After winning the huge tiff with Japan, the Chinese open shop for more capitalist activity:

A marathon "brainstorming session" to identify opportunities in China will attract scores of top scholars, business leaders and government officials next week.

More than 800 delegates are expected to attend the influential three-day FORTUNE Global Forum which opens in Beijing next Monday.

"The forum is a venue for ideas instead of business negotiations," Zhao Qizheng, minister of the State Council Information Office, told a news conference yesterday.

A gaggle of top American executives will be at this meeting. They are very eager and anxious and can't wait to learn something new, some new angle for making more profits and of course strengthening China's vital industrial base.

"We expect the 2005 FORTUNE Global Forum to be probably the best ever," said FlorCruz.

China's continued economic growth, improved international relations and the increased attention by multinationals lay behind the decision by the US organizers to hold the event here for a third time, according to Zhao.

Note that Fortune magazine is sponsoring this event. Note also, there is barely a peep about this in the American media. The corporate giants in their Congressional Junket Jets will drop off DeLay and fly to China to smooze with the smoothest smoozers on earth: Wen and Hu. As readers of this blog know, these two men never go home empty handed. And when you shake their hands, they expect the bottom line to be signed and sealed.

The event's banner theme is "China and the New Asian Century."

"The booming Asia has created a win-win scenario, under which different economies supplement each other," Zhao said.

Meanwhile, the Chinese and Korean and other Asian students happily go about hacking the Japanese goverment sites.

In the fortified control room of a major Internet security firm, a beleaguered team of experts slouched behind glowing computer screens, tracking overseas hackers through billions of lines of data. They glanced up periodically at an electronic world map on the wall where, every few seconds, red lines lit up, revealing a new cyber-war aimed at Tokyo.

Over the past several months, a series of attacks believed to have originated in China and South Korea have hit dozens of key public and private Web sites hosted in Japan in what authorities describe as the heaviest assault ever perpetrated on the nation's computer systems from overseas.

This is the harsh lesson of life: if you irritate people and make them want to hate you, they have a million ways of making life irritating and annoying. This is why one should avoid doing this in general. It is much easier living in a world where everyone wants to cooperate. I am certain the governments in Asia will crack down on this activity as soon as the Japanese government understands very clearly that friendship is much more pleasant than bully boy politics. Japan is stronger when they act weaker.

It is an ancient Zen/Dao concept. The sound of one hand clapping is silence.

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