Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Worried Canadian banker

Even as China inks yet another treaty, another trade agreement, America's trade partners send out increasingly dire warnings to the world's most reckless spendthrift.
Bank of Canada governor David Dodge offered a bankerly rebuke to the United States on Monday for its borrow-and-spendthrift ways, which he suggested are a threat to world economic stability.

Less directly, he chided nations such as China for rigging their currencies to boost exports while building up larger and larger foreign-exchange reserves, creating a lopsided world in which Asian savings finance U.S. spending.
I will note here that Japan isn't mentioned. They are the architects of this system and they ruthlessly manipulate the yen to produce exactly this and they are being merely imitated and who is at fault in both situations?

The USA, of course. We colluded with all of this deliberately and for cynical reasons: both Japan and China and the American capitalists want to fleece the American people! Since they all have the same goal: to force America to go so far into debt we can't afford any social services, they cooperate in creating this present mess. This is deliberate and is being run from DC by the parties involved and thanks to their leader, Mr. Bush, they are succeeding wildly! What a surprise....yeah.
His comments echo those of many economists who have watched the United States evolve from the world's greatest creditor nation to the greatest debtor as Americans saved less, consumed more and imported more. China, meanwhile, took over much of the world's consumer-goods manufacturing and used its export earnings to soak up vast amounts of U.S. debt.

Supporters of the Bush administration have tended to argue that the three U.S. deficits — in international trade, current account and federal budget — do not matter to a superpower that prints the world's most widely used money.
The American Enterprise Institute has worked long and hard for this day: the day America goes bankrupt. They intend to impose a hyper-military regime upon us and make us die in their wars and of course, end democracy. This is a vast gamble that the capitalists have heavily funded as detailed on this blog, and they collude in this plan because they don't want to pay any taxes nor compensate workers for their time or injuries. Brutally working people to death is a goal for these people, make no mistake. Either they eliminate workers via robots and automation or they reduce them to replaceable bio-units to be used and then tossed aside.

When bankers and leaders of other nations send increasingly loud warnings, one would think our own government would address them but the curious silence or worse, blaming the Chinese, is the result. So obviously, this crisis is deliberate just like 9/11 was allowed to happen.

Bush himself said 2001, he "won the trifecta" when the terrorists attacked and the economy went sour, actually, it was falling apart before the terrorist attacks. Since that day, he engineered many changes in our economic situation all of which were designed to be frecklessly careless about where money is flowing, for what purpose and how much is created. For the USA and only the USA controls the money printing presses as the article here notes itself. The USA printed money like crazy, sent it to China in lieu of trade goods and the money recirculates as loans granted to the USA. If the USA stopped printing the money, this would end. Like that. It won't because too many rich people benefit from this not the least, the GOP which runs America and is running us into debt at an astonishing and deliberate speed.

This is why they keep saying Social Security won't exist in ten years. This is their plan and they are giving us all fair warning. Their fix for this is insane, of course, they know it won't happen, it is to kill time so people don't discuss what to do about the wars and budget deficits. Eventually, world events will impact America and we will be helpless.

This is beyond stupid, it is criminal. The rulers of America have pretty much given up on us and feel we are too big for our britches, so to speak and to whittle us down, they have to eliminate most of us because of declining world resources in the future. This is why they don't care about birth control anymore. We may reproduce but only if we die early.

And so it goes. Fun, fun, fun.

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