Tuesday, May 31, 2005

CHINA/NEW ZEALAND Free Trade Agreements Forged

Endangered species
New Zealand: home of the Hobbits and Misty Mountains. Sheep and Kiwis. A Pacific green paradise with a climate remarkably akin to Ireland. Breathtakingly beautiful.

And alienated from America due to disagreements with our ruler, Bush.

Helen Clark who is the administrator of New Zealand visited Hu and Wen both of whom rolled out the red wool carpet and courted her with great care and consideration. No ulimatums or demands unlike you know who.
The two sides exchanged views on bilateral ties, regional and international affairs and vowed to promote the building of a Sino-New Zealand free trade area.
Here it is, as usual: when leaders meet, never let anyone leave empty handed. This wasn't a "consultation" which our empire is so fond of, this is a collaboration. This concept of joint benefits seems nearly impossible for Americans to process since we assumen people must bend to our will because we are number one.
China and New Zealand kicked off FTA talks last December, seven-months after New Zealand became the first developed country to recognize China's market economy status.

The talks has gone through three rounds of negotiation covering commodity and service trade, investment and other economic sectors and the next round will be held in China in July.

"We exchanged stance and layouts on the FTA in the first rounds and will then discuss more specific topics in the next one," said an official with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, who declined to be named.
Note the building block style of negotiation. This isn't working with Japan because the Japanese government made a deal with the USA to provoke difficulties which is why Koizumi visited the war shrine today. This "in your face" activity is going to cost Japan dearly in the long run. Maybe they think this crude method of negotiation will succeed. Alas, this works only if you are doing it to someone smaller and weaker and China is neither. This delusion is an American delusion which Koizumi has fallen for and will pay for in the bitter end when the farce collapses. Trade war with the EU which is splitting apart at the seams and the USA which is also splitting apart internally, politically, is inevitable since these two bodies are the world's biggest trading entities. But as noted here, the strengths of both are fragile in the extreme. The USA and EU are deep in a trade war with each other, a fact that American media glosses over but anyone reading European papers can see it is a hot topic over there, at least. Both are in a trade war with China which has a trade surplus with both. But united action is impossible for these two powers.
China will "positively and prudently" push forward the FTA talks along with New Zealand in line with mutual-respect, equality and mutual benefits, Wen told Clark during a one-hour talk in the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing Monday afternoon.

China will also further enhance cooperation with New Zealand on agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, energy, and resource exploration and development, and expand exchanges on education andculture, Wen said.

Clark hailed trade and economic cooperation, saying New Zealandhas accomplished "three firsts" in its relationship with China as a developed country: the first to conclude a bilateral market access agreement with China for its entry to the World Trade Organization; the first to recognize China's status as a market economy and the first to start FTA negotiations with China.

New Zealand is now aiming at being the first developed country to conclude FTA talks with China, Clark told a business lunch on Monday.
The world wide collapse of commodity prices challenged many nations during the nineties. Now they are again, rising in power and value. China is carefully building relationships with nations that have natural resources we have. Why is this?

Simple: when they declare economic war on us, they won't need us anymore. This is one of several goals, the other being to bankrupt us so badly we have to dismantle our imperial war machine just as we forced Russia to do the same.

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