Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fly by Night (and Day) Legislation


News out of DC is about the astonishing number of corporate jet flights our supposed "elected" officials make. No flying coach for these powerful men! And the results are obvious: none of them listen to you or me or anyone else. We can't give them a lift in the style in which they are accustomed.

Blunt is not alone in enjoying frequent corporate jet travel. He and 11 other current or former House and Senate leaders -- each with exceptional power to determine the fate of legislation and regulation -- flew on corporate-owned jets at least 360 times from January 2001 to December 2004, according to a review of records by The Washington Post.

A flight a day keeps the lobbyist OK, eh?

It is a wonder these many CEO carryalls don't collide with each other! Thanks to this, the CEOs get what they desire: huge tax cuts both corporate and personal, cheap money loans below the rate of inflation, allowance to create interlocking monopolies and cartels. Everything they desire is theirs. Want new bankruptcy laws? Right-o! Want to advertise drugs on TV? Way to go!

Oh, and about advertising drugs, the old Chinese curse, may your wishes come true, seems that Merk is going down the old drain thanks to all the drug promises they made on TV. Dissatisfied customers are now suing Merk. All the cute movies showing happy pill poppers living full and engaging lives stood in stark contrast to them keeling over dead or going insane because of strokes. So the stock price is down, Merk struggles and of course they will be giving more lifts to legislators in their perpetual struggle to strangle us.

Why is all this news happening?

Well, ask good old corporate jet jockey, DeLay. Seems his feast on goodies has given him a weight problem. The corruption has been so obvious, so deep, so intense, it is now a liability. And as he goes under, the press gets daring. Hastert doesn't mind, his pal was getting pretty annoying and has to be taught a lesson only his own corruption is now being examined, too.

Can't have that now, can we? What next? Investigating Halliburton and Cheney? Only five years too late, $20 billion in tax payer money lost! Better now than never!

Only it isn't happening.

Keeping our politicians "clean" isn't a mere exercise in democracy. It is life and death. People die when politicians are paid to look the other way. People suffer when politicians can laugh at the voters and do as they please. It is an ongoing fight, keeping bribery and corruption at bay and we lost this battle long ago.

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